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  1. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Got anything like this for a Civic Si? I'm looking for something clean like this. Not quite as clean, but here's a nice one from this forum: http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u357 ... ivicSI.jpg
  2. Droid

    None. Just the same as any other regular phone unfortunately. F-Series fails.
  3. Pioneer unveils AVIC-X920BT @ CES!

    Sure it does. I expect the products I buy to work as advertised for longer than 2 years. Is that so hard to expect? Maybe it's a small selling point for THAT model... look at the F-series. It's a prominent selling feature. It's listed as one of the main features. One of the few reasons I even bought one was because I was fed up with the terrible time-delays associated with TMC Traffic Information (previous GPS was a $400 Navigon). I opted for this figuring the traffic info would be much better since it's an independent company that controls the traffic information -- and that was an excellent assumption: it IS much better than TMC, hands down -- but the fact remains that they are putting out a product that they know will lose SOME of its usefulness in less than two years. Look, if you don't buy something as an investment, I understand. That would be like many people on this forum. I, on the other hand spend my money very wisely and take a lot of time to do research before investing in an expensive product like an in-dash GPS. I'm not made of money, I don't drive a Corvette. I expect my purchases to last me a long time (with full functionality), since I don't have the money to buy a new unit every third year. That is my point. /disagreement
  4. Pioneer unveils AVIC-X920BT @ CES!

    All I'm saying is releasing a product knowing full-well that it will be not-as-functional in less than two years is a shady practice as far as I'm concerned. Also, with all those ECO-friendly features, you'd think Traffic would be a pretty important factor in their fuel-savings plan.
  5. Pioneer unveils AVIC-X920BT @ CES!

    Why the heck would they make a BRAND-NEW device that uses a services (MSNDirect) that you can no longer get subscriptions for?!?! Epic Fail, Pioneer.
  6. F Series Splash Pics! 800X480

    Photoshop... and I'd really recommend against buying any of the Pioneer Navigation devices at this point, unless you don't care about the traffic part of it. MSNDirect is permanently offline soon and you can't buy subscriptions to it anymore. Or you could get one that has XM and pay way too much for traffic as well... that would also work.
  7. Android Powered AVIC?!?

    How is Google Maps not exactly a solution? Check out the new Motorola Droid... it uses Google Maps Turn-By-Turn Navigation.
  8. 3.0 Billboards and Clock

    They're everywhere in PA, but not in many places in Jersey... which is fine with me, cause Jersey isn't a real state. It's just a big stinky piece of land.
  9. Do you worry about in-dash theft?

    Dude... at this point I would LOVE for my F90BT to get stolen. MSN Direct service is being shut down, and I'm about to get the Motorola Droid (with GoogleMaps GPS Navigation). lol
  10. Droid

    Good news, since that's going to be my next phone in a week
  11. Do you worry about in-dash theft?

    I don't worry at all. I have a $0 comprehensive deductible. But besides that, no. It's a LOT easier to sell a portable GPS on Craigslist or to an acquaintance for cheap than it is to sell an in-dash device which (assuming the thief didn't take their sweet time), needs to have harnesses and wires bought for it. That doesn't mean they don't get stolen often, but the likelihood of having a portable GPS stolen is much, much higher than having someone breaking into your car for a PITA to remove without damaging the touchscreen in-dash GPS. Personally, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. I've lived in a pretty crappy part of Philadelphia for 5 years now, and I only had my car broken into once... for a $5 generic phone charger and a can of mace of all things. I don't park in pay lots or garages. Just street parking. If you're still super scared, there are a couple places to buy fake faceplates for your radios (like eBay). But obviously this won't fool anyone if you have a really expensive car with a crappy 90s looking faceplate lol
  12. You have to reinstall the 3.0 firmware upgrade. That happened to me the first time. Then my radio fucked up and I had to send it in to Pioneer. (unrelated). Then I did a fresh install of 3.0 when they gave it back to me, and everything works perfectly I think it happens if you remove the SD cards prematurely before updating MSN direct. It's kinda annoying how I figured that out after the fact.
  13. Sending unit in for repair..How do i downgrade?

    Have a box of tissues Seriously though, twenty feet is definitely in tolerance for GPS error; this isn't military spec we're talking about here. I highly doubt the whine is of any fault of the unit; whines are caused not only by poor grounding but also by different paths being taken for the +12v between the amp and the AVIC. The DVD is unfortunate but easy enough for them to remove, perhaps replace a defective ejection motor or solenoid and send you back the same unit. To boot, I don't know that you can downgrade from 3.0 to 2.0 because of the difference in WinCE firmware. This may be a non-issue but to any observant tech, it'll be a dead giveaway that you're trying to fool them. +3.5
  14. Sending unit in for repair..How do i downgrade?

    20ft? Seriously? Good luck getting anywhere with that. lmao... oh noes