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  1. Backup Camera While Driving 940BT

    im not sure if they are even remotely the same but my x920bt but mine isnt wired hot all the time. look at some 920bt reverse threads there are probably a million of them. i think my camera is wired right into the radios harness. not really familiar with your radio and im just trying to help but im not sure that you can full screen the cam when driving forward. if its like the 920 its a split nav and rear view screen. i have a shortcut on my home for rear view.
  2. Removed the trim and radio and found the gps ant wire had slid behind a piece of trim and got pinched and cut through the insulation. Wasn't touching anything metal but that was it. Bought a new ant and hooked it up and that error went away and now it sees more satellites. Don't remember how to do a hard reset but I found it in either the manual or on here. Think you have to hold 2 buttons.
  3. Did the update on my 920 from 2.03fw tonight. Followed these instructions and it all went without a hitch. Thank you for the person(s) who made this happen. Don't have a card reader so I used a blackberry to load the proper files on the card and then installed them on the HU. So after this is the 920 on par UI and FW wise with the 940?
  4. X920 gps error

  5. X920 gps error

  6. X920 gps error

    A while ago I set my nav to take me I a position and noticed my current position was way off. I set my current location through the settings and for about 2 days the arrow didn't move. All of a sudden I was back on track. This lasted about a week until I set another course and then my location went over water. When I check the connection status I get a "gps antenna error detected contact pioneer" I did a sensor reset, checked the ant connection and refreshed the HU and it still does this. It still says that I'm connected to a few satellites. Has anyone had this problem and does anyone think that replacing the gps ant would solve this?
  7. Ok so I did a hard reset and the error stops showing up. Hopefully it will stay away and it was a temporary glitch
  8. Problems with backup Camera

    What car and cam do u have? I recently hooked up one in an 08 Vw and all I did was give power to the ign positive and negative at the back of the radio and plugged in the video. The radio should do the rest as long as the backup cam is not defective. Iff you have a a small tv that has a video in try feeding the cam with 12v and plugging it into a tv to rule out the camera being defective. My settings for BU cam is on battery. Same goes for having the cam running while driving. A lot of people think that they have to run constant 12v to the cam to do this. It was easy to pick up a reverse signal in my car bc I used PAC audio modules.
  9. Has anyone had this error? Tried calling pioneer cust service. Like I've read it was impossible to get in touch with anybody.
  10. Oh and btw it started working a few times today. Still when I went to the connection status it still gave me the same antenna error message. When I go to the 3D calibration screen all my bars were gone and the learning status says "sensor initializing" for a while then it says 3D hybrid
  11. It's installed right on the center of my dash on a metal grill. Plug is seated. It's been operating fine since my install. Been a few months since its been in my car. Haven't change or moved anything.
  12. My nav has always been a little off since I installed it in my second car. I kind have got used to it. Haven't really had any problems with the nav function at all till today. Drove about 10miles and on my way back home I noticed my location was completely off. I went into the menu to see connection status and a message popped up saying gps antenna problem detected contact installer or manufacturer. Has anyone had this before. Do these antennas fail?
  13. x930bt rearview camera source

    I have a 920 and was wondering the same thing. I can get the rear view mode but it's split with nav. Is there a way to select a full rear view screen like when in reverse?
  14. AVIC-X930BT Bypass Related

    I used PAC canbus and PAC swi on my 08 Vw. Worked perfectly. Didn't have to tap into a single factory wire. Not sure if they're as seamless on other cars. Got vss and reverse signal with bypass on x920 and everything is A ok
  15. Unit Won't Read SD Card (X920BT)

    Has anybody figured out a solution? I had my radio out of my car while I getting a new car and just installed it. Tried to update it to the 2.003 sw. It reads my card fine but doesn't start the update process. It says I'm in 2.000 or 2.00