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  1. Firmware 1.10 is out for older NEX radios

    I found 1.09 for my 4000NEX. It doesn't look like it does anything new. Maybe I read it wrong.
  2. Steering wheel remote for 4100nex

    I bought a Bluetooth Siri button for my 4000NEX. It worked great, kind pricey but it worked. Here is a link to it: ( I hope that thus isn't a violation of the forum) http://www.amazon.com/Satechi®-Bluetooth-Button-iPhone-Samsung/dp/B00RM75NOW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437014417&sr=8-1&keywords=Bluetooth+Siri+button
  3. I have an older touch that has the 30 pin connector that is in my glove box connected to usb2. Works as it should. I'm using an apple supplied cable to attach it to my 4000nex. It's always connected and when asked it plays the music that is on it. Usually it's something simple, setting, cable that is the problem.
  4. GPS/Maps Won't Plot Route

    On my unit a 4000NEX with the add on GPS I had a choice of three each male and female. For S&G's you can plug in UK, French, Spanish Ect. Kinda fun. It's in the setup area..
  5. Carplay 2nd Page

    In the setup portion of the head unit go CarPlay. There will be a check for left drive or right drive. Yours is set to the right side. Just switch it and you'll be good.
  6. AVICSYNC Stauts

    I really like the CarPlay part of the Pioneer deck but I like to have options. Pioneer stated last year that AvicSync was coming by the end of the summerof 2014. Now it's by the end of this year. It's even listed in the owners manual of the nav nex units as coming soon. Pioneers AppLive, AppRadioLive software didn't work for me. If it wasn't for CarPlay I would of bailed to another company. I'm just ranting as I know that Pioneer doesn't read the things we post. It's a shame. ( I'm off my box now ) Gordon
  7. AVICSync app

    Sorry to bring this up..... Which summer are they going to release this??
  8. Thoughts on car play?

    I have enjoyed using CarPlay. It has been bug free for me but AppLive doesn't work since I did the 1.08 firmware upgrade. I'm using a 4000NEX.
  9. CarPlay, NEX 4000, no call audio

    Got a new unit today and after the firmware update t worked just as it should. It's been a long time coming to getting to this point. Time to enjoy it. Thanks for letting me rant.
  10. 4000NEX, CarPlay and siri

    Got a new unit today. When I updated the firmware and started up CarPlay......it worked! Just the way Apple stuff is to work. Now to get the RA processed and sent.
  11. Car play and music issues

    What did you upgrade? Which firmware for the head unit and which iOS for your phone?
  12. 4000NEX, CarPlay and siri

    I've contacted the vendor that I bought the unit from and they are going to RMA the unit. I've ordered another 4000NEX to try it one more time. The new unit should be here Friday. I'll update then.
  13. CarPlay, NEX 4000, no call audio

    JonUNH82 and others, I've contacted the vendor and got a RMA. I have tried every combination of setting to try and change. So much so that I know the settings almost in my sleep. I'm going to try one more Pioneer 4000NEX. I contacted Pioneer service and got an auto response from them saying they will get back to me as soon as they can. Nothing as of the end of day on Tuesday. Frustrating. I'll have a new unit hopefully on Friday. I'll update then.
  14. CarPlay, NEX 4000, no call audio

    Peterose Are you saying that there is a volume control for each program? I've found the BT Audio, Alert Volume and CarPlay Audio. Is there one for messages and Siri?
  15. 4000NEX, CarPlay and siri

    Is there a way to do a factory reset on this head unit? I know about the button on the right side where the tracking buttons are. I'm having CarPlay, firmware and Siri issues and was looking for a hard reset. Is there one or just the reset hole on the front?