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  1. I don't have an iPod to use on the F90BT, but after upgrading to the hybrid software a week or two ago I'm very impressed with it. Found a set of 2011Q4 maps to use with it also. The button layout on the map screen is significantly improved, among other things.
  2. That I wouldn't hesitate to believe. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. The software most people are using to install 3x firmware on their F series models is sourced from an X910. Exact same stuff. All hacks from one work on the other.
  4. You have some kind of documentation on this?
  5. What was actually changed on the X910's? I thought they were basically just a software update of the F series.
  6. 3.01 is hosted on the Pioneer website. Instructions are with it. The bypass instructions are the same for all firmware versions of F and X series radios. Ground the parking brake wire, and either a) move the mute wire to pin 4 and ground it, or modify the software setting for maximum speed with the brake off. Both are well documented here. No idea on the SD issue, haven't tested it.
  7. This has been covered several times in these forums. You need to cut the parking brake wire from the radio where it connects to your car's parking brake wire. Then ground the wire from the radio. Just to add to that... You should not touch your car's parking brake wire at all. Leave it alone. All you need to do is move the mute wire, then connect it and the radio's parking brake wire to ground.
  8. How exactly did you try to do the 3.01 update with the modified data.zip? Did you copy it on to the SD card in place of the one provided by Pioneer, then reboot and let it boot from the SD card? If so, that won't work. The integrity check will catch it every time. You'll need to do the update, then replace the file. The 3.0 upgrade gets around that because we're not using an official installation utility that checks itself.
  9. That comes up a lot. If you ever go into testmode, the FIRST thing you should do is open Control Panel and run the Stylus Calibration utility. The process takes perhaps 30 seconds and eliminates all problems with clicking anywhere on the screen.
  10. I'm not trying to be rude here, but what you're asking has already been answered. The instructions are AT the link for the 3.01 update. As I said earlier: "That's the 3.01 update. Read the instructions from page one for the 3.0 update. Once you're on 3.0, read the instructions for 3.01 and install accordingly." What question remains? Update 3.0 based on the instructions posted here. Go to the 3.01 update and follow the instructions there.
  11. That's the 3.01 update. Read the instructions from page one for the 3.0 update. Once you're on 3.0, read the instructions for 3.01 and install accordingly.
  12. It doesn't make a bit of difference. As long as you connect the parking brake and transplanted mute wires to something that ties into the negative side of the battery, it will work fine. Chassis ground, existing ground wire for the radio, etc - they'll all work fine. There's really no reason not to just tap them into the existing negative wire.
  13. All I did was to download 3.00 from this forum download 3.01 from the pioneer web site merge (copy and replace) the 2 file coping 3.01 files to the full 3.00 file on the computer, to the proper folders copy completed files to disc with testmode load on to unit after updating Wince by formating So you just overwrote any 3.00 files in the flash folder with the equivalents from the 3.01 update? Interesting. Might have to try that. A complete 2.x -> 3.01 update with a single file copy (not counting WinCE) would simplify the procedure for a lot of people.
  14. http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/ ... 10BT?tab=F
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