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  1. Question About AVIC 7100NEX

    I have the 4100NEX, my answers should apply to both units. For AppRadio you need to use the MHL adaptor, it only works via HDMI. AppRadio Live is an add on to enhance functions of AppRadio, it includes it's own music player, a navigation system, ability to read news feeds and access to your personal calendar once you link it. I have an HTC One M9 running Android 5.02 and it DOES work with mirrorlink, several built in apps on my phone including the dialer and "Car Home" are mirror link enabled, there are many "Car Home" type apps available in the Play store that are also mirrorlink enabled. I found that the mirrorlink connection was very slow and flakey but it could be the way I had it set up. Mirrorlink only requires a micro USB cable to be attached. Android Auto works extremely well, I find that is is fast and easy to use. Only needs a Micro USB cable to be attached. You can switch between AA and Mirrorlink by going into the connection settings on the head unit.
  2. So...MirrorLink...

    Does your phone have lollipop yet? I think mirror link works better in lollipop.
  3. new iPhone to DA01 cable

    all iPhones around the world are built the same, especially the dock connector. You should be able to find a cable on Ebay for about $15 or much less. I believe with the AppRadio you can use any cable you want to, even the one that came with your iPhone.
  4. The reason you haven't seen the app screen is because it is waiting for your input. The big white dot is part of the calibration process, press on it and you will see another white dot to appear, you will see a total of 5 or so white dots to press, once you have done that, you will see the app screen , this process only has to be done once.
  5. I have a band aid solution to your issue which is annoying but it gets you up and running. I recently bought a One X and have the same issues as you but I have been getting by using the following technique. FYI my Galaxy S2 had the same issues when running the original ROM. Follow these instructions carefully and your phone will get hooked up to the AppRadio, unfortunately you will have to follow these steps every time you turn your car on until there is a permanent fix. The following assumes you have already paired your phone with the AppRadio and have had a successful connection at least once, if you haven't following these steps will get you hooked up the first time as well. Go to settings and go to the bluetooth settings, stay on that screen the entire time you are connecting the phone to the AppRadio Connect the phone to the AppRadio and start your car. The AppRadio should automatically start to try connecting to your phone, keep a close eye on your phone's screen and wait for the pairing request to pop up in the middle of the screen and quickly press "pair" , you only have about 1 second or less to press pair or the connection will fail. You might see the pairing request come up twice, just hit pair quickly again and you will be connected and stay connected until you turn the car off. The reason I say to go to the bluetooth settings first is because while you are on that screen the pairing request comes up in the middle of the screen, otherwise you have to pull down the task menu, press on the pairing request, wait for the popup the click pair and most of the time it takes too long and the connection completely fails. Hope this helps, it's annoying but it lets you use your One X with your AppRadio.
  6. MotionX GPS drive

    I think AppRadio 2 needs the external display option and the original does not.
  7. MotionX GPS drive

    Sorry, I though this was a Pioneer AppRadio thread, I didn't realize we were discussing products from other manufacturers. It really doesn't matter what you call it, licensing, in app option, display package, or anything else it is still an extra charge to do something that others do for free, and to claim that is due to licensing issues is clearly a lie by the makers of MotionX.
  8. My AppRadio 2 + iPhone 4S Issues

    The "G5" error seems to happen when the built in tuner is on, I'm sure a Bluetooth firmware update in the future will fix it, if you tuen the radio off it goes away. The other issues with slow app switching , Panndora, "chasing the dog" , music stopping are all exclusive to using the AppRadio with an iPhone. I have both iPhone and Android phones and was ready to return the AppRadio the first week I had it since I didn't have the Android kit, once I got the Android kit most of the issues went away, it's not perfect but much better than the iPhone experience. I believe the issue stems from the way iOS does multitasking , it sacrifices proper multitasking for energy saving and makes apps "freeze" in the background where Android apps stay fully running in the background. Android devices also don't force you to press the "accept" button on the phone screed avery time the AppRadio application requests permission to start. I do agree that the warning messages are annoying, I believe the reason you cannot turn them off permanently is because there may be multiple drivers of the same vehicle, they should limit it to only one warning message on power up and then stop. Part of the blame for the parking brake warning can be put on forums like this one though, it makes Pioneer aware of all the ways people are bypassing and then they take measures to counter it.
  9. Is there no one else on this forum that has ever tried it look at their iPhone photos on AppRadio 2? I really want to hear from anyone and let me know if the pictures look normal or if the colors seem washed out and faded. Can someone please try this and let me know the results, if mine has an issue I want to know ASAP so I can exchange mine.
  10. I get no audio from phone

    Sounds like a bad cable, check to make sure both sides are plugged in securely.
  11. AppRadio 2 HDMI Video Input?

    My iPhone charges too, soo well that the phone gets super hot as others have mentioned In another thread in this forum, that is why I was thinking of connectin my Android via USB to the port in the IPhone 30 pin connector, seems like it puts out a fair bit of power. I am also thinking of getting a CLA that puts out enough current to charge a tablet, they usually output 2A, if that doesn't work then the fault is with the MHL adaptor.
  12. Pair Bluetooth device every time?

    In no way would that ever be normal on any device, something is wrong with either your appradio or your phone. I would take my phone into a store that has one in the demo board and ask to pair it up and see if it sticks, that will tell you if it your phone or or appradio.
  13. I verified yesterday that the Android does indeed get it's GPS data from the AppRadio's external antenna, I turned off the built in GPS on my SGS 2 and all navigational functions worked perfectly.
  14. AppRadio 2 HDMI Video Input?

    You still have to plug in a micro USB power source to the MHL adaptor, I just used a CLA and plugged it in and just like you I don't get enough power to charge the phone, I may try plugging into the USB plug on the 30 pin Apple cable since it seems to almost overcharge the iPhone it may put out more power. I am surprised that the actual Pioneer kit does not provide enough power to charge the phone though considering the premium price they charge.