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  1. Here's a link to installation and user's manuals. AVIC-X930BT Manuals I don't think there's any settings that could cause this. Assuming it was installed correctly (2 separate circuits and fuses - one always hot and one hot with the accessories) then it might be something wrong with the car's ignition switch.
  2. I don't know. I'm sure somebody knows how to hook-up or bypass the parking brake for f840BT.
  3. You need to properly connect the parking brake sensor or bypass. If sensor is installed, you need the parking brake set in order to access many functions.
  4. For the 3rd time - the only way to change the language is a factory reset. See the manual. If you don't have one you can probably find one with a Google search.
  5. Did you do as II suggested in the other thread? Disconnect the battery for 30 seconds. Get the manual and find the section on Factory Reset. The power recycle resets some things but I don't think it allows you to reset the text language. There is table in the manual that defines 3 methods to reset the unit and what settings get cleared with each method. IIRC, you want to try method 2.
  6. I have no ideas. I don't use the EU firmware since I'm in the US. You should ask this question in the F-Series forum (probably in Hacks/Mods sub-forum). I think the greyed-out language is the one selected. You touch the one you want. You likely need a factory reset to get to that screen. Before doing that, I'd disconnect the battery for 30 seconds.
  7. Did you replace Cardinfo.cif on the SD with the one in my post (that you just quoted)? Since you have an F920bt, you must use that CardInfo.CIF. BTW. it is just a text file so any editor can view/edit it as long as it doesn't do any formatting. Cardinfo.cif must be 300 bytes.
  8. That script is only for when your headunit has been locked and requires a password to boot-up. It is an anti-theft security feature that usually happens when the car's battery is removed (or dies). It sounds like you want to run the Shortfuse script to allow installing a 2017 map update. That hack disables the validation of a unique password as part of the installation. When the 2017 maps get installed you just enter "PASSWORDPASSWORD" when prompted. Don't get this confused with the password required to unzip the archive after you download it. That one is defined in the first post of the
  9. Too many things going on here. What password hack? You never said you were locked-out of your headunit. Did it say "Password Removal will start in 5 seconds..."? Maybe you meant the Shortfuse hack? It has a message that says "Installation will start in 5 seconds...". In either case, the SD must not be write-protected. If you are asking about the update installation password, you can back out by removing the SD and rebooting. So what are you trying to do? If it is the EU 2017 update, please post questions in that thread.
  10. I personally have no place to host files. I doubt AVIC411 would since they could be held liable by Pioneer. Are you saying there will be a 2019 update for the x930? Any idea when? I stay out of cleaning-up condi-hackmode messes. It could be as simple as deleting the replacement navi.exe and renaming the old (saved) one back. Or, if you are just trying to recover from a failed install of 2017, put the super testmode.key on a SD or usb, put that in, and it should boot to testmode. Go into file maintenance, and remove the file: USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log. This will kick
  11. Assuming the F-series is like the US Z series, it requires moving an unused wire in the harness (or adding new wire), then grounding that one. If you can watch a DVD while driving (not a good idea except for testing), it is installed. It is possible that the wire is loose - either in the harness or the ground connection. That has been known to cause intermittent problems. The 2017 EU maps are here - New 2017 Release F20BT F30BT F40Bt F920BT F930BT F840BT Etc. It has BT version 3.32. Since you have an F920bt, you'll need to replace the CardInfo.cif file. The one I attached should
  12. To just update the BT firmware, you can use either EU or US/CAN updates. I'm not 100% sure, but I think you need the parking brake on (or the PB bypass wired correctly) in order to configure BT (both pairing and firmware update).
  13. It's in the 1st post. Download: 2013 Update Download (2.3GB) You unzip it and only copy the Firmware folder to the root of your SD card. But why not just install the 2017 update along with the newest BT firmware?
  14. If you mean Shortfuse, yes it is necessary. Cardinfo is only to identify which AVIC models the update supports. Since you have an F940, you should not change the Cardino.cif that comes with godzilla's files.
  15. I think that will do it. I don't remember when they switched support for traffic tuners. I think it was in the first update after 2010.
  16. The links I provided work. But those on Navigation.com are broken. Each release includes maps and firmware. I suggest you check the manual for specifics on support for iPhone and iTouch devices. If you are still running on the original Z110 firmware (IIRC it was v 1.xxx), you might have serious issues installing the 2017 update version posted in this thread (for Z130 & Z140). Some people with original Z110 firmware had odd problems related to the tuner. I suspect it is caused by drivers for a different traffic tuner that is no longer supported. I suggest that you install firmware spe
  17. It's an old problem for probably all Pioneer headunits. I assume you are using USB or SD media - not iPod. You can try using the technique described here: Sort order Yes it is a PITA! That's why I use my iTouch for all my MP3 files.
  18. If anyone tries the "SERVICE PASS OFF" method (a few posts above), please post your results and model info to verify it works. From the description it seems like this would be needed each time the unit is cold-booted (as when battery is removed) since it doesn't clear the password - just gets you past the password prompt. So if you go that route, I recommend that you print the instructions and keep them in the glove compartment.
  19. Not other than keep trying other things. Maybe disconnect your battery for a minute to force a cold boot. There some stuff in TestMode (there's several pages of options) to test Bluetooth and Program Forced Write can force a BT firmware update. Careful - there's some dangerous stuff there too. It could also be a hardware problem. I recall others that had similar problems. But repair is kind of expensive and for a unit this old it might not be worth it.
  20. Very unlikely that there's something wrong with the \Firmware files. Only a guess... Try a different (less <= 8 GB) SD. You only need the \Firmware files on it. BTW, what version were you updating from since this 3.32 version has been around for many years. No need to update unless you were running an old version.
  21. I'm reluctant to guess since the older models are different than the Z150. But ignoring the DVD region issue, you might be able to pull off installing the EU firmware/maps (the F50BT version) by just replacing the CARDINFO.CIF file on the EU update SD with one for a US Z150. Here's CARDINFO for Z150 from the 2016 update - the year shouldn't matter. Courtesy of nezfotnemom. I don't see any F50BT update images posted. I guess you could by one, but there's no guarantee it will work. CARDINFO.CIF
  22. Your problem is caused by something is wrong with the update SD. Very possible that you didn't use the correct password when you unzipped the file. So some files are missing. This advice has been posted here many times. If the map update fails to complete and you are stuck with a wrong or incorrect SD or similar message: boot into testmode. go into file maintenance remove the file USER\SYSTEM\Download\StartKnd.log This will kick the unit out of upgrade mode, and it should restart into regular mode on next power up (remember to remove the TestMode SD). You should sti
  23. Sorry, never tried it. If it boots from USB (do you mean into testmode?) seems like you could try copying the upgrade files into the root of and empty memory stick. There's also the possibility of using Force Program Write in Testmode. I think you can specify the source device as USB.
  24. I have it in ANT CTRL in AV System Settings (Power or Radio). Since I have a traffic tuner, I set it to Power. But my antenna is just a wire in the windshield, so nothing to wear out.
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