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  1. Ok, this makes my third Mod I installed for my unit. The other Mods were like this one, it had directions. LOL. After deleting the other Mods, I installed this one. It came up with an error: "Cannot copy ""Sky.bmp"" error 50". I deleted all folders I installed, redownloaded this mod after formatting the SD disk, and installed it again. I received the same error. With that I can not change themes as they dont load. How can I fix this? Any help would be great, as this is the best MOD yet. Excellent Job!
  2. Sirius On-Screen info display

    It will only how one line on the map display. If you wanting all lines for artist, song, album, etc.... you have to be on the screen for Sirius, XM, etc.....
  3. Doesn't the X910BT say if destination is on left or right?

    Yes you can program it to say destination is on the right/left. Look through the forums for the download.
  4. $140 in equipment just to get Sirius on Z110?

    Yes you have to have both items. They do run about $80 a piece. If you go to xm you only have to have 1 piece.
  5. uninstall the mod by putting your old 'DATA.zip' file back. This has happened to a few of us already where it gets stuck on a screen when activating parts of the NAV. This mod should really be fixed or pulled as I have spent most of the day trying everything to get it to work and it does not! Guys I am not sure what to tell you. There have been well over 200 downloads of my mods since 11/5. Almost 3 weeks later, when nothing has changed, new users are reporting problems. There are several users on here that have been 100% happy. If you are rebooting did you copy the font files? there are two in the zip file and if you dont have them it will reboot. If you are not getting MSN did you delete the save files? You can absolutely get to the MSN info via this mod. If you are using a EU or 500 model did you edit the sys.txt to reflect this? Is testmode disabled in the settings? Please verify all the correct files are in place. If they are let me know exactly what is happening and I will do everything I can to help you. The searching is a known problem and I am working on it. Should be good in the next version. Just rebooted the system and MSN direct started working. Now when I search for a POI, I get every POI near me, even though its not the POI Im looking for nor does it have the name Im looking for in its name.
  6. Hacks for a X710BT

    Go to the f series of hacks and find the mod's with 3.0 version or newer and they will work.
  7. MSN file: I just replaced my 700bt to a 910bt. I downloaded the MSN version into my 910 and I can not get my MSN direct to work. Before downloading the software and installing it, when I pushed my MSN icon it gave me the serial number to have when signing up for service. Now since I installed the new MOD and I push the icon it says "connecting to MSN direct", and then stays on that screen and nothing happens. The phone icon is not highlighted when on that screen but on other screens it is as its paired with my phone. I never had activated the MSN. Can someone tell me how to get my SSN for MSN back and why it will not connect?