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  1. F310BT hack is real

    Boot the device and during boot remove the sdcard.
  2. CNSD-210FM European SD Card download (2011)

    Can someone please repost the complete CNSD-110FM? The link is broken unfotunately.
  3. U310BT Won't read SD Cards

    My testmode is on a 8GB SDHC card and works just fine. It's on a F310BT by the way..
  4. I need the 110FM EU card also. Otherwise i might consider to pay € 150,- for the updates original from Pioneer. But i think this is way too much money. Why do people in the US only have to pay about $130 and we have to pay almost $200??
  5. How many people have tried version 2.001 with succes. I still have guarantee on the unit and I'm don't want to void it. How great is the chance of bricking the device? I only want the firmware update, I don't mind the map updates yet.
  6. New AVIC U310BT owner, what do I need to know?

    Did you recieve the card yet? I'm very curious if it will make the device look better? Thanks
  7. cnsd 130fm firmware update

    I bought the Pioneer F310BT also a few days ago and i'd really like to upgrade it to the F320BT. Can i use the test mode file and the 'my SD card' file to update my device? I have a EU device by the way. I'm asking because i'm reading here that it's only a partial upgrade? Is there anyway i can get new maps? Thanks.