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Found 25 results

  1. Hello All, ive just bought a vehicle with an AVIC-Z130BT installed but no backup camera. Went to install a backup camera today and found there is no violet/white wire on the plug coming from the z130bt. No wires missing from plug just no violet/white, can someone tell me what position this wire is on the plug (a picture would be very helpfull) thinking it might have the wrong color wire installed.
  2. I just got the "there is no applicable program" screen after running Condi's hackmode 2.x. After doing a search, I didn't find a concise means of reverting back so I disected the installer and came up with the following: Using Super TestMode As with any mods to your AVIC, the following is at your own risk. I was successful doing the following on my X930BT (updated to X940BT) Step 1 From a PC create 2 directories on a SD card: PRG0 and PRG1 Copy the Super Testmode.KEY to the root of the SD card Step 2 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode VERIFY THAT THE
  3. I just updated my Z130BT Map Data using P/N T1000-23348 from the 2013 version P/N T1000-22466 which worked perfectly for 2+ years until now. This updated my firmware from version 05.0000 to 06.0000 and separately updated the Bluetooth firmware from version 3.22 to 3.32. Now my unit will no longer sync with the music on my iPhone (iOs 9.2.1) nor can I connect the music using the Bluetooth interface. In addition, when I connect the phone with the usb cable the phone displays the iPod logo, the music title displays along with the countdown timer, but I get no sound or album art. On the other hand
  4. So I formatted my USB drive that had my videos I copied from Youtube, converted online, ran through Handbrake with the settings below (im pretty sure the setting were the same) and loaded on my 64gb USB drive. Viola, the video worked great and so did the audio! It took me forever to find the settings for Handbreak that ACTUALLY worked. Handbreak settings that had worked on my AVIC z130bt. The person I found these setting from was using them on 930bt. Output settings, Container = mp4 file (no checks) Picture tab = Width 624 x (keep aspect ratio) Anamorphic = none Modulus =
  5. I have recently installed a z130BT on my Lexus ES330 (2005 model) and the FM radio has a poor reception. The factory head unit had a great FM reception, even though it didn't support HD, the quality was quite good. I live in greater LA area and there are plenty of HD and regular FM channels that are broadcasted here. Has anyone had a similar issue? The connections seem ok and the antenna hasn't changed since I swapped out the factory HU. I spoke to Pioneer and they asked me to send the unit for examination, if I cannot fix it. I also heard that adding a FM booster will improve the recepti
  6. ***I apologize in advance...I accidentally posted this in the Problems/Troubleshooting section instead of the proper spot in the General forum and can't seem to move it*** Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my Z130BT to the new Z150BH for the iPhone 5 compatibility and the prospect of using my Galaxy S4 on the head unit's screen using the ARLiberator app. I've read through the various threads and still have a few lingering questions before I schedule an appointment with my installer. 1. Will the GPS antenna and mic that was included and run through my dash for the Z130BT also work w
  7. hey guys, I have a Z130bt that I sold on amazon.com and the buyer is saying it wont power on. I had it in my car for a year and it worked fine, anything I can tell him to check that may be causing it not to power on or should I just tell him to return it and I'll accept the loss? He says he replaced the fuse in the back so far and his tech tried to give it direct power and nothing. He also said he got it to work once but the accessories won't turn on. Anything I can tell him to try? maybe common things or anything? ANY help is appreciated. I am NOT trying to screw this guy, so if a
  8. For those that haven't read my previous posts, I am a very happy owner of an 8000NEX in my Audi TT. Well, my wife borrowed my car for a Saturday afternoon with her friends, and became insanely jealous! Now she wants a NEX in her 2010 Hyundai Tucson. Back in 2011 or 2012 (can't remember), we had put in an AVIC-Z130BT (it was the last model that featured voice commands). Since this is a Hyundai and not a BMW or a Benz, and we've already spent good $$$ putting in a radio before, we decided NOT to go all-out for the 8000, but to just put in a 7000 instead. The only differences are th
  9. Hello everyone, okay im new at this, so please dont bash. Ive done my research around, but never could find a conclusion on how to make it work. Im buying a z130bt, i want to have the ipod cable along with the aux and an extra usb. i read that most usb hubs don't work, and since the z130 only has one usb slot it would already take up the place for the ipod connection, along with the aux connection. i have a 08 Subaru STI (non Nav) and it has the aux in the center console, would i still have that connection or would the ipod take it away? would a usb splitter work to have two usb slo
  10. Has anyone done the 2013 Map Update to the Z130BT and if so, how has it worked out for you? Any problems or quirks like the last update losing voice control of navigation? Do you use an iphone 5 with lightning adapter cable? Does it still work. My Z130BT does have the 2012 map update, and I use an iPhone 5 with an apple 30 pin to lightning adapter. It works most of the time. Sometimes it will not connect and I have to unplug it or shut the car off and restart. Most of the time it is just an unplug and replug. But at least it works most of the time. The other issue is that when playing
  11. Hello, I have a Z130BT and recently all my A/V controls (bass, treble, balance, fade, etc.) have stopped working and are completely grayed out. In the home menu, when I touch "A/V", it goes directly to the radio/cd/etc. screen. This happens when parked so I do not think it is the parking brake or anything, although I am bypassed. It all worked before and there are no other issues with the unit. I have done a search and could not find any related info to this issue. Thanks in advance for the help.
  12. So this problem started on podcast number 917 and has continued on every odd numbered podcast that I have listened to through 933. What happens is that it will begin to play for about 2-3 seconds, the meta data will not show up on the screen and the Z130BT with firmware upgrade to Z140BT will freeze. Nothing will work, not physical buttons, screen, or steering wheel controls. Disconnecting the iPhone will restore the functionality. Then I must manually delete that podcast from my iPhone 5 so the Z130 can't find that podcast and will either play the next one, or pick its favorite song from Van
  13. I purchased the 2012 map update and installed it today. My razr maxx connects to the z130 and I can make calls and see my contacts but the pandora and aha apps will not respond. I get an error message. Please connect...when I hit connect it says it is unable to connect to Bluetooth device. I have reset the unit and phone to resync the Bluetooth. I have been through all av and Bluetooth settings with tec support. I can play anything through the Bluetooth option but there is no info and no control from the z130. PLEASE HELP I have an 8 hour trip Saturday and really could use my pandora.
  14. So here's a good one... I'm trying to download the firmware update on a mac...The download from pioneer gives you a .exe file, which obviously won't run on a mac. Anywhere to simply just download the zip file, or the files already uncompressed? I can't believe more people don't complain about this. I called pioneer and ordered the update, but you'd figure they'd have a mac download... Rick
  15. So, I abhor Apple and their inferior products, and thus do not own an iPod or iPhone. It also makes no sense to me to spend so much money on a head unit for good audio quality, only to degrade it notably by using the stupid analog signal iPod cable. Thus, simply getting an iPod is not an option. What I do not understand is why Pioneer does not have voice recognition with regards to music when using an SD card or thumb drive that isn't an Apple product, and why it will not display album art. Has someone written software or created a hack that gets around this ridiculous limitation? Ther
  16. A lot of times when I turn off my truck I have the audio source set to iPod. When I start my truck back up again later sometimes the audio source is set to iPod and sometimes its set to Off. What would cause this?
  17. I upgraded my Z110BT to Z130BT soI now have the feature that as you type an address it shows only the characters that are valid from the database and once the number of results gets below 20 it automatically lists the results (described on p36 of the manual). My problem is that common places I use (like my home city) always come up in the 2nd page of results that way. So my question (maybe this should be in the mod forum?) is whether there is a way to alter the number of results the system uses to decide when to display them, so the results are always on one screen (e.g. bring it down
  18. I am having problems with my Bluetooth on my Z130 and my Iphone 4s. Since I upgrated from 3s to 4s Iphone my bluetooth on my Z130 can not pick up my bluetooth on my phone! Also, can Ipad 2 be hook to a Z130? Any Info will be helpful
  19. I just installed my Z130bt in my car the other week and have enjoyed it a lot. I am slowly learning some of the more eclectic features and one that came up was, How well does Siri from the Iphone4s work with the Z130bt? I have my Iphone4S attached to the headunit via the Pioneer ipod cable and I am able to listen to music from the phone's HD, Pandora, Mog, ect... but what I would like to be able to do is command Siri to play a certain song, album, or artist. I was able to acomplish this in my old car since I would connect the Iphone4S to my old Pioneer headunit by a 1/8'th inch headphone to A
  20. I have a Z130BT in my Vette. I am thinking about buying a Iphone 4S from Verizon. What are some of the things I should know before purchasing the Iphone 4S? How many out there have experience with this set up? Thanks
  21. I recieved my first call today on my z130bt and my music only turned down. I would like it to mute while on the phone. I have been looking over the manule and havn't found how to do this or even if it is possible. Can anyone tell me if I can and if so how I can make the music mute when I get a phone call. Thank you.
  22. Does anyone know the ratio for the Z130BT? Also does anyone have instructions on how to add them on this model? Also I have been looking for Mercury background/splash screens and havn't found any. Maybe I missed them somewhere. I have a Grand Marqui. If anyone knows of or can make a cool background/splash screen for me that would be awesome. I am also looking for a colts background/splash screen. Attached are some pictures I found. Thank you all for your help. I will keep looking to see if any of these questions have been answered. If any of these questions have been answered already
  23. I have a z130bt in a gm work van, I have to use the Chrysler/Gm adapter for the antenna size. I have very poor Fm and badly any Am signal. worked fine in stock head unit? Any ideas?
  24. Hello all first post I am from the UK and want this product however I hope someone can answer these questions: 1) Can I use it over here in London i.e. its full functions? 2) Is it safe buying from eBay? 3) Is this model identical to the F30BT? Reason I am buying abroad is the cost, even with customs and duty I am saving £300-£500 depending on retailer. Thanks Wayne
  25. Super_Saxy

    3D Mapping

    I'm considering getting a Z130BT or an X930BT for my new truck but I just wanted to know people's thoughts on some of the features that are different between the two. How is the 3D mapping on the Z130? I can't seem to find any videos of the it in action (or really any pioneer nav in action). Any insight would be awesome.
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