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    Would like to see pics as mentioned above.
  2. For those of you that have ECHO issue with Bluetooth!

    Any more news on getting ahold of the parrot mic?
  3. cover for the z1

    ^^Thanks for that link man! Looks sweet!
  4. cover for the z1

    Sweet suggestions in covering up the Z1. As ask previous in this thread, can someone show how you are attaching the factory front of the deck to the Z1 to make it stay....Thanks!
  5. Constant static all the time?

    Had the same problem in my Alitma. Now I have a 2006 Dodge Magnum, and STILL HAVE the same problem. Everything has been checked, rechecked etc. Noise filters have been put in place, still had noise. We finally just turned the gains down on the amps somewhat, and the noise is not audible any longer, even though I am sure it is still present. The stereo will still kick AS* though!!
  6. Z1 Reverse Cameras - any success stories??

    Yea sounds like Pioneer must have issues with their cameras. The install is to easy to do wrong. I Just bought one off of eBay, so we shall see how it performs. It was not the lowest end one, but not the higher end one either.
  7. NO installer is ready to put ducatiboy circuit

    [quote name="guitar7272"]In NJ, it is illegal to have motion video playing on a screen in view of the driver. I had a small monitor that was no longer hooked up in my last truck and I couldnt even pass inspection until I removed the screen. They gave me a red rejected sticker and a month or two grace period to remove it. I dont think, however, that it is illegal to have the navigation features unlocked; it's just a liability issue that no one wants to take responsibility for. Thank the lawyers and the greedy jackasses that take no responsibility for their own actions.[/quote] Why wouldn't they pass you? The law in most states, as you stated above, is that you "cannot have motion video playing in the drivers view." You just had a screen, which is perfectly legal in any state, drivers view or not.

    As of this posting, here is three offered on eBay: [url=http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?from=R40&satitle=CD-SR1]http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dl ... tle=CD-SR1[/url]
  9. DucatiBoy Circuit Ordering Discussion Thread

    Just ordered mine from you. Should of done this a long time ago. Thanks!
  10. Protection for your Z1?

    '02 Altima interested! Bring it on!
  11. AVIC-Z1 installed in G35

    Very sweet! Looks like it was made for that opening!
  12. Also try to reset the deck, by using the reset button.
  13. XM vs Sirius

    I switched back to Sirius, because I had more "dead zones" in my area with XM..With Sirius, I have next to none.
  14. M3 install pics

    Sweet install into a sweet car!!
  15. Z1 died -- but it's running fine again

    [quote]I probably shouldn't say this, but maybe there's a lesson here for you guys. Instead of posting here and raising doubts about what CC might or might not do -- with no first-hand information, I might add -- why not a simple PM with a word of support or encouragement to a customer who is excited about your product and spending a bundle with you? Or at least attempt to get more information before speculating publicly. At the very least, you should be giving the people in the field enough support as they try to install your new, top-of-the-line equipment on every vehicle manufactured. I've seen lots of questions about VSS and similar problems here and you are obviously following some of the dialogue. But I've seen nothing offered by you to solve a problem. The installer told me his documentation on the Lexus was all wrong, and we found the VSS line from a posting on Club Lexus. Has Pioneer set up as much as a BBS for installers to exchange this info behind the scenes? Maybe so, and if so, fine. Word of mouth sells the high-end stuff and with the Internet, word travels fast. [/quote] ^^Is that your advice to yourself? You made this post. :roll: