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  1. SpecTrax will this work nex8100? platform x100: AVH-X8700BT - 1.10 - download
  2. so even though it says platform x100AVH-X8700BT - 1.10 ​and i have nex8100 latest update is 1.09 not 1.10
  3. Looking for hardware or software that will let me control all apps from hu. Using an iPhone 7plus. I've seen products like mimcsx2 which have to be connected to the ribbon cables on the screen. Currently using an android stick connected to hu with app radio unchained....not really enjoying it. Want to be able to plug iPhone to hu and have full control and mirror iPhone screen without JB.... Any thoughts ? Thank you in advance.
  4. Can you explain how you paired your phone as a special device ? I'm using a nex8100 unit connected to a rkm v5 stick. I started with the mk809iii but was to slow for my likings. I. An pair the phone but can only use one device at a time on BT. Thanks in advance
  5. AppRadio Extensions 2.0

    i would love to get App radio extensions as well? Will it be developed it for iOS 10.?
  6. Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX Testmode

    I would like to know as well. Also how to get sped cams working
  7. I haven't noticed any changes except this firmware doesn't crash like the previous one did
  8. The AVIC Development Mod

    are there any options to side load apps without disabling warp. Apps like kodi or even safari on the unit. ( NEX 8100)