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  1. 6000NEX Starts in rear camera mode?

    Well it's not as easy as your regular camery. I have it in an Acura NSX and removing the head unit requires special skills without damaging the fragile console....... Should there be any special wiring other than the camera going to the reverse light's positive & negative wires? The camera only comes on part of the time.....
  2. 6000NEX Starts in rear camera mode?

    yep tried ground and battery with no change. I've also tried all the other options. And I reinstalled the firmware. The unit still starts with a black screen. Makes no sense. Maybe I should try pulling the battery?
  3. 6000NEX Starts in rear camera mode?

    Ok thanks guys for the help.
  4. The AVIC Development Mod

    All the main links in the OP are dead. Any updates? What is the latest with this post?
  5. 6000NEX Starts in rear camera mode?

  6. Hey guys I have a 6000NEX and every time I start the car, it starts in the rear view camera mode, but the camera is not on, just the message that says "image may appear reversed" and the rest of the screen is black. The only way to exit this screen is to hold the map button. There is no X on the top right of the screen. Anyone know how to fix this? I've looked through all the settings and cant find it.... Also I have a 2nd screen that is set to video out, is there a way to use the 2nd screen for a rear view "mirror" mode by the camera and have the main screen the navi etc? thanks!
  7. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    Dude u dont have to take it out of the dash - just reinstall the OS - in WinCE - Start > Settings > control panel > storage > format partition and then copy new files (when u format u are blowing it all away including POI's maps etc and the entire OS so reload it w/ 4.01. and ur done
  8. Make sure there is nothing plugged into the unit when you are doing this stuff. I had this problem when i had my 64GB USB drive plugged in.... even when I try to start it up with it plugged in, it takes a lot longer for the unit to start.. but if I unplug it the system starts faster. HTH! Thx
  9. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    Feel free to post my link in your original post thanks!
  10. Installing 3.0 on AVIC-F700BT

    http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/22876-fresh-30-install-on-f90bt-with-pictures/ Guide...... pretty easy to find..... I've used 4.01 and it works great here is my mirror....... http://www.enkrypted.com/4.01.zip DL this for 4.01 upgrade. Be sure to update WinCE the same way as the guide says above.

    Feel free to post these on the original thread (my mirrors) Thanks!
  12. Basic Reboot Loop Fix

    I was on 2.0 when the rebooting problem happened... then I copied 3.0 over 2.0 and it worked so I went and updated winCE for 4.0 then updated to 4.0..... works great! http://www.enkrypted.com/Avic_Files.zip Here is a mirror for the torrent file that I posted for everyone to share. Hope this helps thx
  13. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    http://www.enkrypted.com/4.01.zip Here is a complete 4.01 upgrade package.... you really dont need anything else.... update WinCE and then install this the usual way. Includes latest maps & 3d buildings... for North America. Thx enjoy.
  14. Its caused by software corruption guys not a hardware problem - http://www.enkrypted.com/4.01.zip Unzip this to an SD - update WinCE (Format) then copy the files from the SD to the my flash disk....... hold the reboot button for 5 seconds then you're all set. 4.01 rocks!

    http://www.enkrypted.com/4.01.zip Yup just got this loaded and used the latest maps I could find (2012) and 3d buildings and it works great....