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  1. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    I did it according to the instructions but kept getting a message from my laptop stating that the drivers could not be installed. It seemed to transfer the file successfully but when I checked the firmware version it was still showing the old one. Someone that has had success please post step by step instructions. Thanks
  2. Just Updated My AVH-P8400BT's Bluetooth

    How did you get it to work with your Mac? Any instructions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. No Image w/ Backup Camera

    Well after some trouble shooting I found out that I have a bad video cable. Going to buy one tomorrow and install it. Hopefully that solves the problem. Please consider this thread closed.
  4. Dual Zone Audio

    Hi all, I just installed a 4400BH and I'm trying to figure out where does the audio connects to for the rear a/v unit? I had a AVIC-X930BT and it had a/v connections for the rear unit but this one doesn't. I connected the rear video but can't seem to figure out where to connect the audio. Thanks
  5. No Image w/ Backup Camera

    Hi all, I just installed a AVH P4400BH unit in my '05 Sequoia and I cannot get the backup camera to show on the screen. I had an AVIC-X930BT and it was working fine. All the connections are the same they were when I had the X930. I tested the connection to make sure. When I place the vehicle in reverse the screen switches and I get the Warning screen but no image appears. I went into the settings and changed the setting to Battery but still cannot get anything. Again, this camera was connected to an AVIC-X930BT yesterday morning and the camera worked fine. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I am looking to do the parking brake bypass but have read that the relay that is sold on ebay may not work anymore. Can anyone verify this. Thanks
  6. x930BT - playing mp4 videos on CD-R's

    sorry, i've only done dvd-r
  7. X930BT Cutting off

    i used my phone on another vehicle with bluetooth audio and it kept cutting off as well so I'm thinking it's not the radio and something to do with my iPhone.
  8. X930BT Cutting off

    yes it does.
  9. X930BT Cutting off

    yes i do. but they're off during the day. What does that have to do with the radio cutting off??
  10. Backup camera

    I can verify that the camera displays as soon as you place the vehicle in reverse. Awesome!!!!
  11. X930BT Cutting off

    Hello to all. I recently installed an X930BT and it's been working fine. Saturday I noticed that the sound would cut off momenteraly (1-2 secs) and then come back on. I notice it does it while I'm listeninig to bluetooth audio. All of my connections were soldered and heat shrinked. Has anyone had any issues like this? If so, what was the issue? Thanks
  12. X903bt vs x940bt - Hardware

    What are the major differences between the 930 and the 940?? I just bought a 930 and saw that they started carrying the 940 and wanted to know if it's worth the extra money
  13. Backup camera

    cool. thanks
  14. Backup camera

    Did you guys ever figure this out?? I'm adding a backup camera as well and this is a very good question. Thanks