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  1. Will Pioneer go Android

    It would be time to switch to Android. I wonder why car stereos are always so behind other electronics. My Android phone can do so much more than any car stereo device. WindowsCE died years ago on mobile devices so why is it still alive in car stereos? I really hope there will be some decent Android car devices soon.
  2. I read somewhere that it is better to get the f900bt if you want to use the stock shaker system because the 4V pre out of the f90bt is too high for the stock amps. Is that true?
  3. Hi, what do I need to install a Avic f900bt in a Mustang 2007 with shaker 500 (except the unit of course)? thanks
  4. When will the F series go up in price?

    It won't go up. We are in a recession. And I don't think it is cheap at the moment. MSRP is just way too over-prized.
  5. Buying An AVIC-F Series Dont Bother

    hm... the f90bt is cheaper because it includes the ipod cable, if I buy the f900bt I end up paying more than for the 90bt... that sucks...
  6. Buying An AVIC-F Series Dont Bother

    I have a Mustang with a Shaker 500 an I read somewhere that it is better to buy the 900bt if I want to use my Shaker amps because off the output. is that true?
  7. JVC Arsenal KW-NX7000 vs. AVIC-f90BT

    I understand the 480 x 234 but what does the "3" stand for?
  8. F series RE-Release

    2 weeks? I think we won't see new units before august. It takes some time to fix the software issues and to flash all units and ship them. But let's see...
  9. JVC Arsenal KW-NX7000 vs. AVIC-f90BT

    the features list looks good. what's the resolution of the dispay? And the voice recognition just works through the mobile phone? Why did they mention it then? Has nothing to do with the unit...
  10. i returned my F90BT and could not be happier

    or just don't buy a product right after the launch. The chance that things are wrong is high. Look at new car models...I would never buy the first series of a model...
  11. i am wondering if the european models have the same issues... same hardware but different software...
  12. Price?

    Sad that we have to think about a 2 year warranty. I would expect that a $1000 unit won't have any problems within 2 years. But if you see what Pioneer charges for the warranty it seems they are not so sure about their quality...
  13. My experiences so far with the AVIC-F900BT

    Sounds good, glad that I waited and didn't buy one of the first units.
  14. Kenwood Units

    Is there a Kenwood unit which supports DivX?

    Is it possible to change from english to metric system?