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  1. NEX Connected Services problem (AVICSYNC)

    Any updates on this issue?
  2. ebay maps

    Can anyone tell or guess wisely whether and when we could see a newer update for maps by this seller? I think I got a mistake, I confused the Q3, I think it’s the latest, right? If so, are you satisfied by this seller? Is it working?
  3. Tapatalk Forum Support

    Hey guys, was wondering if you could add Tapatalk option, it would be much appreciated!
  4. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Any suggestions on how to overprotect this? For example, any fake faceplate?
  5. Anti-Theft on NEX Units

    Can anyone answer why the flagship series units which are tremendously expensive, don't come out with a removable faceplate? I mean, OK they are provided with a security code to unlock, but I am not convinced that they cannot be hacked on that!
  6. Speedcam sound

    It would be interesting to get an answer here. A beep sound would be more effective.
  7. Tapatalk Forum Support

    To mods and everyone interested, could we have this forum added on tapatalk? It would be really helpful to be in touch with all subjects found here.
  8. backup user settings

    Add mine interest too. I think it's way frustrating that there can't be saved or and extracted settings in order to restore them whenever it's necessary or desired.
  9. Which maps are the best?

    Any update on this question?
  10. dash cam integration?

    It would helpful if anyone could provide any information on this subject. I was considering if there could be a dual camera (front and rear) integrated on AVIC F60DAB?
  11. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    I am disappointed from Pioneer's behavior and I am considering never to purchase any of their products. Luck of completely "off" mode (turning off entirely, no power consumption or function at all) and obviously there won't come out any serious firmware updates but only new models sometime. Many other annoying functions and lacks as pre-mentioned here. Not to mention that map update is overpriced for a buggy and freezing hardware!
  12. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    You mean with the same update file that I have copied on the SD card? I have seen on their site now, that they have released a newer version 1.1.4, so if I download it and copy it on a SD card, first I should update from the main menu and then on the bluetooth menu, always with the same update file? Thank you for giving me this information that I could not get anywhere else!
  13. New Firmware for AVIC-F60DAB (also with NEX)

    After updating to the latest version, I faced a new problem! Everytime I press the "map" button in order to activate the navigation functions, a message shows on screen "please make sure you have the latest version of bluetooth firmware of the unit". I mean, what is this, I have the latest update on AVIC-F60DAB and also the latest firmware on iPhone 6S and of course no jailbreaks etc at all! Could anyone please understand what is going on and maybe help me understand too? I have contacted via email with local representative of Pioneer but as always they seem to be out of understanding...!
  14. Tapatalk Forum Support

    I was wondering if mods could provide with information, if this forum could be added on Tapatalk app iOS? It would very useful and easy communication. Thanks.

    Thank you for replying and providing feed. I am not sure, but could this procedure of reset and test mode harm the machine? Where could I get the testmode? Once installed such an independent navigation software, will the original navigation software of Pioneer will be available or will it be replaced and therefore deleted?