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  1. upgrading from 930bt to 6100NEX

    You should be able to make it plug and play since you already have an aftermarket harness coming off your factory harness. Rest should be pretty straight forward.
  2. Pandora app

    Any issues with Spotify or only Pandora?
  3. Very STRANGE issue with 8000nex bluetooth???

    Does the NEX unit require additional modules for Bluetooth like the other Z series did?
  4. 8100 or 8200

    Is it worth moving from Z series to NEX?
  5. Spotify

    Any clue if this will work with apple to?
  6. Do you use Navi on your Nex

    How are these units compared to the Z2? I know the Z2 is old now however I enjoyed my unit very much but looking to upgrade with updated maps and streaming feature.
  7. Question about these units z110BT and the others

    Currently have Z2 and want to upgrade with current maps. What would be a good unit to move up to?
  8. Avic Z1 hard drive dead

    I've also reached out to him but never heard back. Will check ebay.
  9. Z2/Z3 Value

    It seems to be worth getting fixed if you are still getting use out of it. The only thing I've read is that there won't be any updated maps.
  10. Need all the help I can

    From what I read, you may want to consider newer Z model and not the Z1-Z3 since Pioneer won't be updating maps for it and I believe the last update was 2012. Really sucks to find this out.
  11. Avic Z1 hard drive dead

    I messaged him but haven't heard back. Does he get on the forums much anymore?
  12. Sucks to find out they won't be providing map updates. I may have to change my unit now. They should support the Z model since it was their flagship unit.
  13. I downloaded the files like it said then I also did the force reflash. Every time I try to execute it tells me "no program file" I've downloaded the program twice and copied it twice but still the same comment. Now when the unit turns on it says loading navigation and then it says update failed. It just keeps going in a look between those screens. Any help would be much appreciated as I am frustrated with this unit and having no music while driving.
  14. Have both xm and sirrus?

    I already have xm w/navtraffic and wanted to know if I can still connect the sirrus tuner or am I only restricted to one provider? TIA
  15. Text to Speech AVIC Z2

    Text to speech was the main reason I bought the Z2 over the eclipse double din but after installing the unit I realized that it only did main streets. I hope there is some type of update which could fix that.