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Found 85 results

  1. Looking for a Z810 image file please or any other that will work, will pay via Paypal if anyone has.
  2. 8200nex Cant access oem setting

    I cant access the oem setting after trying to debug mode password DEVELOPDBG ON does not work anymore. I tried the set on feature and OEM setting are still grey out. I installed a mini bypass and it's still grey out. So the reason I need the oem setting is because everytime I press one of the buttons from the bottom the display goes off, sometimes it goes crazy and display goes on/off/on, or I loose the screen touch feature. I think this happen because I clean the screen with a microfiber cloth while it was on. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. hello community I bricked my avic evo1 pal2 val. does anyone have an clean recovery image for me? I tried updating from 1.02 to 1.07 frm wrong modell. Now its trying to boot again and again. looping many times and shows a software error.

    Does anybody have a testmode key for avic rz33? If not how do you create testmode keys for this radio.
  5. I have an avic f90bt . when it powers up there is a black screen for about 10 seconds or so then it shuts down but the fan runs still. I bought it from a so called "friend" and i dont have the backup files for it. If anyone can help, it would save what sanity i have left because i drive a lot and with no music, I have already ran out of things to talk to myself about. LOL.
  6. Avic 7200nex black screen.

    Hello I was curious if anyone else has experienced the issue of their headunit booting the pioneer logo and then going black. I'm able to hit the reset button but it still does the same thing.
  7. Hi, I have BIG problem with bluetooth in Pioneer AVIC F8430BT. The bluetooth is simply not working. Search do not recognize any device. Bluetooth option is avaliable only after few minutes after unit starts. In Test Mode I have BT open Error or failure. Flashing from bluetooth menu was not possible, while after maps update the new firmware version was uploaded but nothing has change. Is this hardware failure, or are there any other software tools that can help??
  8. Hello dear forum, I was looking at the firmware specs for the F950BT and it seems that it supports apple carplay while the f950bt installed on my car sadly does not :(. I was wondering if the firmware would be cross compatible, or if someone has perhaps hacked the f950bt to support carplay or in some other way work with newer iPhones (I use an iPhone 7 plus). It's been a real struggle getting the thing to work with my phone, it supports bluetooth, but that's about it. Seems like a waste of a nice bit of kit. PS: Another issue I have with it is that my map is day coloured at night and vice versa, while the only settings associated with this are day and automatic (automatic causes the issue, day is just that, day) Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Hi guys, For the few of you that still use this app (I hope) and use the Connected Services; is the HERE online search is the NEXs with Nav working? Everything else (gas prices, traffic, parking work fine) I can’t get anything but an error using the app or headunit. I’ve tried LTE/WiFi. Uninstalling the app, the services, etc. Seems like it might be an error with HERE’s servers? I reported it to Pioneer, HERE, and Naviextras. Pioneer desperately needs to update the app if they’re going to keep releasing nav headunits.
  10. AVIC 8200 NEX source menu

    The HDMI and USB option is not coming up in source menu. I cant use mirror link or Android auto without it. How do I fix it? I already tried a reset.
  11. I have a problem with avic-f700bt, I've uploaded all sorts of software but all the time it's the same, but from the beginning. I had the original software but it smeared on the initial log, I decided to upload another everything went well but I could not enter AV settings, AV source and everything related to it and after a while was restart and hang on the pioneer log again. I tried to copy different ones in testmode (CE wines) but some were turning on, but AV still did not work the other ones. I uploaded AvicNet 2.1 but after choosing the language, it turns off and hangs on the pioneer log. Can anyone help me because I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I apologize for the language, but I am from Poland, and it is difficult for me to find exactly the same problem or solution
  12. Hello, I am sorry this might not be the appropriate place to post this, but I am helpless... My Avic MRZ09 is stuck on the boot screen which shows the boot screen RAKU NAVI, then welcome screen and then it comes again in the 1st screen....that's a bootloop, device is useless. Can anyone help? It was installed on my used car imported from Japan...it behaved weird as from last year. When I go in testmode it doesn't have prg.flg file, it has volume.dat file and other usual files, any help will be appreciated, thanks
  13. Avic x9310bt

    Hi i just bought a subaru, and it came with a avic-x9310bt. The maps are from 2011 and wanted to get the new maps, any way i could get the new maps for free? I’m new to this and found this forum and looking for info thank you!
  14. Hello Please help me. I have a Pioneer F700BT only i see no booting screen i can go to the recovery mode (MENU, MAP, Reset and EJECT buttons) I need the files for a Avic F700BT Thanks! Kind regards,
  15. 5201NEX Help please;

    Can you guys/gals please provide me with the steps and data I need to get into my 5201NEX & delete / figure out my password. My avic-5201NEX is NOT running the latest version of firmware. & the back story for all you forum lovuhhhs! I bought my avic -5201NEX a few months back, as I know Some of you have read this a million times.... I locked myself out of my 5201 when I unplugged my battery & was prompted for the password to get back in that I have tried to guess for hours (which I don’t understand I use a series of password for everything and none of them work so i must have been in a strange mood I guess that day lol) anyways what I am hoping and asking is simple for an experienced user on this forum, I have only been on it recently in the hopes of being able to access my headunit again without having to send it back to fricken pioneer and wait 4-6 weeks for it to come back. Anyways that’s it long story short, I’m going to continue searching and piecing together the data I can but I would TRUELY appreciate someone taking a couple mins to link the files needed , or even just write the steps and tell me what files to look for , Thank you again in advance look foward to speaking with you
  16. I'm putting this in the "off- topic" section because there isnt a specific section here that talks about the vh series and also i don't want anyone getting mad at me for spamming this topic in an unrelated section. Anyways, I Imported a car from japan, it will be here within a few days. it has the AVIC - VH9990 installed. I know its only in japanese but this will be my quest/journey to translating it into english and hopefully load a canadian map. This is probably impossible, but with a little bit of coding, dumping the stock files here, and maybe some help from one of you guys it could be possible. Also this is here so that everyone who has this model and wants to know if it can or cant in fact be translated will get the concise answer they are looking for (and for asking questions too of course) be expecting the files here within the next couple of days, along with my first attempt at finding a way to translate this
  17. I want add skin to my stereo. Problem is that radio automatic delete data.zip allways when i start radio to servis mode. After restart stereo to normal mode it doesn't start new skin but not allways. Basicly stereo automatic repaire missing files or change some files. When i did change sys.txt file it doesn't accept it. Please sugestion how to do it. Is it possible crack IGO to accept maps and licence in my stereo navi?
  18. AVIC-MRZ02

    Hello there i have a Pioneer Carrozzeria AVIC-MRZ02 and i want to change the language from Japanese to English. Any of you guys are able to help me?
  19. Hello All, First post here...so let me know if this needs to go somewhere else. TL;DR: I got my unit to boot back into the OS after step 3 of this thread, but it still fails to update the firmware when I try. My 7000NEX was still running FW version 1.012. I decided to update the firmware to 1.15. I downloaded the file, read the instructions, formatted the flash drive, turn off AV source...basically tried to be a good boy and follow the instructions. My unit read the USB key, notified me that I was upgrading from 1.012 to 1.15...I confirmed by clicking on Continue. I was eventually prompted to reset the device, which I did, but when I reset it, I disconnected both the ACC and PWR wires. Upon powering back on, it went to a screen that said "Reading...", then to a screen saying "Update Failed!" "Press HOME to continue" At this point...I got stuck. I tried multiple flash drives, redownloaded the file from pioneer's website...All I could get it to do was say "Update Progress,,," and "version 1.01 to 1.01" even though my USB key had the 1.15 firmware on it, then it would go back to "Update Failed!" Anyway, I decided to dig deeper and try to find a custom ROM that I could hopefully just push onto this thing and found this thread. Obviously this is a treasure trove of information but I'm still stuck. From that thread, I followed steps 1, 2, and 3...(e.g. backup my NOR, BSP, and SD Card) using the Script Mode instructions. After step three though, my unit FINALLY BOOTED BACK UP INTO THE OS!!!! At first I was super ecstatic and thought "Great! Now I can try to update my firmware again and not make the same mistake!". WRONG... Now when I go through the instructions, and try to update the firmware...I get to the confirmation screen, it shows the right firmware jump, but it immediately goes to a "Update Failed!" screen again as soon as I confirm. I haven't tried other FW versions like 1.06, 1.08, 1.10, 1.14...though I do have the files. I'm just trying to figure out what I should do next? In the Test Mode that the USB key from the linked thread, there are functions like Write Bootloader, Write Programs, etc... and i'm wondering if I can use those to clear or fix whatever's still corrupt under the hood to allow any firmware update? Anyone have any clues?
  20. Just looking for map options to update. Also any firmware or software upgrades
  21. I have loaded up my hard drive with music, movies, and audio books. Aside from the horrible way that it reads and lists files and folders, it works ok. Meaning i can scroll through them, hit the button for audio/video and it "works" Problem is that I get no video on the head end unit. (Yes I have Bypassed it and DVD's work perfect while driving) Funny thing is when playing a movie (AVI format) the sound works great and it plays on the rear screens both on the Mirror and USB1 or USB2 setting for the rear. It does not play video on the head end......... Any suggestions? All i get is the background on the main screen. It also does the same thing when the back screens are off by the way, sound only no video on the screen. Made for a great trip for the kids, sucked for me and my wife....... thanks
  22. Does anyone know how to get map update for the Pioneer AVIC-f860bt ?
  23. Good morning, I have a AVIC-F960BT, his work's nromally, but I don't insert the password because the touchscreen doesn't calibrate, and I need to acess the supertest mode to calibrate it. I post video in youtube about problem (link: ).
  24. I discovered that my F920BT worked perfectly and didn't restart (reboot) when I started the car. It never had updated the firmware, but today I updated the firmware to the latest version (2.00300) published by Pioneer. My surprise was that after the firmware update my AVIC F520BT restarts (reboot) when I turn on my car. How can I do a downgrade to know if the error is the firmware ???? Has someone had the same error ???? Thanks.
  25. Backups and Images

    I wanted to start a thread of backup files for our stock units and any modified images. If this forum has helped you at all, contribute with your backups as a big thank you! State full Make/Model of your NEX unit, which firmware version installed at the time of backup, and which files are being uploaded. Here's my submission: Pioneer AVIC 6100NEX, firmware version 1.5 NOR Flash and BSP backup: http://bit.ly/2cLq29d Internal SD card backup: http://bit.ly/2k5Y6fz *Update* Working on getting a new set of files up, these might be corrupt. Standby... *Update 2* New files uploaded, enjoy!