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  1. 8000NEX - Had to run through the setup wizard again...

    typically the initial setup needing to be done is a result of the constant power being disconnected.
  2. Pioneer Announcement: Nothing Works with IOS 8

    Not at all, just not a blind consumer. I am an independent retailer/MECP/ASE certified 12v technician.
  3. Pioneer Announcement: Nothing Works with IOS 8

    never said you'd be letting Pioneer dictate your actions. You can do whatever the fuck you want. I'm saying that it's like converting your car into E85 when no gas station around you carries it and throwing a fit.... I haven't updated my iPhone to 8 yet. Maybe it's because I work in the industry and see how much these IOS updates affect all manufacturers. Hell, when the iPhone 5 came out, Kenwood couldn't even use the bluetooth, Alpine needed a firmware update to connect via USB and BT. Just saying.
  4. Pioneer Announcement: Nothing Works with IOS 8

    I understand the frustration. But why would you update to the "latest and greatest" os...which really doesn't seem that vastly different...knowing that there is compatibility issues (its not just isolated to Pioneer product, this happens EVERY time Apple releases a new phone and OS).
  5. First make sure the setting is appropriate (power, or ground), and confirm you're getting the requisite voltage, or lack thereof, when the vehicle is in reverse. sounds like connection or settings issue.
  6. See title; they're everywhere!
  7. recommendation on AVH- x6500 DVD

    I haven't owned them, but I've installed them. I like them for a flip out. Personally I would stick with a double-din but that's my preference. You'll need a 2x pulse e-brake bypass as you can't run relays or straight grounds with these units (TR7 or they sell micro bypasses on e-bay for like 10-20$. Anyway it will be a vast improvement over the U310. I'd suggest looking at 7500BT unit as the BT streaming and hands-free is worth it IMO, for a nominal increase in price.
  8. How can you write up an "extensive" review when you didn't install it? You're missing one of the largest part of the review, the installation and the quality of the product. Most people only see the "exterior" of the product. Real technicians can see the quality BEHIND the pretty lights.
  9. No Bluetooth. Z120BT

    ...Do you have the e-brake engaged?
  10. z140bh radio volume

    What year is your impala?
  11. Looking for the cheapest place to buy a 8000NEX

    That's pretty cheap. That's actually below dealer cost IIRC.
  12. The NEX units offer two cameras front and rear, rear is denoted by the brown connector. RTFM
  13. no gps signal

    english, learn it.
  14. z150bh bluetooth streaming issues

    How far are you away? Bluetooth only has a finite operating area, also have to keep in mind that metal surfaces also can diminish the range (say your standing outside your car, or at the back of it, or if the radio is surrounded by metal).
  15. z140bh radio volume

    Are you just saying the AM/FM isn't "loud", or every source?