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Found 19 results

  1. AndroidAuto can now be activated for x200 models ask PM how to do it support model: AVIC-F980BT AVIC-F980DAB AVIC-F9880BT AVIC-F9880DAB AVIC-F980BT-C AVIC-F980DAB-C AVIC-F9880BT-C AVIC-F9880DAB-C AVIC-F980TV AVIC-5200NEX - without Maestro RR support AVIC-6200NEX
  2. I have an Avic-W4400nex installed in a Toyota. All steering wheel buttons work perfectly when i use my Apple CarPlay and iPhone. When i use my Samsung S8 and wired Andriod Auto, the phone pickup and hang-up steering when buttons do not work. The other buttons still work. I have to use on-screen pickup and hang up virtual buttons. Does anyone else have this issue?
  3. (Sorry if this has been covered before, but I couldn't find it via searching...). Really hoping someone can help. I have an Avic F80DAB I can successfully connect Android 8 and 9 and Iphone iOS 10-12 devices to it using bluetooth to stream audio to it, but: When I am connected via USB and running Android Auto or Apple Car play, there is no sound from Google Assistant or Siri. E.g. / no sat nav instructions, no beep when I click the microphone symbol etc. The microphone does work (e.g. if I ask Google to navigate somewhere it processes the instruction) and phone calls aren't audible. If I make or receive a call in Android Auto, the other person can hear me, but I can't hear them unless I tap on the screen and change the audio from bluetooth to speaker phone (in which case I hear them through the phone, not the car's speakers. I'm on firmware 1.08 (the latest I think), and have reinstalled it but still I have the problem. I can see there's a menu option to 'update bluetooth software' but can't find anywhere to download any such software (only firmware here: https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/products/avic-f80dab/support) Has anyone else had this problem and found a way to overcome it?
  4. AVH 3400NEX

    All, I recently installed a new from box AVH3400. Great stuff so far but the color on Android Auto and Waze is horrible and washed out. I need to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color but I'm having an issue. I launch Android Auto, flip back to the settings screen, make the changes, switch back to Android Auto and there's no difference in the screen color. I suppose I'm actually changing the settings for another application or screen and not Android Auto. Does anyone know how to specifically change the screen settings for Android Auto? Greatly appreciate your help.
  5. Anyone have any luck getting wireless Android auto working on the 4400NEX on a OnePlus device? I just got the Android Pie update on my OnePlus 5 but keep getting the connection failed error. It has been working great wired for the past 2 months but I mainly bought this unit for wireless AA so this is rather frustrating. I have unpaired and repaired multiple times on both the head unit and the phone as well as reinstalling the AA app but no luck. I also tried disabling autolaunch as suggested elsewhere. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. 7201NEX AppRadio Mode

    I am trying to hook up a MiraCast wireless HDMI to the back of my 7201NEX using AppRadio Unchained Rootless. This will allow me to use the 7201 as a touchscreen for items on my phone. Problem is I am having trouble connecting wireless, using smartview. Anyone having success in this? Also would like to have the option to either use Appradio Mode or Android Auto which requires a USB Dongle and HDMAI dongle, anyone have success with this setup. My phone is a Galaxy S8 Plus, if that matters. Love to hear some feedback.....
  7. New Android Auto Wallpaper issues

    Is it just me and my deck or is the new AA wallpaper terrible? It looks all blotchy and not smooth at all. It must be the 4200's display. Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a fix in the settings???
  8. Well, I switched back to android and went with the Galaxy S8 plus, I had my Avic 6200/maestra in the 2013 silverado setup for my iphone...Well, I thought it was as simple as bringing the head unit out and switching the usb1 to usb2....Well, it doesnt even begin to recognize my Galaxy S8
  9. 8200nex phone volume issues

    Anyone out there with a 8200nex having issues with a very low volume while using android auto when talking on the phone? I have tried turning up all controls on the phone but to no luck. Is there a phone volume on the unit itself that I am missing. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Hello Guys I have a 4100nex on my Ford Escape 2012. It was working as a charm (Galaxy s7 edge), but on friday my cable (Plugged in the back, no extension) broke and started to quit on android auto, it went on and off android auto some times until it no longer launched AA, just charging. As soon as I got home I changed the cable but had the same results, just charging. I've tried several cables (original Samsung cables) and no luck. Even used the same cables on port 1 just to see if on my phone screen the "USB mode" came up and it did. Seems like the USB port 2, no lorger works as DATA Transfer. Do you have any ideas on what can i do??? I really wouldn't like to think that somehow the port broke definitely due to a short or something... *sighs*
  11. NEX 7000

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to update/upgrade my 7000 so I can take advantage of Android Auto?
  12. I just got my AVIC 8100NEX today, and when I first ran Android Auto I used to be able to simultaneously also be connected to bluetooth, and Pandora would show up on the Android Auto list to play. It worked great but after I updated the firmware to 1.03 Pandora or Bluetooth for that matter will not work or even be available at the same time that I am using Android Auto. I used to be able to use Pandora at the same time I had Android Auto running. How can I fix this? -------EDIT------ Ok...my mistake. I just realized I have to press the onscreen "headphone" icon twice to have the Pandora, I Heart Radio, etc to appear.
  13. I have an Pioneer AVH-4100NEX, and everything has been working fine last couple of months. All of a sudden, when I plug in the USB on my phone, the head unit doesn't detect it (it still charges my phone through the head unit so I know the connection is there) Even if I launch Android Auto manually on my phone (Nexus 6), it loads as if it's not connected to a head unit. Bluetooth audio/phone connection to the head unit still works. I rebooted the phone but that hasn't helped. Anyone else having similar issues? Also, is this the best place to post about this? I wasn't able to locate Pioneer user forums other than this one. Thanks
  14. The AVIC Development Mod

    Introduction WhatIsBypass, AdamOutler and myself present The AVIC Development Mod We have eliminated the barriers to development on all AVIC units including Android Auto. You can now create your own ROM on an SDCard and boot directly into it. We've broken all the security and obfuscations, and we've delivered it to you in a nice, easy-to-use web user interface. This has essentially turned the Pioneer line of units into Nexus devices, that boot off SD Cards. We now have the ability to change the NEX BSP Settings which allow us to unlock the SD Card and change the boot settings that are in the Pioneer NEX. We are asking all ROM developers with a NEX step and help us create our own ROM to run on all versions on the NEX System. With the help of all you we can begin to add USB Wifi Drivers, a custom app launcher, the play store, interface skins, more radio presets, radio station data augmented by the internet, Android Auto, iDatalink Gauges, and much more only limited by what we can develop. NEVER ENTER COPY DEVICE MODE, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR DEVICE! It is fixable though but a pain as described by WhatIsWhat Overview Here's a quick overview of what we will do in this post. Overview Steps: 1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash 2. Backup your current internal SD Card, or obtain a backup SD Card Image. 3. Navigate to https://jenkins.adamoutler.com/job/Customize%20BSP/build?delay=0sec and select the options you want 4. Remember your build number and download your package. 5. Extract to USB stick 6. Put it into USB Port 1 7. Run Script. 8. If you removed the SD Card password you need to insert a new internal SD Card with a backup image. 9. Done! How To Let's talk about the details, now. Run Copy Script Mode: 1. Insert the USB Stick to USB Port 1 on the device. 2. Start the deck, it will then reboot into Technical TestMode. You must use the keys to navigate the menus. BE VERY CAREFUL AS SOME OPTIONS CAN BRICK YOUR UNIT. 3. Use the Vol - button to navigate to "Write Programs Forcibly" 4. Press the Home Button to select this menu 5. Use the Vol - button to navigate to "Copy Script" 6. Press the Home Button to select this menu 7. Take note of the Values on the right hand side of the screen, THESE WILL BE ERASED. (It is currently unknown if these will be needed in the future). If you really want to keep these values though, you can write them down and place them in the corresponding SDCardCWWVersion.txt before you continue. 8. Press the Home Button to run the script. 9. After it says 100% press the Home Button to reset the unit and remove the USB stick. Full Steps to get to a development state: 1. Backup your current BSP and Nor Flash. See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/ for this. 2. Backup your Internal SD Card (Skip to 3 if you have an unlocked image you want to use) See http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81469-avic-development-mod-device-backup/ for this. 3.Install a Customized BSP A. Navigate to https://jenkins.casual-dev.com/job/Customize%20BSP/build?delay=0sec B. Select the options that you want to enable. The currently known defaults are already selected. For development select debugSwitch: Debug On Console On, subBootMode: Disable Warp, choicePassword: Remove the Password C. Click Build and note the build number that was started on the left. D. Navigate to https://jenkins.casual-dev.com/job/Customize%20BSP/NSERT_BUILD_NUMBER_HERE/artifact/ where INSERT_BUILD_NUMBER_HERE is your build number. E. Click the (all files in zip) F. Extract the contents of the download to a USB Stick. (FAT32 or NTFS) G. Follow the "Copy Script Mode" steps. H. The unit when it reboots should error out because you removed the SD Card Password lock. 4. Insert an Unlocked Internal SD Card Image A. dd the AVIC.img you backed up to an SD Card of the appropriate size. B. Insert the new SD Card into the Internal SD Card slot. C. Start up the unit. NOTE: It will take a bit for the device to boot since you have disabled WARP above. 5. Congrats!!!! You can now remove the internal SD Card at will and modify the items in the partition and put it back into the Deck. Good luck on your Custom Rom Development and be sure to share your creations!! What we are now asking of the ROM Community: 1. Help us by developing custom roms using the steps above and sharing your creations. 2. Once we have a custom rom we want to share easily, we will get to the steps where we start Creating a new WARP snapshot, and recompiling them back into PRG Update Files. 3. Find a way to enable ADB, One option would be to add a Network Bluetooth Profile, Another option is figuring out USB OTG properly. 4. Lets create an app launcher. 5. Figure out how to modify the maps. 6. Figure out Android Auto/Bluetooth Audio on older models with the new software. Additional Reading Repo of the PRG recompile and TestMode Scripts: https://github.com/bassrock/AVIC-NEX Pioneer 5100 Sources: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5100nex/index.html Pioneer 5000 Sources: http://www.oss-pioneer.com/car/multimedia/files/avic-5000nex/index.html Update 8/13/15: ​We have found a new Developer debug mode that can be discussed and spend by following the steps here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/81482-avic-development-mod-developer-debug-menu/
  15. Android Auto Help Please

    Hey all, trying to get Android Auto working. GEAR AVIC 8000NEX LG G4 running Android 5.1 with Android Auto installed Smart Phone Setup on the NEX is set to USB with bluetooth on the phone turned on and connected. SCENARIO 1 When I connect the G4 to the USB 1 port, the phone acknowledges the connection and the NEX shows a device is connected. However when I select USB 1 as a source, the NEX gives error: "Incompatible USB Device" appears. SCENARIO 2 When I connect the G4 to the USB 2 port, the phone acknowledges the connection but the NEX does NOT show a device is connected. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any and all help!
  16. I just finished installing avic-8100-nex in my 07 ford expedition xlt. I upgraded firmware from 1.01 to 1.03. I grounded the parking brake wire to ground (black wire in harness). And I did the software bypass. I paired BT on my phone with the head unit. I have a CCAUSB 2.0 http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001GXQMXE?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00connected to USB port 2. I installed android auto on my nexus 5. When I connect the phone using an LG USB cable that came with the phone, android auto icon appears on the head unit. But when I press and hold that icon, android auto screen flashes on my phone and then I see a message on the head unit that says "cannot connect to Android auto, check your phone when it is safe". I also notice the same message with the stock USB A cable that was shipped with the unit. With a USB micro cable that i have i was not able to get any response from android auto at all. Although i can see my phone charging. Could this be because I have the parking bypass? Or is it USB cable related? Can someone please help?
  17. Hopefully this helps those out there with connectivity issues http://www.androidcentral.com/latest-google-play-services-update-enables-android-auto-galaxy-s6 This is not just for galaxy s6, but a number of models from other manufacturers. Something to do with Play Services causing the issues. Best of luck!
  18. Waze Coming to Android Auto

    I just read an article today that Waze is coming to Android Auto. This is an interesting move for Google, since it appeared that both Android Auto and CarPlay would be limited to audio only functions. Maybe CarPlay will support 3rd party map apps in the near future (it will probably be a good while longer) http://mashable.com/2015/04/16/waze-and-android-auto/
  19. Android Auto

    Does anyone have any updates? I am waiting so bad for this. I have emailed pioneer twice and google once and they both have no information about it. I would be glad just to get "and update will be out in the coming months" but we dont even get that....Pioneer is one of the manufactures listed on the Android Auto list