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  1. He's using it with a D2 which is a D-series. The D3 uses different discs though.
  2. Sync by Microsoft

    The Sync system is in addition to the audio system. The factory Nav system in Ford vehicles is a Pioneer AVIC based system.
  3. Make sure you have selected your zone. The default zone is probably different.
  4. Were the older XM Tuner boxes able to work with the D3?

    I'm pretty sure that the 903FM(or close to that model#) will only display 8 chars of text.
  5. AVIC D3 - Sirius vs XM

    I had both XM and Sirius installed. I now have a Sirius Stilleto 2 so I no longer have the Sirius module connected. The XM interface is 100x better than the Sirius. Please note that you can only use both if the XM receiver is the Pioneer model. You cannot use a Terk XM and DEI Sirius module together. I also have a BB Curve and the Bluetooth works great.
  6. new to forum..need advice AVIC-D3 just purchased

    There are actually 6 speakers in the doors. Each door has 1 tweeter, 1 woofer and 1 subwoofer. The tweeter and woofer are mounted together on a plate and provide full range sound. They are run off of the factory HU's built-in amp. The D3 will provide the built-in amp to power these. You will use the harness adapter to connect these. The subwoofers are powered by an external amp. There is a harness adapter available to connect to that as well. I'm fairly certain that Crutchfield provides the kit that includes both harnesses.
  7. new to forum..need advice AVIC-D3 just purchased

    I installed the D3 in my '06 GT. I also had the Shaker 500. The full-range speakers will use the amp in the D3. The only amp in the Shaker 500 system is for the subs in the doors. There is a wiring harness adapter that you can use to connect the D3 sub output to the factory sub-amp input. If you ordered the harness kit it should be in it.
  8. D3 remote Cd-r55

    I have this remote. Make sure both switches are set to AVH. I am able to scroll using the d-pad. iPod only allows next and previous from the remote. You still have to use the touchscreen to select the playlist.
  9. The problem with the 8703e is that it's still running OS 4.1. It will probably take a OS 4.2 release to solve your problem.
  10. The problem is that the Sirius and Terk XM tuners will fight each other. I tried this when I first bought my D3 because I already had both the PNR1 and the Terk XM tuners. I was able to get them both to work at power up but after about 5 mins the Sirius module would shut off and switch back to XM. Because even after the merger(if it's approved) both services will still operate. Supposedly you will be able to have both at a discount though. They will combine some channel content but not the two services.
  11. It will only work if one is a Pioneer branded XM tuner and the other is a DEI branded Sirius tuner for Pioneer(PNR1 or PNR2). You cannot use a Terk XM and DEI Sirius module together.
  12. D3 and PNR1 Sirius unit

    I can only tell what I was told. My brother works for Sirius field testing equipment. I asked him what the differences were between the two. He stated that the PNR2 has a newer chipset in it. He also cited the performance differences I stated in addition to the two features you mentioned.
  13. D3 and PNR1 Sirius unit

    The PNR2 will only improve performance. Both channel changing and audio performance are supposed to be better on the PNR2.
  14. CD-BTB200 & Bluetooth Phone Compatibility Guide

    Ok, I switched carriers from Sprint to AT&T. I have replaced my Moto Q with a Blackberry 8300 Curve. ALL features seem to work. I have not tested voice dialing. Service Provider: AT&T Wireless Phone-SW Version: Blackberry 8300(Curve)/ & Autoconnect: Yes Basic Function: (Make & Recieve a call, Call History, Preset Memory) Yes Phone Book Transfer: Yes, full transfer entire phone book Voice Calling: Yes, Seems to work, but haven't tested Signal & Battery Strength Indicator: Yes / Yes BT Audio Capable?: Yes and can be controlled from D3 directly The audio quality is outstanding and the functionality is perfect. I did have to turn off encryption. I couldn't be happier. Also, the sound quality of the BT Audio is so much better than on the Q. It sounds as good or better than my iPod.
  15. D3 NAV Question HELP!

    I think what your saying is you want to set waypoints to force a specific route to your destination. I'm not sure if that's possible but it should be if it isn't.