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Found 9 results

  1. If you believe that the AVIC navigation systems for which we paid Pioneer a decent chunk of money should be able to import our Contacts addresses into the navigation system, please reply to this message indicating your support. BTW, I don't need someone telling me, "Oh, I just use Apple CarPlay". That's not the issue. If you're interested, please read my background discussion below. Please reply to this message saying something like, "I want Contacts Navigation" or I agree, etc. I purchased my second AVIC Navigation system for my new F250 and installed it myself. So, with the Maestr
  2. So I'm trying to update to the 2015 Q3 map on my 8200NEX. My phone will proceed to connect and then start transferring the map data. It will run for about 15 minutes in the time to complete will increase but it will steadily transfer a little data before disassociating my phone. Has anyone had the same problem? I'm unsure if my phone is getting disassociated because it can't handle all the data it's trying to move to my head unit. Looking for a solution.
  3. Thank you to the admins for joining me here! I've been trying to find out what to do, and although I admit I have not thoroughly searched here yet, I am hoping there is a solution to my issue... I have two vehicles; one with an AVIC-8100NEX, the other with an AVIC-8200NEX, and I have one iPhone 6plus, which I have tried to marry to both head units. The problem is, that although I had already bought the live traffic map app for AvicSync on my phone, and married it successfully with the AVIC-8100NEX, I was forced to re-buy it when I married it to the AVIC-8200NEX. I don't mind the extra cost
  4. I live in the US and recently purchased a 8200NEX. I downloaded AVICSYNC from the Play Store (Android) and tried to set it up, but it looks like it's designed for the UK? When I start it the first time it presents a "Language" screen where I guess I'm supposed to pick the language, but the only option I see is "English (UK)". If I select that and proceed to the setup, I eventually get to a "Voice Language" screen where again the only options I see are "English (UK) Kate v229228" and "English (UK) James v229228". Similarly, in the "Units and Formats" screen the options are UK-biased (yards,
  5. Hi! Somebody experiencing difficulties with TMC reception in the latest version of the firmware that supports AVICSYNC? Previously I used version 1.07 of firmware for my AVIC-F960BT (~5000NEX?) and TMC reception was very good (about 80-90 events in my city in few minutes after startup), now I'm using version 1.11 (where they avicsync introduced) and my unit receives 1-3 events during first 10-30 minutes of uptime. Someone else experiencing the same problem?
  6. I've had my unit for about 6 months now and it has played me with problems from the very start. First I can't access AVICSYNC even though i updated the Firmware to 1.05. I can't update the maps because it says I have a lisence error. Any tips?
  7. A few weeks back I sent a scathing email to Pioneer in Japan to the investor relations / media contacts about AvicSync and the lack of information about what's going on. I received a call from management and was provided with some information. I asked if I could share it, they emailed me the exact verbiage they're permitted to share: "Thank you for your inquiry regarding AVIC-SYNC.. We are now in the final stages of completing modifications for the last remaining technical issues. We will be making an announcement about the scheduled start date of the service soon. We appreciate your c
  8. I emailed Pioneer Support asking them about the status of AVICSYNC and if they had abandoned the feature. Below is their response. Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.The AvicSync app feature has not been abandoned, we simply wanted to makesure that the current NEX units had the option for the feature by the timeit is released which at this moment looks more like around the end of thecalendar year. Registered users should be the first to receive notificationon the features release as soon as any updates or information becomesavailable.DaveProduct Support Representative Well
  9. So with my NEX6100 I try to associate a new phone as it says on the screen inside the Nav/map area, and it asks me to download this application AVICSYNC, but it is nowhere to be found on the App Store,I have an iPhone 6+, nor on the website..... Am I just waiting for the developers to get to this part and it's still coming out or what is the associate new phone about? Hopefully more details on traffic
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