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  1. my installer didnt even use the z130bt mic, he used my existsing z1 mic which he said was better?
  2. thank you everyone for this. I did it successfully!!!! A word of advice for anyone that is attempting to do this. READ EVERYTHING IN THIS THREAD! It should help prevent unnecessary posts as I've seen here. Most of the questions have already been answered... Thank you everyone once again!
  3. question how did you burn this? There is 2 files.. .mds and .mdf Burn both as data? or..
  4. This sounds GREAT. I have a IDE 3.5 to 2.5 on the way right now and im so tempted to go ahead and do this....
  5. i followed those rules. Burned as DATA by the way
  6. thanks for the reply. But mine wont even attempt to load or install. it just say cd inserted... doesnt do anyhting.
  7. im hvaing the same problem with my z2 ive burned with nero and windows burning mutliple times. it just says cd inserted.. some help me please?
  8. aaa on the highway there was a movie playing on it?
  9. SORRY. it was the lime green wire that i grounded not vss. i beleive that is parking brake sense
  10. i grounded it so movies could play when im driving? but if it is grounded, will gps not work?
  11. will my gps/navi work on z2 if vss is grounded?
  12. fresh

    Z-2 Mic's

    Is there 2 microphones? 1 for bluetooth and 1 for voice recognition? i have a bluetooth adapter and i connected the mic so i can make calls and what not, but i cant figure out how to use voice recognition? do i need another mic for that?
  13. same thing happned to me, if u have a scoche wiring harness connect blue wire from screen to red wire on harness
  14. noo not at all. theres a damaged z2 at a local pawn shop, just going to get it from there. thanks for everything guys.
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