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  1. Password AVH Reset

    I didn't have a USB stick so I put the files on a Micro SD card and it worked in the 5000NEX.
  2. Fresh 3.0 Install on F90BT With Pictures

    I concur with this. I'm a Pioneer ASC and use this method to reload software on the F-series all the time.
  3. Opinion -- JVC KD-NX7000

    We have one at our shop. It is a nice unit. We haven't sold one yet though. Navi sales have kind of toned down a bit within the last few months.
  4. This worked beautiful. I had two customers who came in within two days who had locked up Z2's. I used the update on both of them and they both had the endless reboot. I called one of my Pioneer reps and he said "gotta send it in to us for repair". I tried the method above and it fixed both of them.
  5. Depending on the interface there is usually a relay that will break the ACC wire. You can usually take the mute wire from the interface that goes to the relay and connect it to the mute wire on your Z3. Look at your receipt and let us know what interface you have. Depending on what module they used the Metra modules will either be GMOS-LAN-03 or GMOS-LAN-04. If they used PAC it would be OS-311, Peripheral it would be GMAHLAN11.
  6. Yeah Auto Radio Stereo is a great shop. I seriously doubt issues with them. I've been lucky over the years. I'm paranoid with my car, I go into the store for 5 mins and I pop the faceplate off my N1 and take it in the store with me. I park in the garage at night and at work (I work at a car audio shop in Elk Grove) It's at the front row parking with my 2-way pager alarm armed. I don't take my car to the movies, mall or anything like that, I use the wife's car (which has nothing of value in it). I'll tell you, I worked security at the Cinedome theatres on Greenback and I-80 back in 1994-95 and that place was a HOT SPOT for people jacking stuff. It was difficult keeping an eye on the parking lot, you would be on one end watching someone suspicious and they would be on the other side jacking stuff. You can't have anything nice these days without these haters trying to take your stuff. One time there was an instance where these hood rats tried breaking into my car off Madison and I-80 at 4am and I chased them all the way to Rancho Cordova after they pointed a gun at me. lol They went to jail for a bit.
  7. I had to go to that same pizza place in Roseville, CA for a DEI dealer training thing and was paranoid the whole time I was in there, I drove around for 30 minutes till I could get a close spot and watched my pager remote like a hawk. lol I've worked in shops for years and I've never seen shady stuff like installers jacking stuff but I've worked in higher end shops. I have heard of a few shops in the Sacramento area that have had some shady things happening like that, a couple in the south area. junebug, where is this shop you had the work done at?
  8. Steering wheel volume controls and RDS...

    One thing I find interesting is RDS is available for MOST aftermarket head units in Europe however even the same model Pioneer units in the States do not offer RDS. You CAN get RDS by installing the HD Radio tuner on your 700BT though.
  9. what's underneath the hood so far

    I made mention of tinkering with the OS on pioneer-mel.com (dealer site) and they deleted my post. lol After the firmware fix I too played around with the OS a bit. I did notice it may be possible to tether your bluetooth phone to the F900 with bluetooth DUN and surf the net on your unit. The USB port has me wondering as well. I have an F900 on a test bench at the shop, my next step is to boot into test mode and plug in a USB mouse and see if it responds. Perhaps a keyboard as well. This unit could turn out to be great for modifying.
  10. Management at pioneer nav info

    I just spoke with one of the regional trainers today told me that they are in Long Beach right now working on software to fix the issues and should have an answer for us next week.
  11. Adapting a factory GPS antenna?

    I am doing my Z2 on by Trailblazer SS in the next couple days. Amp and speakers are done and all wiring ran. I am planning on using the "shark fin" antenna on the top for XM. I was told that its a matter of removing the plastic from the antenna connector and it will plug right in to the Z2/xm box. I dont know this for a fact yet. Indeed it does work, the factory XM antenna will also work with the Sirius tuners as well.
  12. CDBTB200 T Mobile Wing Question

    I work in a shop and have installed dozens of CDBTB200's and none of them work with my T-Mobile MDA (similar phone), the NDBT1 for the Z1/Z2 works fine however. I asked my Pioneer rep about it and he said that the two pieces actually use different bluetooth chips so the CDBTB200 might work with some that the NDBT1 won't and vice versa. My phone also does not work with Alpine bluetooth modules either.
  13. vss wire 2007 silverado 1500

    yel/blk ECM, black 73 pin plug, pin 57
  14. AVIC-Z2 Pre/Post-June Bypass Files

    Friday I installed a Z2 in a customers car, performed the "Z1" bypass and then completed the update with the ISO image. Everything went smooth and the bypass worked. Today, I installed a Z2 "manufactured in March", performed the "Z1" bypass, did the update and it completed the update. The bypass DID NOT work. Strange as I did the same thing as the prior one. I did notice that this Z2 had a different boot screen than every other one I installed which I thought was odd. Anyone have any ideas on this one?
  15. I have used the factory GM XM antennas on both aftermarket XM and Sirius tuners. You have to remove the plastic housing around the antenna end. I think use a small zip tie on the antenna end once its connected to the tuner just to ensure it does not slip off.