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  1. Ford Mustang Background

    This is the one that I use in my '06 on my F90BT
  2. IDT skin#2 v3.0 12/30/10 (download link updated)

    Bravo IDT. Ignore the asshats. Your mod is unbelievable and should not be hampered by these dummies. Welcome back, and I hope to see some more of your good work soon.
  3. storm 2 contacts issue HELP

    Try this thread... viewtopic.php?t=18248&highlight=phonebook+editor
  4. storm 2 contacts issue HELP

    Just use the telephone book app and insert the file manually. It works the best and will allow you to completely format them to look perfect. Most phones don't transfer 100% smooth. I transfered mine, it didn't look right so I just edited them and re loaded it manually from testmode.
  5. Anti-Glare Film for Screen?

    How about this?? http://www.nushield.com/manufacturer_de ... =Pioneer++
  6. Last Input Used

    Fixed with a double format and a reload of 3.0. All is well...
  7. Sleep is Gooooooooooooooooood.. Welcome back to sanity.
  8. Last Input Used

    I upgraded to V3.0 and now at every reboot, my F90 will not play the last input I used. It will start that way and then change to SD by itself everytime. I searched for someone else with this issue and couldn't find an answer. Any thoughts??
  9. I can't wait to go outside in 30min and load this up as soon as I punch out..
  10. Some Noticed V3.01 Issues

    No. This is doing the upgrade with the available info here in this section. I used the X910BT software and then did an upgrade to V3.0101 from Pioneers website. Everything is working great except for this one odd thing where it loses the last input that was used. All other functions work perfectly and all other settings get saved also.
  11. I hope your car is as good as new. How'd the body shop do?? Thanks for the first round of V3 mods, looks amazing. Get that download link going. Can't wait to try it out.
  12. Some Noticed V3.01 Issues

    I am also having an issue where every time I boot it up it always reverts back to the sd card for it's input. The last input used is not coming back on. This is after an upgrade to 3.01 from 3.0 on an F90BT with NO mods of any kind.
  13. Keeper Mod + Speedcam for newbs

    This did not work on my F90 with 3.01 installed. I think the commonllib.dll is different. The audio section stopped working.
  14. Sick of slow F series are

  15. Sick of slow F series are

    The buttons are much faster, that's about the only fix of substantive quality. Boot is slow, and bugs persist. But the buttons are faster... actually if you just do the WinCE upgrade you can get that fix for free. No need to pay 60 or 120 bucks. +1 My F90 is MUCH more resonsive now. And my mods still work.