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  1. Thanks! Got em in 5 minutes! I love usenet....
  2. This is really nice! I'm going to load this up for sure - will go nice with my red jeep Thanks a lot for all your hard work! I would not have the patience to do it that nicely
  3. That is one sweet mod! Very happy with v3!!!! Remember everyone to delete your settings folder as idt said - or you'll get an error when hitting destination. Thanks again!
  4. I use the free program called handbrake and select apple universal as the "format type". It converts them to a mp4 that looks really good and plays perfectly! I'm sure there are better ways, but this always works for me, and doesn't take too long to convert a video
  5. Internet, streaming audio, google maps, etc

    well, if you have been around for a while, you'd know that Boris is basically a god on this forum
  6. Keeper 3.0 Mod - 07-29-09 UPDATE

    If you would read the part where he wrote down what each does you would understand they are only for poi searches! It searches for poi around cursor, gps address, etc. I don't know how i missed that... I'm usually really thorough in reading these things. Guess I jumped to conclusions Thanks anyway for putting me straight.
  7. Keeper 3.0 Mod - 07-29-09 UPDATE

    anyone else having an issue where in the 3rd "layer" of icons - they all just open POI search? (ie - the satelite icon opens the poi search, not the satellite info)
  8. OMG!!!MY nightmare day ends in joy!!!!!READ!!!!

    same, although mine was only 2 beers and I mowed the lawn while the files were copying
  9. 3.0 update not playing mp3 cd's on f700bt

    work fine for me as well
  10. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    With the new 3.0 firmware I can finally play most divx files... on the 2.xx firmware it would barely play any files that I tried without converting them to mp4. Now it'll play everything i've thrown at it so far! Also, the responsiveness of the SD card menu is better (still really slow though). Thanks again OP!
  11. Complete 3.0 Install Guide

    worked 100% for me on an avic-f700. Thanks OP!!
  12. I can rip my avic f700 out of my dash in 45 seconds flat. Even with a blaring alarm, it won't matter. I'm sure a thief who's not being careful about the dash can do it in under 30 seconds and they're off.
  13. F700BT Running Full 3.0 from X910, Video.

    It's going up under the F700 directory (f700/x910bt) will be there in a couple hours. Thanks again tacomaboy!
  14. AVIC-X Series 3.0 Firmware Update

    well, i got it off tacomaboy, and am currently uploading it to the turboss.com server - it'll be under f700/x910bt (as i don't have write access under the home directory, so I can't create a new directory). It's 1.6GB and I can only upload at 100kb/s or so, but it should be there in 4-5 hours! The file is 1,642,312,227 bytes so don't start downloading it till it's done! Again, I take no credit for this - thanks to tacomaboy
  15. AVIC-X Series 3.0 Firmware Update

    Yes it already has worked.. that is how some of us have the full update running on our F700/F90's already. I have the full flash backup from a x910bt on my desktop at home and was going to upload it last night, but when I got home comcast had the cable lines in the area down... Internet is back up at home now and I should be able to upload it tonight cool, thanks! looking forward to it.