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  1. I am thinking about selling my 700BT

    Sold. Thanks for all inquiries.
  2. I am thinking about selling my 700BT

    Unit is sold awaiting payment. Thanks
  3. Panasonic Plasma

    WOW ! I'm trying to get my first plasma and you have them in every room. I really like the location of the upstair bathroom tv .You have truly made it,that's a man's dream. +1000
  4. Happy New Year!

    Same to you.
  5. dumb ass ?

    This is a great thread.
  6. How to prevent theft of VTL300 camera

    That's about the only thing you can do. Good luck.
  7. What if anything has happened to the pricing structure?
  8. Searching for a broken unit.

    Mine is now available. It's not broken, works great with both updates and all wiring (new un-used) from my new unit will be included. It just has a small scratch in the screen. email me if interested jnx113@charter.net Thanks.
  9. It has a 1/4" scratch in the screen and I am going to replace it. I will have all of the wiring that comes with it (from the new one)in the box un-opened. So if you don't mind a small scratch I'm sure we can make a deal. email me at jnx113@charter.net for more info and pic's. Thanks.
  10. Searching for a broken unit.

    PM sent Awww no pm for me =/ You now have a pm. I just contacted him first since he was first to post looking for one. No secrets here.
  11. Searching for a broken unit.

    PM sent
  12. Owners of F Series - Would you do it again?

    NO, I would not. Not happy with it at all.
  13. I didn't see any negative feedback, but (no pun intended) I thought it was funny.