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  1. yeah i just recently started having the same problem, went about 2 years without any problems and just started happening recently. ive tried multiple ipods and that didnt fix it, i was wondering if it was the cable or loose connection or something but its weird that it works sometimes and then just cuts out. mines installed in an audi and if anyone here worked with those its not easy to remove the unit with the dash kit supplied. so replacing the cable or checking the connection is gonna be a PITA

    hey guys, ive gotten all your pms, sorry ive been slacking here, im pretty sure i still have my original back up, ill try to zip it up tonight and upload it somewhere for yall to download. ill post the link to it here if thats allowed.
  3. just installed this yesterday finally, looks great. seems a little snappier than the last one. boot up seems a little longer though, but thats when its going right into navi. is there any way to disable all of the nag screens easily?
  4. id be willing to test this out. i do have one question, i had to edit a file a little time back so that my timezone worked in oregon, have you heard of this? also is this file being overwritten with this mod. I am on your old mod currently, i just saw this thread and was going to try when i got home from work, but i have an original backup from my stock unit still and willing to test anything out you need. is this new mod quicker at all than the previous? i have a x910bt BTW
  5. v4.0 Firmware

    i love my unit modded, and i do have the newest maps on the older ezrider hacked, the only thing i DONT like about my unit is the slow startup speed. other than that everything works great for me
  6. v4.0 Firmware

    what are the latest maps? im already using the latest 2010 maps that i can find
  7. v4.0 Firmware

    what are the advantages of upgrading the ezrider file only?
  8. Where are the 2010 US Canada maps

    i got them from navitotal, it really doesnt take to long to download all the files seperately, took me about an hour. i really havent noticed a change, but its just good to have newer maps, i just moved to a new area so i dont know what roads are there and arent. but my parents house which was built in 2003 now shows up in the maps, where are my previous maps said the address was not available. there are more accurate speed limits though.
  9. Where are the 2010 US Canada maps

    i loaded the latest TA 2010.06 maps yesterday from a site similar to gpsunderground. the maps work great, i also have the latest navteq maps just to check them out later, however i had to delete a few maps and POIs in order for it to fit.
  10. v4.0 Firmware

    yeah, and like every response you ever make to someone on here isnt ignorant. but nice answer, lol.....but whatever man, if you dont want 4.0 then dont comment on it, others will still want it like i said.
  11. v4.0 Firmware

    if you know what your talkin about then why are you a mac?
  12. v4.0 Firmware

    your a negative dude, either way, people will still want it.
  13. 2010 map updates CNSD - 200FM

    has anyone been working on this yet?
  14. Oregon time zone bug patch

    just copied your .bin file into my data.zip and replaced it in my x910bt and it works......THANKS A LOT!!!!!! i just moved from WA to OR and this was driving me CRAZY!!!!!
  15. Oregon time zone bug patch

    i just moved to oregon, and have this issue with my x910bt, ill try this out tomorrow. THANKS for the suggestions, will update with results