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  1. Hi everyone, I have an AVIC F80TV (made in Brazil), and it suddenly lost GPS signal. Already tried to replace the antenna, upgrade firmware to 1.08, delete and restore the iGO folder in the EXTDATA folder, and even replace the entire EXTDATA folder itself, with no results. My guess is that some files in the internal SD are corrupted. If somebody can give me a hand, i would really appreciate. Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone,I introduce myself Samuel and I work for the firm Garmin Express Updater Let me introduce you to What is Garmin Express updater?Garmin Express updater is computer software used to update maps and device software by downloading and installing the latest versions on to the device. Because these updates are released by Garmin several times a year and need to be installed to get up to date.Garmin Map Updates – As we know Map updates provide the latest changes to roads and locations on the map in the navigation device. The map files are large because they contain detailed informati
  3. I have one AVIC-F90BT in Australia and the Bluetooth, GPS, USB, Settings and phone functions are not working. I already performed the update but it still does not work. I was told that I need to do the test mode, plus other things but I don't know how to do that. Could you please help me out. The radio is working fine. Thanks, Renato/Australia
  4. Dear all, My mother in law owns a F900BT with which she never had any issues till recently. All of a sudden the GPS position is a few hundred meters of. With her car parked in front of her house, the AVIC believes she is @ different location Navigating still works, but is without any use if the AVIC does not know the correct location So I guess the GPS must be recalibrated. Found service manual suggesting GGV1322 Service Test Disk and GPS receiver test **** 1. Copy a "TestMode" folder under “TestMode” folder on GGV1322 to a SD card. Note: "TestMode" folder must b
  5. I've got a brand new W8500 installed in my 2008 Toyota 4Runner. Overall, it's great, with one major exception. The GPS can take 10-15 minutes or more to track my location. I first noticed this when using Wireless CarPlay. My location would be wildly incorrect. At first, I thought there was an issue with my phone, but I then realized I was experiencing the issue with the built-in navigation. That confirms that when connected wirelessly, the phone uses the 8500's GPS instead of the built-in GPS chip. Which would be fine, if the 8500's GPS actually tracked my location quickly enough. This morning
  6. I have had an 8200 NEX for several months now and am generally happy with it. I'd be much happier if my Sirius signal never dropped out, but that's not a Pioneer issue. Anyway, every once in a while, maybe every couple weeks or so, the 8200 navigation software will not be able to pick up my current GPS location. The top of the screen simply reads "Looking for GPS signal" while the dots next to it continue to cycle back and forth and the map shows my last GPS fix. In the System Information, the GPS antenna shows as being connected ("OK"), but no satellites are detected. Any time I've had
  7. Hey guys, so i have a 6100nex. Recently the navigation shows up “ gps antenna problem detected, please contact dealer or service center” has anyone experienced this? How can i solve it. Maybe hard reset, how can that be done? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi there guys. Been a bit since I've used my Avic x710bt. I installed it in my 2010 Chevy Silverado and now my GPS is intermittently working. More to the notworking then working just curious what would cause that if it had worked before the only thing I did other than that period was a map update from eBay. Any help would be greatly appreciated Kevin.
  9. dlbrow10

    X950BH MAPS?

    just wondering if anybody knew where the latest maps can be found for the X950bh i can't seem to find them anywhere. i've searched the forum to no avail and it seems most sites just act as if this model was never made but have the x930bt etc. thanks for any info gained
  10. Hi there, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to get off road mapping into my AVIC unit?
  11. I have just installed an 8000NEX. I like it except that it will not plot a route in maps. I get a straight line from where my vehicle is to my final destination. As I drive, the distance shown diminishes and direction (NESW) is shown. But there is no street-by-street route. And there is no turn-by-turn announced. I updated the firmware today and I still have this problem. I've looked at every setting I can possibly think of, but nothing seems to help the situation. Has anyone run into this problem AND have a solution? packmann
  12. I have the unit for about 4 months now and I had no problems. Since yesterday GPS is no longer working. It keeps says "autodetecting GPS receiver". I did reset it from the button on the upper left corner and from the GPS software, but still nothing. Any ideas? Also how can I hard reset the unit?Thanks
  13. Good night. Came to me a problem on my car radio. So I turn on the radio it self gets in image navigation and the introduction last few 10 seconds the screen goes black but the radio still work, if you reset it does the same process beginning I would also like to know if the the SD HC card to update the radio without being with the original card. I await response Best wishes
  14. So my z120bt was having da same prob i emailed pioneer and they neva responded soooo i took my radio out popped my gps ant. out of its green holder and wiggled it and i started to get an signal soooo i took a file and filed da end down seems dat da lil prong in da middle on da unit has pushed down sum once i did dat it went to workin just fine not sure if this will help anyone else but it sure helped me .....................just wanted to share my findings wit sumone since this site help me upgrade my unit
  15. I have a Z120 that I upgraded to Z130 software. I then upgraded to Z140 - when I first upgraded it didn't recognize my location and my speed, direction, turning was just way off. Now, it doesn't even recognize the GPS being plugged in / no signal. Any ideas? Shitty first post, thanks in advance.
  16. I have the App, but I seem to be having a problem with navigation. I can be at a (known) given location 75 miles from home, plug in Go Home and the calculation appears. The map shows my progress as I drive home, but the sequence of turns, distance to turns, distance to home and ETA never appears. The route list seems locked on the right even though the vehicle on the map is shown as moving. I also hear no vocal guidance even though I paid for it and have it installed. There are no instructions that I can find in the manual that tell you how to trigger the start of the navigation process.
  17. Hi all, Would really appreciate some advice! I've had my avic-f940bt installed in a Mazda 5 (08) for about a year and love it, but the other day I had the first problem. In changing the volume I started to hear an odd electronic crackling sound, kind of like feedback but just when the volume control was changed. Then the volume suddenly went loud and now it seems that somethings happened that means the volume is stuck louder. The volume control still has an affect but not as it should. To explain, it means that setting the volume to 0 the volume is just barely audible and then turning
  18. I did a short search and couldn't find anything so I was wondering if the garmin GPS apps will work with the Appradio at all? I know the new Kenwood HUs support this feature as long as you buy the "Vehilce Display Integration" app upgrade but I don't want to spend the $100 total to find out...
  19. I installed my new appradio 2 this weekend and connected it to my iPod 4th gen with iOS6. I put the GPS antenna on the dash and in the middle close to the windshield. The navigation is so slow, it refreshes the location every 3 seconds or so and sometime it jumps to some random locations (not too far but no accurate at all though). Checked the location services and everytime was on. Checked the GPS signal in the unit and it is receiving 9 satellite signals (the orange satellites are 9 and no yellow)…. Does anyone have the same experience with this unit in terms of GPS with iPod?
  20. Good Afternoon to the East Coasters... I have the Pioneer AVIC-X940BT. What's the deal with the cheesy looking "birds eye view" look on the GPS Navi Display? I have a garmin in my other car and it looks much nicer with 2d/3d roads. How can i setup the AVIC-X940BT Navi so it can show 2D or 3D up mode. Looking at the display this way, while driving is driving me nuts. It would be nice to see it like this all the time. See Pic or link. CHESSY crappy birds eye view: http://www.sonicelec...VIC-X940BT.html This is the view I want: http://www.ecoustics...car-navigation/
  21. hey everyone, I have an x710bt and have a question. Anytime I am driving with the gps telling me where to go it constantly says "keep left" or "keep right" in so many feet/miles....its driving me nuts because it says WAY too much...is there any way to disable it from saying keep left or keep right but have it continue to tell me where to turn or what freeway exit to take? I would prefer to not have to hack into it to do this but if it comes down to it I will if someone knows a way because its way to annoying to drive with all those interruptions. Thanks!
  22. hey everyone, I have an x710bt and have a question. Anytime I am driving with the gps telling me where to go it constantly says "keep left" or "keep right" in so many feet/miles....its driving me nuts because it says WAY too much...is there any way to disable it from saying keep left or keep right but have it continue to tell me where to turn or what freeway exit to take? I would prefer to not have to hack into it to do this but if it comes down to it I will if someone knows a way because its way to annoying to drive with all those interruptions. Thanks!
  23. Hi at all, I have got a AVIC-F20BT with a GPS problem. I had to stick the GPS antenna on the outside of the right front wing to have a good working signal. Everywhere inside the car, I have no or a bad signal. What can I change to get a better signal inside the car? Because it looks very bad with a GPS antenna on the wing Thanks for helping!
  24. Has anyone found a dual band antenna for the GPS and XM radio? It sucks having 2 antennas on my car.
  25. Hi all, I am new to this forum but I had to jump on based on my new purchase. Im gettign ready to travel across the US from Virginia to California and I just had a new Z140BH installed. Here is what is going on: 1. Installer informed me that he would bypass to allow me to watch video on my trip - I trust him completely 2. message says parking brake lead improperly installed 3. DVD'd play when in park and in Drive ( seems that the bypass works) 4. after driving for a few minutes a warning message comes up and the video goes away 5. after slowing down for a red light the video ret
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