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  1. I updated my Itouch to 4.2 over the weekend and it is working fine with my X920bt.
  2. Mine did this yesterday after I gunned the truck from a stoplight.. I just looked and laughed. If its not my GF telling me to drive safely now its my damn nav!! And I payed for this???? LOL
  3. kdii02


    You don't have to let it analyze your entire library to make playlists. You can make your own manually and take your Iphone our Itouch/pod out to the car to see it load up and work in the MS app. Eventually I went back and let the app do my entire library. It took awhile for sure, but it did work. The auto playlists it created are pretty cool too. So yes It is working. It's pretty cool so far.
  4. I have MusicSphere working fine in ITunes and in the car on the 920, BUT I'm using my ITouch and not my IPhone for the Musicsphere playlists. When I do plug my IPhone in I do get the same message that its looking for something to be installed, but I just cancel out of that if I want to use the IPhone for audio playback. I think its looking for the PandoraLink app or something else on the IPhone that I can't figure out, but I'll try adding the playlists to my IPhone and see if that works. So far I like the MS app. The instructions on its use aren't so great..
  5. kdii02


    Yea seems to work pretty good so far.
  6. ..which totally blows. I saw that add-on part selling for $100!? Doesn't seem worth it for something that will be dead in 1 year. D. Agreed! I think however there will be alternatives offered for traffic once MSN is gone. But yea kinda sux they couldn't just build in the MSN tuner like they did in the x910!
  7. kdii02


    Yea, but hey it was worth a shot! LOL
  8. kdii02


    No luck so far. When I try to do the analysis, I just keep getting the message "There was an Error in the handling of Itunes". I guess it's just not ready yet.. I'll keep playing with it, but so far its a dud. LOL
  9. kdii02


    Seems to at least open in ITunes, i'm downloading 9.1.1 now though, so I'll wait to see how this works with the new ITunes version and come back and let you know.
  10. kdii02


    I'm trying it now! thanks for the heads up!!
  11. Yea, I picked the Z110 in Avic Feeds too hoping it would work on my 920.. NOPE.. just another "option" on this unit that we still have nothing from support to get it working.. I'm sure the apps are coming, but I am in the same boat with you guys, I hate waiting!! LOL
  12. Jason, thanks for getting us some answers!!!
  13. I have the same issue. Apparently the X920BT requires the add-on MSN tuner ND-MDT10 to allow you to get MSN Direct.
  14. Hi Guys! Great forum you have here!! Glad to finally join up! Hoping to make the most of my new 920BT with help from this forum! Kyle
  15. Hi, How about: Where the hech is the Music Sphere, and Pandoralink software for the X920BT?? I have a x920 that I like, but I wish I was able to actually utilize all the features it supposedly has and that I paid for. Also would like to know if they plan on a Firmware upgrade/Map Updates for the x920bt that would allow you to see cross streets at all times, and how about the 3D landmarks for the 920? Thanks!!
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