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  1. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    thx for the answer Rons. you and Corvus wrote so much in these forums i didn't notice it was in front of my eyes !! I managed to patch my navi.exe for the nag screen of the F940BT and it works perfectly. Next 2 issues are where to insert my speedcams in the unit and also how to patch av.exe or navi.exe to get in safemode as my mute wire move to ground it with brake doesn't work and i still have Settings and other greied !! For speedcams it seems that it is possible but noone can tell the exact folders where to put the speedcam.txt or .spud file (APL2??..)
  2. Skip warning on 2015 EU Update?

    Worked like a charm on my F940BT Version 6. Thx Corvus for the good explanation!! Now i just need to find How to get safemode activated to get rid of the brake issue (physical move of the mute wire doesn't work) and also find where to insert speedcam files to have them on the map and hear them !
  3. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    Are you answering to my previous thread where i question rons for the navi patch? A bit lost here Rons, when i did the update in my f940bt i did not change the cif file with your text in it. Should i have done it and update the 2015 map? This nag screzn is driving me crazy! Thx for your help.
  4. I All, I a a new owner of an Avic F940BT freshly updated with 2015 files, with the files provided here thanks to Guizmo I have got several issues on this unit since the begining.. using Condihac no issue as it didn't brick my uit just to retrieve the password at start..!! Any way removed the files as stated here and i'm using supertesmode that is safer (like i used to on my F910bt!) So going to the point i come here to find some help because i have these 3 issues: 1) i cannot enter the setting icon (it is greied) even is the brake green cable is grounded and the mute wire relocation doesn't work for me. I tried to do it via soft but the offset doesn't match. so a bit stuck here. 2) I do not know where to copy my speedcam file in this damned unit ! any help will be much appreciated! 3) i would like to get rid of the Nag/Warning message at startup but cannot find any info on this. I tried the change in the Navi.exe file mentioned by RonS but again here the offset doesn't exist in my navi.exe file. Edit of 26/11/2016 Found my correct info (modification of the NAvi.exe file in this thread http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81524-skip-warning-on-2015-eu-update/page-3&do=findComment&comment=342394 thx Corvus for the explanation but also Rons for all the topics you are answer you put me to the way. If someone can hel me that would be great. Treker
  5. 2015 Avic Z120 map update

    I Rons, i tried to find the offset on my Navi.exe file (F940BT) freshly updated with 2015 files, but this offset doesn' exist. Any idea on pointing me how to remove the nag message? in fact will write a bigger post as i got several issues on this unit as 1) i cannot enter the seting (greied) = brake green cable is grounded and the mute wire relocation doesn't work 2) I do not know where to copy my speedcam file in this damned unit ! Anyway on thing at a time. Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. Hi, for me the hard wire mute move bypass is not working at all, so i want to try the sof bypass in order to get the parameter not greyed anymore !! But i can't find the offsets mentioned but instead i can find 15AEE0 and not 15AEE8 for exemple with the correct pattern right after. Do you think like mentioned by 8987846 in post 36 that there is a typo or a new seeting? Thanks for your help, Treker
  7. AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

    hi, i own a F940BT and i tried to move the mute on the upper row same position as described for the X930BT and it is not working. As the pics are no longer on the 1st page i tried to find some infos on the move to another pin here and it states to the 4th position on the other row. unfortunately on my white harness on the other row i have 5 cables plugged and the next free one is on 6 position. As you can see i'm a bit desperate to find a solution to be able to access the parameter icon that remains greied. Any help is mooooore than welcomed !! Thx
  8. F940bt need User folder

    Hi i have this unit if you still need some files let me know. I see the nand and nand2 folders but don t have a user folder. Anyway i have the folders you require.
  9. Hi All, i come to you to may be find a solution to revive my F900BT.. Yesterday the car battery went dead.. tried 3 times but car stuck dead..so i went to the autorepair an bought a new battery unit. I replace the dead one and when restarting the car i noticed that my F900BT unit did not start.. i took a look at the car system as i know that whith the manufacturer car system you need to activate them.. here nothing like that.. so i came to the abrupt conclusion that my unit was dead also!!! now what it does (or not..)... when starting the car the unit starts also but screen remains black and the MAP and MENU buttons are blue.. few seconds after the blue light ends and the unit is still with a black screen but nothing more. i tried to use testmode but nothing still the same results. So i tried to update WINCE using Service mode (i push MENU + MAP + EJECT at the same and reset = i come directly to service mode) Note that service mode can be also accessed only pushing MENU + MAP and reset.... so in servie mode i can browse through the different settings like Upgrade WINCe.. Here i try to upgrade using different BIN images but the only thing the unit does is read the files and display READ PROCESSING 100% and then nothing again.. so i can't upgrade neither... i'm really desperate to get that unit back to life (my wife want to get her baby back!! ) FYI i have another unit F900BT in my second car so i can use it for the backup files as they are with the same modifications. I'm also downloading TAIL24 huge file to check if his testmode 2.3 can work on my unit as all other have failed.. So if someone have some hints, infos, tips, i would really appreciate. Cheers from France BTW Treker
  10. yep i think also.. i'll let you know what was changed once received back... for this time i'm lucky !!
  11. yes and not working... anyway i called Pioneer in france and the guy was really cool.. during the discussion he noticed a i bought the unit 2 months ago from a car dealer.. he told me that if i had a bill notice from this car dealer, then my unit even used, was under warranty for 3 months!!! so in order to save money he told me to call this car dealer so that this last one would send the unit covered by the warranty.. i called the guy and guess what, it is under warranty, so it will not cost me a dollar (euro in fact !!) so once returned i will be able to tell you exactly the diagnose and if you are interested will have a fresh new unit to give you files from For folks out there the cost at Pioneer for a soft rebuild is at 130 euros and if the motherboard is out of order, replacement is 300 euros.. ouchhh... So now the unit is on its way to the car dealer..
  12. well i tried to do a MBR Format but that doesn't do anything, i mean the unit doesn't work.. so i guess that the problem should now be hardware related.. I did a UBoot test and it returns "Bad"... only the memory test returns a OK. All other tests or actions cannot be performed via service mode, unit looks to be dead with faint heard beat...
  13. so you think i should: 1- format MBR 2- try again update of wince correct? i found a thread were someone said if you can't pass the read process and write, it surely means that the flash memory is damaged.. i think this could be the case also...
  14. Anyone out there have UBOOT.CKS

    Hi, i have the same issue.. did you fixed your issue? thx for your infos
  15. Someone has the UBOOT.BIN AND UBOOT.CKS

    Hi this link is dead.. do you know where i can find these Uboot files? thx
  16. seems also a full from scratch install can be performed using UBoot.. but can't find the uboot.cks and img files... does anyone has that on stock?
  17. So i can't perform a SDLMC update because the option isn't simply on the service mode menu.... this unit drives me crazy..!! i really do not know what else i can do...
  18. in case i completely brick the unit i guess Pioneer will be able to fix it for 150 euros !!
  19. LPU808 doesn't work either...!! I wondered if i could update the SDMLC using service mode.. do you think it is realisable? I did retreive the WINCE images from my second unit and your testmode works perfectly with it.. but on the brick unit impossible to upgrade WINCE... The SDMLC is the firmware right, so could it be that it got damaged somehow and that now the unit doesn't even start because the black screen comes directly when i should be expecting the Navgate splashscreen...
  20. strange also when in service mode i have in the upper part of the screen written AVIC F700_R15_0319 256M and my unit is a F900BT...!! Also i can enter service mode only pressing Reset and MAP + MENU... no need to presse EJECT... is this normal. Now when trying to run the WINCEupdate, the unit stops and goes directly to black screen... BTW what is a MBR Format..?? wouldn't that help??
  21. yes it is.. and even with the zip file of Tail24 no chances... the unit after choosing 0=WINCE by SD/MMC (format) starts reading the BIN file up to 100% and then when the 100% are reached stop doing anything... no other actions... i'm only left with shutting down the unit or reseting it... well no luck also here... damned, there must be something to do!!!
  22. i did download both firmware updates but it did not launch when inserting the sd card in the unit.. may be i did not copy it correctly on the sd card, or did something wron.. i do not know.. any hints?
  23. yes i will use all the files from my flash disk of the second unit. problem is that i'm using the tesmode i currently use on the second unit but it doesn't work on the faulty unit... strange... i hope that your wince file will work on my unit.. if yes i'm sure i'll be out of the ..... lol Let me know if you need any EU backup file for your huuuge zip i'll be glad to help as well. almost done with your file (90%)... will see that tomorrow morning and after work.