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  1. I tape a pic of my mother in law over the unit. No one would mess with it now.
  2. How can a GPS be tracked?

    [quote name="tillithz"]no way, try [url=http://www.gizoogle.com/]http://www.gizoogle.com/[/url] if it aint there it dont exist[/quote] That is a fun site. I entered cnn.com, makes read'n da newz more fun.
  3. How can a GPS be tracked?

    [quote name="GnatGoSplat"]I tried [url=http://translate.google.com]http://translate.google.com[/url], but couldn't find "Gibberish to English".[/quote] Try "Drunken Stupor to English".
  4. BestBuy Install

    What he said +1. If they do not use solder walk or run away.
  5. Navigation antenna stolen and scratch on navi

    Who screwed up the alarm installation?
  6. It already does. You have RED, GREEN, and BLUE controls to do just that. It also allows you to save up to three custom color presets as well. Sorry, I didn't know the D3 had this feature. I've only installed D1 & D2s.

    Thanks for the tip. I didn't know they had come down in price so much.
  8. Check Engine Light

    We had a problem with Subaru and VSS before. I didn't work on it but I will ask at work tomorrow and share the info here.
  9. Have a large digital clock on the display when playing music (make it selectable incase you don't want it). My factory stereo had the clock on it, was large and easy to see. Make the maps more detailed. I don't care if it would need 3 DVDs to accomplish this. Re-think the warning at start-up. Instead of pressing the button every time, how about the first 10 times. Then every 20 times or so after that make it appear for a few seconds then disappear. That should appease the lawyers. Pressing OK everytime you turn the ignition on is annoying. The ability to use USB drives would be cool. But only if it don't add too much to the cost. Also in the category of "only if it don't cost too much"... How about having a way to change the color of the buttons. I am lucky they match my interrior, but several cars I've put them in to do not match.
  10. D1 powering off while driving

    I am guessing here but, while checking the wiring check to make sure there is nothing blocking the fan exhaust. Could be an over heating issue too.
  11. 2001 Ford Mustang Install this Weekend

    What sound system do you have in it now? Is it the Mach 460 or 1000? If so, then you will have to go around the factory amps. I have an '02 and I bought new speakers and ran new wiring to them I tried using the factory amp and speakers, but they never sounded clear. I am not one to crank the music, so I just went without an amp.
  12. back up camera

    Liquid Paper.
  13. help me out with my n1 please

    Agreed, get your money back ASAP.
  14. reverse signal fuse resistor

    I thought it was a resister, but was corrected by a sales rep for Pioneer. He said it was a fuse. A customer wanted me to hook up the reverse wire, but he lost the fused wire. I asked the sales rep if he had a spare or if it was necessary. He said it was a fuse and gave me one out of a returned AVIC he had. I have never tested to make sure it is a fuse or opened it up to confirm. Makes sense if it is a fuse because backup lights do tend to short out over time on some cars.
  15. Avic N1 bypass

    I didn't know there was fix for the N1 yet. Thanks for the info. When I upgraded to the newest DVDs (70) my bypass stopped working and I just connected the parking break and gave up on the bypass. In my Dad's Dakota, the screen opens up and is so high that any car that pulls up beside him can see the screen. So watching a movie while driving just don't work in that truck.