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  1. Remove that file (\NAND\SYSTEM\SECURITY\SECURITY.DAT) and the password will go away. Just to be safe, copy it somewhere first.
  2. So you had a backup with /USER, including PRG0 and PRG1? That's good. I'd keep that SD in a safe place. One thing I forgot to mention. After a firmware update, if something isn't working - try disconnecting all power to the unit for 30 seconds. Easiest way is to disconnect the battery. Alternatively, pull the fuses for both the yellow and red power wires. For an F920, I believe v2 was the original stock firmware. If so, the files in PRG0 and PRG1 should be identical. One thing you could try is to change the "current" program directory. You do this by adding or deleting (if already pr
  3. First, get an 8GB SD and make a backup of /USER so you can recover from any mistakes. Also, if you have the original SD that you used to install the Shortfuse hack, save it. It would have the original APL\RenewalIFLib.dll files found in PRG0 and PRG1. Next, when you said "avic-f9220bt. v2.0", I assume you mean your old firmware was v2.0. At first I thought you were saying there was a V2 hardware. I also assume that F9220bt is the same hardware as f920bt. What do you mean by "used test mode to use backup"? Did it boot back into the old firmware OK? I don't have an answer to why
  4. If you ran it in 2017, it wrote the hacked RenewalIFLib.dll file in PRG0/APL and PRG1/APL. Only one of those files got overwritten by the 2017 update. When you install an update, it overwrites the "non-active" PRGn files with the new update's files. Then it makes the new PRGn the active directory by setting or deleting /USER/PRG.FLG. So I'd guess the hack needs to be installed again since the non-hacked one is in the "active" PRGn/APL However, that's all just theory. No one that I know of has even tried the hack with 2019. So I guess we'll find out soon.
  5. Why not just install the 2017 update? As for 2015, you can use the av.exe from the US/Canada version. The program files are identical. I have it for US. See attached zip. Av.zip
  6. I never recommend using hack mode because you have a 50% chance to having this problem. Someone who uses hackmode should bee able to help you uninstall it. But your original issue with the keyboard probably was because the parking brake was not detected.
  7. To install the hack? A few seconds. If your question is about installing the map update, it belongs in the map update thread. Should take around 20-30 minutes.
  8. You might try re-pairing the BT connection first. Sometimes it is necessary to do a hard restart after a bluetooth upgrade. Simple surefire way is to disconnect the battery for 30 seconds. Or, if you know both fuses that power the radio, you can just pull them. If that doesn't fix it then try older BT firmware. maybe even re-installing 3.32.
  9. Sorry, I don't know anything about the F960DAB. Did you try this method? http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/83592-security-password-removal-script-for-z110120130140-x920930940-some-older-f-series/&do=findComment&comment=348733
  10. Did you try just Step 3? You should be able to update directly from V1.x to V7.0 (after installing the Shortfuse hack).
  11. So are you saying that you have already installed 2019 on the F40BT and you want to also install it on the F10BT? If so, try this cardinfo. Cardinfo for F10 and F20
  12. No, I'm not sure since I don't have an F-series. Just an educated guess. Every other update since 2010 (that's when I bought my Z110-BT), the maps were the same. The cardinfo.cif file controls what models get updated. If the cardinfo isn't correct for your headunit, nothing will happen when you insert the SD. Note that it isn't just the map files that get updated. The application files also change. However, there is a minor difference between the various models. Just to be clear: What is the Product number for the map update you have? To see, go to the unzipped file folder and ope
  13. Good eyes. That just shows as a blurry smudge on my monitor. Zooming in two levels and I can just barely see something that resembles AVIC-F40BT. I'll stay out of this unless things get out-of-control. I don't have any use for EU maps regardless.
  14. Good. I somehow missed seeing that. If it is, it should also work for the x10-x20 models with the correct CardInfo.cif from previous years.
  15. Are you sure he has MY11-12 maps? All spoon1's previous requests for updates were for an F950-BT, which is MY13. That unit's hardware is not compatible with the earlier units. He has never posted exactly what firmware he has and that splash screen doesn't indicate a model. Seems to me he is being intentionally vague and since he is not posting a link, it sounds like he's attempting to sell the update. All this could easily be clarified by a short post from him.
  16. I don't know what is wrong. Maybe you didn't follow the instruction. Maybe there is something wrong with your SD. Maybe you installed Condi's Hackmode or some other software. Have you tried this method? Service access
  17. No change in the user interface. Might be better BT support (but we've been on 3.32 since 2015) and new maps. Maybe some minor bug fixes under the covers. Who knows.
  18. I don't know. I have nothing to do with posting or hosting the file. Whatever it says in this thread.
  19. Correct.That fixes your headunit to bypass Pioneer's registration password validation. Then install the map update.
  20. Here's the Z110-BT and F10BT Service Manual. Should be the same hardware as your F20BT. Z110-BT Service Manual
  21. No, the user is taking the shotgun approach for any ideas. See here
  22. Or just run this: Security Password Removal Script for Z110/120/130/140, x920/930/940 & some older F series
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