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Found 19 results

  1. I force installed 1.11 version update on F970bt/NEX5100 though testmode_a and since then it has started asking for password. It wont boot into testmode or any developer mode anymore. Have tried different USBs. Even removed the head unit and accessed the internal card but since i couldnt read it, i made a new SD card with F970DAB image file on the Backup forum, It was stuck on boot loop. Please help anyone!
  2. Image file database

    Can someone list the location of the image file library. I am looking for the. AVH-4200NEX image files. If you have them could you please send them to me.
  3. Update failure

    The other day I just happened to lookup the model of my unit, and found it was a very expensive one. I bought a 2007 corvette and this was in it. (Avic-8000nex) I saw where I could update the firmware, so I tried. Went out and bought a brand new 16bg flash drive to ensure there was nothing on it, downloaded the firm ware and followed all of the steps. I originally did not take the 5000nex out of the 8000 nex folder, and it would not even allow the update to begin. Once I fixed my little screw up, the update began. It started at 0% (obviously) but then immediately went to -1% and said failure. It did this Over and over again, and just say press “home” to restart. I sat on hold for 45 minutes with pioneer just to be told it was my fault, I voiced warranty by updating, and if it weren’t my fault, he would be getting way more phone calls about it. Please let me know if anybody had the same problem, and found a solution. Thanks in advance!
  4. SPH DA 120

    I didn't see a section for App radio so I'll try here. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a copy of a image file for my unit? tried latest firmware update from 1.09 to 1.19 and it's stuck at 66%, endless loop. Do I put image file on usb or SD? Please help!
  5. Hello all, In desperate help. I tried updating my firmware from 1.09 to 1.19 last night, used a new off brand usb card formatted FAT 32, slow format. It loaded to 99% and said update aborted by power failure. There was no power interruption, now it just cycles up to 66% and starts the whole cycle over again. I saw info on trying to load a new image file, tried that and got another message to contact Pioneer. Not sure if I'm using Win32 diskmaker properly? I'm medical, not IT savvy Can someone lead me in the right direction? Thanks!
  6. I discovered that my F920BT worked perfectly and didn't restart (reboot) when I started the car. It never had updated the firmware, but today I updated the firmware to the latest version (2.00300) published by Pioneer. My surprise was that after the firmware update my AVIC F520BT restarts (reboot) when I turn on my car. How can I do a downgrade to know if the error is the firmware ???? Has someone had the same error ???? Thanks.
  7. I discovered that my F920BT worked perfectly and didn't restart (reboot) when I started the car. It never had updated the firmware, but today I updated the firmware to the latest version (2.00300) published by Pioneer. My surprise was that after the firmware update my AVIC F520BT restarts (reboot) when I turn on my car. How can I do a downgrade to know if the error is the firmware ???? Has someone had the same error ???? Thanks.
  8. Hello. I"ve got avic f-130 in my motorhome. There were instaled AutoMapa (it's polish navigation software). I was trying to update it and I've formated that sd card to put there newer version of software. Now I have error "Incorrect SD card". I was trying to put there Mobilenavigator and it doesn't work. Any ideas? Sorry for my English.
  9. So I just bought my car 2 months ago--a 2009 Scion XD Release series 2.0-- and this damn receiver/GPS unit is corrupted already! Used cars... I found other topics with this same question, but the link to the test mode enabler doesn't work for some reason so I'm hoping somebody will be kind enough to hook me up with that information so I can at least try to fix it before I put out 2 car payments worth of money buying a new one. I called Pioneer and they want $200+ to fix it! Hell no! I'll buy a new (better) one for cheaper than that! The unit restarts every 3 minutes and the error message entitled "Fatal Application Error" states: "Application ezrider has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If the problem persists, contact the program vendor. Program: ezrider Exception: 0xC0000005 Address: 00005280" Thanks!
  10. I've had my AVIC-D3 for a number of years (so long, I've forgotten how many) and, although I bought it used, it has worked without issue until about about two-weeks ago. Background: Two days before thanksgiving, when I went out to my car to drive to work, it would not start and the car was at about 10Vs (cause unknown, believed to be battery related (AGM battery), I'm still running this one down). So, I put the carger or the car and took another vehicle of mine to work; frustrated. Ever since this day, I've had the issue I'm about to describe (it could be coincidence but I'm thinking this low voltage issue is my trigger). I'm pretty sure the car has had a low volts situation in the past, but I know there hadn't been one for quite a while (I do my own stunts when it comes to working on my vehicles, I've had this car in particular for over 10 years). Problem: Whenever I start the stereo up (go to ACC or start the car), I get an error saying there is an improper E-brake signal with an OK button to acknowlege and make it clear up the screen. Even with this error, I have been able to get the audio features working (XM, AM/FM, bluetooth via BTB200, etc - I have not tried a regular audio CD), I can even get my backup camera (via ND-BC20PA) to work; however, anytime I attempt anything Navigation related, the stereo goes into a boot loop until I eject the disc and tap the AV/ON button to get to a useable screen. The boot loop will continue whether I acknowledge the error signal or not. Furthermore, because of the E-brake error, I can't do some basic things such as setting the clock. For the most part, the unit is serviceable; however, I have no GPS which is a feature I've come to enjoy. Here is a short video I just quickly recorded to show the error and its effect: http://youtu.be/th_4IHh_nfM?list=UU1QGEVLkp6qQD5eXyfwqi2A Troubleshooting: I've done most everything I can think of: -I have removed the headunit from the car for a while (say an hour or so) and plugged it back in (which should reset it right?), the error returns. -I have traced the E-brake wire from source to the unit and have found no issues and no opens -I have intentionally grounded the E-brake wire (separate from the Ebrake itself) and the issue remains. -The E-brake wire has no voltage (nothing is shorted to it) -I only noticed this error after I got home the day of the low voltage issue to see if my car would start, I did not notice it that morning or if anything else was displayed So, my logic is telling me that my headunit is bad which is not what I want to hear but I can understand it as I'm thinking the low voltage issue was the trigger. Anyhow, before I go down the rabbit hole of replacing parts (i.e. the headunit), I was hoping someone else may have a less expensive solution to my problem. As I've searched for a problem simiar to this (without luck, perhaps I didn't put in the right fields) I've found threads talking about bypassing the E-brake by grounding it and the mute wire after moving it down (which I didn't fully understand); could this fix the E-brake issue? I've also seen threads about reseting the headunit; but, given the things that I've done, I didn't read these as I didn't think they'd be relevant (ignorance on my part?); is there a reset button that could potentially clear all errors even if the headunit has been completely removed? Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated and I thank you in advance for your time.
  11. I recently upgraded to the iPhone 6 and when connecting to my x930BT via the Pioneer cable to lightning adapter I receive the following error message " USB flash drive was disconnected for device protection. Do not connect this USB flash drive to the unit. To restart USB, restart the unit." The interesting thing is that I had the same setup with my iPhone 5, Pioneer 30 pin cable to Apple lightning adapter and it worked flawlessly. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Any ideas? Really annoying that my head-unit may be a paperweight.
  12. So I've done A LOT of research on here trying to figure out if others are having this same problem and although I see some similarities with the z150 and others, I'm not sure that the fixes are the same. This error code came on out of nowhere. I never tried to hack it, or update anything! I just turned the car on one day and my radio hasn't worked since. I believe that the files are corrupt though I'm not sure how that could happen. I've tried unplugging the battery, I also downloaded the Test mode thing and loaded it onto my SD card but when i popped it in, the radio did not go into test mode. With all this said, can someone PLEASE guide me through this step by step and include any downloads/links that I might need? I would REALLY appreciate the help!
  13. Hi, I purchased this unit used without any wire harnesses or sd card. After getting the rca and power harnesses, i finally hooked it up. It powers on, but the screen goes blank. So I figure I need the sd card with the firmware update, but I do not know which version is already on it. So I started with the latest version 4.0, however at 43% It gives me the error code "Code 112 Copying error:|StorageCard|LPUE080|APL2|iGo|ScanSoft|RealSpeakSolo|SPEECH|components|vf_nanna_r40_83swf11_110_..." can't see the rest. So I thought maybe i needed an older version to begin with. So I reformatted the sd card and copied version 3.0, but once I turned on the ignition, I can see the initial screen but the update won't even start. So, again, I reformatted the sd card and copied the 2.0, it will update only to 43% and gives me the same error code above. I don't have the navigation wire hooked up yet, could that affect the installation? I am grasping at straws trying to figure this out and I am beginning to think that I bought a bad unit. Please give me any and all suggestions! I am willing to try anything. I have a road trip coming up this weekend and I really need this navigation to work.
  14. Error Updating F900BT

    Hi, everyone and happy new year!!!! I have a problem, I tried to update my F900BT from version 01.000600 and map 2.009000. I've a Kingston 4 gb SD to trying an update with oficial update, but unit cannot start. I tried firtst with this file AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_VER_2009000.zip, error. After tried with this AVIC_F700BT_F900BT_CNSD100FM_VER_3021000.zip the same result Tried the hybrid 4.0001 firmware, copy all the content to my flash disk, reboot and aonly appear the piooner image. Another problem, the unit my_flash_disk is 1.8GB, but when i try to copy the 2013 maps is 3.4 GB, It's possible that the official updates increase the size of this unit. Anybody Can explain how it's made. Thanks and Happy new Year.
  15. X920BT has "Program Startup Error"

    Hello all once again! I am still working on my X920BT that was bricked during a firmware update sent to me by Pioneer. Since then I have managed to get it to respond to a number of attempts, bricked it numerous times and recovered it to a point where I can reliably get it into test mode without it shutting down on its own in the middle of making changes. I can also get it to recognize programs such as Condi's Hack Mode, Super Test Mode and that's about it. During startup it will go to splash screen and then go black with the words Program Startup Error. It will allow me to put it in test mode and from there I have full access to all files. I have done a number of things to attempt recovering the unit to a point where I can use it once again but no luck. My ultimate desire would be to update the unit to something above 2.0. I believe I need to find a way to rewrite all the files on the unit to start fresh. I am not sure if this is even possible so suggestions are welcome. If I have already tried a suggestion, I will let it be known. I warn though, I have tried so many different options that its getting discouraging. It acts like the Cardinfo file is not working as not one single update has worked. It also will not start an upload on its own and requires me to go into test mode to physically copy and paste each file. As mentioned, the only files that seem to work on their own and without me doing anything are the couple in the first paragraph. You help is greatly appreciated! Chris
  16. Whenever I started my car, my AppRadio started. When I got prompted with the safety message, a pop-up appeared with the title "Fatal Application Error". Has this happened to anyone and what should I do? Thanks for any help in advance!
  17. HI, I've installed a SPH-DA100 (Europe model with May Update installed) a few weeks ago in my MK5 VW Golf. All is going well, I only have an Iphone 3gs so I havent used all the features, however I only really bought the for the Ipod use and smart looking system. 1)In the past week I have my Ipod freeze up twice when skipping songs (160gb Ipod gen 7). and it completly locks the ipod with the Pioneer logo instill i manually do a hard reset of the ipod. 2)My reversing camera sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt. sometimes it will switch screens easy and quickly others it will take a good 10 seconds which is too long. Has anybody else come across this? i saw that there is a recently update available (however doesnt seem to be in europe yet!) Thanks Ashley
  18. Hey everyone I just got a new 32BG USB stick for my u310bt In the middle of a song, the unit's track info display will blank out, and it will say "error-19" It won't resume playing until I remove the USB stick and re-insert it. Here's what it says in the manual: "Disconnect the USB device and do not use it, turn the ignition switch to off, then to ACC or on, and connect a compliant USB storage device" Maybe my USB stick is defective? I had no problems copying files to it from windows. And they are the same files that were on my 16GB stick I upgraded from. Any ideas? Thanks.
  19. So i turned on my radio today and here is what i got: Anyone saw anything like this? Any ideas? European instructions say to call customer service. Quick google shows that they will say it has to be replaced or serviced. Ill call them tomorrow and see what happens.