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Found 44 results

  1. Garmin Express Updater

    Hello everyone,I introduce myself Samuel and I work for the firm Garmin Express Updater Let me introduce you to What is Garmin Express updater?Garmin Express updater is computer software used to update maps and device software by downloading and installing the latest versions on to the device. Because these updates are released by Garmin several times a year and need to be installed to get up to date.Garmin Map Updates – As we know Map updates provide the latest changes to roads and locations on the map in the navigation device. The map files are large because they contain detailed information. So this takes longer to install.Software Updates – As Software updates make changes to the operating system files but these smaller files usually download in a few minutes. Garmin Express may ask you to reboot the device. But no need to worry you will be assisted by Garmin Experts who are available 24x7 for every assistance required.
  2. F10BT Maps and or firmware

    Hi all, I have a F10BT that came with our new (used) car. Can anyone tell me if there is a map-update for this unit? Currently it has a EU-map from 2015 but I need a recent one. I found a map-update on: https://hereshop.navigation.com/product/Catalog/Catalog_Pioneer_AVIC-F10BT/HERE-Pioneer-EU-MY09-10-High-2019/sku/T1000-27508/en_GB/HEREEMEA/EUR It costs €149,- but I can't tell if this is really a EU-map from 2019. If someone could help.....please. Grts, David
  3. F88DAB update maps

    Hello, i followed a lot of instructions there to update maps. I stored backup of current maps from device with Copy_script and also upload current iGO here maps 2019Q2 with license to navi, but Pioneer doesn´t see the license and maps. The patch should be for this to accept another licenses. Patch is just about changing of library libigo_jni.so with another what i see from scripts. But every links to patch for x200 F88DAB returning 404. Can someone help me where can I download the patch for F88DAB firmware 1.08? Thank you! Marek
  4. Greetings. I've updated by maps using the 2015 map update by Blakestone (thanks!). I've also used the password reset after a battery issue by RonS (thanks!). I'd like to attach a backup cam and looking for 1: best walkthrough (preferably for a 5th gen legacy sedan - 2012 to be precise) but doesn't need to be vehicle specific. 2: recommendations for a reasonably priced camera that will easily work with the wiring/head unit. Amazon, ebay, etc. Still trying to figure out how to remove the need to press 'okay' for the map to show (nag screen removal). I've hit on a few threads here with info. but I'm concerned the 2015 update/script might effect edits. Again ... best walkthrough for this? I anticipate also needing the backup screen overlay/prompt as well once the cam is installed. Patiently waiting for the next map update to use as well ... thanks for everyone's work on this that's involved. Much appreciated.
  5. Map Update for AVIC F-850BT

    Hi everyone! I'm looking maps for my Radio AVIC F-850BT. Is here enyone who can help me? I have buying a new car with this radio but unfortunetly maps are old. I need maps primarily for Europe. I will be gratful for any help.
  6. Hello everyone...first post for me and was hoping to get some help. I recently purchased a vehicle that has the X950BH installed with North American Maps. Problem is I live in Europe (car was imported from Canada). Is it possible to "uninstall" the North American maps and install the maps for Europe? Thanks in advance - David
  7. New maps FEU HERE 2016Q2\Q3 Full Europe(FEU) HERE 2016Q2 for Pioneer available on Naviextras. for updates via synctool - standart metod Full Europe(FEU) HERE 2016Q3 for Pioneer available. for manual updates via IGO patch
  8. Hi, I have the 7200NEX and when you select MAPS it says iGO loading and then it closes. Everything else with the unit is working well. How can I fix this issue? Where is the SD card located? Are there any step by step instructions? Thank you for the help! - Matthew
  9. I just got my 8200 installed before a weekend trip. Wondering if I missed some setup or something. The iPhone I can simply speak and ask for an address and there it is. On the 8200 it seems to take forever to get the address search entered using the keyboard. Is there some better way? Also its very annoying saying something like "exit highway" when it means change to a different road. When I am in traffic I dont want to be staring at the small letters at the top of the screen to find out what the next directions are. On my Z2 (which I just replaced) at least it told you the name of the road that was coming up. So all the way home I used Google maps. Seems silly to have an expensive GPS system and not use it though. Any thoughts? Is there an update or something that I am missing?
  10. X950BH MAPS?

    just wondering if anybody knew where the latest maps can be found for the X950bh i can't seem to find them anywhere. i've searched the forum to no avail and it seems most sites just act as if this model was never made but have the x930bt etc. thanks for any info gained
  11. 'License Error' while updating maps

    I purchased and installed nex 5100 in last 10 days. Purchased from amazon. Yesterday I upgraded firmware from 1.01 to 1.05. Today , while updating maps - it threw error "License Error". Not sure why . These are maps legally downloaded from neviextras toolbox. My unit is hardly 10 to 12 days old. I reformatted usb drive couple of times and did map update process from scratch with no luck but the same "license error" all the time. Though , I sent email to Pioneer support, I am checking here if anyone has an idea on this or have gone though same situation. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi everyone, ​​ I recently moved to the middle east and took my car with an AVIC-8100NEX installed. I've been trying to work around Naviextras Toolbox. I want to try something which requires some help from you guys. Here is what I want to try out.​ If you synced your usb with the navigation, "synctool" folder will be created. I tried putting maps in that folder with no success on installing it on the system because of the format. I noticed that the files have a ".stm" format. So what if I got the "synctool" folder from someone in Europe for example and installed it on the usb. If I synced it with the system will it install the maps?​ I would like to experiment it and see what's the ​output going to be.
  13. Hi All. We are looking for some help... We've just moved to Dubai from Texas for work reasons and we shipped our Jeep Wrangler with an 8100NEX that I installed when they were first released. We are now faced with not being able to use the in built navigation as there are no maps available for the Middle East via NaviExtras for the 8100NEX series We do have a full set of 2014 Q.4 iGo maps purchased for our HTC M9 Android phone and they are really good. Is there anyway that we can get the maps loaded on to the 8100NEX head unit? I thought about creating an update USB Dongle but looking for some help and support on how to do this if its the right way to go about it? The file extension on the map files on the phone sd card seems the same i.e. fbl ... for example the one for the UAE is: United_Arab_Emirates_HERE_2014.Q4_150128.fbl but not sure how to transfer them.... Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Jeff and Anna
  14. GPS/Maps Won't Plot Route

    I have just installed an 8000NEX. I like it except that it will not plot a route in maps. I get a straight line from where my vehicle is to my final destination. As I drive, the distance shown diminishes and direction (NESW) is shown. But there is no street-by-street route. And there is no turn-by-turn announced. I updated the firmware today and I still have this problem. I've looked at every setting I can possibly think of, but nothing seems to help the situation. Has anyone run into this problem AND have a solution? packmann
  15. x710bt. questions

    hi there i have a older nav unit i want up and running again fro my motor bike so the questions i have are: any one have the current maps for the x710bt? anyone know how to make a proper wired remote so i can make one for my handle bars? and is there any good mods that should be done that people have had success with? thank you in advance for reading
  16. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd say I get good 'ol mini keyboard 50% of the time I try to type a destination into Maps on my 4000NEX:
  17. Hi everyone! I have a problem with my father's Avic F9110BT unit when trying to update the firmware/maps. The unit was bought on 2009 and it has never been updated until now. To proceed with the update we've folled the instructictions posted on the official pioneer website corresponding to the F9110BT model. If you go to the site, you will see that there are 3 possible updates: 1st) Update for units with CNSD-200FM (4.001000 version) 2nd) Update for units without CNSD-200FM (3.021000 versión) 3rd) Bluetooth update for units with software version under 3.30 So in our case we first tried to do the 2nd update because our unit has no CNSD-200FM... We follow step by step the manual from pioner to proceed with the update and after some minutes we see the message with the announce of the software updated. Then we proceed with the 1st update for units with CNSD-200FM, however in that case the unit didn't started the update. Of course we have formated the SD card, then we copy the files and folders for the new update, and we have turned ingnition on to start the update as we did at the previous update. But it never reads the sd card (but this card Works for music files on the same unit). We tried it many times and it doesn't work. So we tried to update the unit again with the no CNSD-200FM update to see if that Works but it didn't work. We tried to reset the unit to default Factory settings by pushing the "reset" button on the front cover... that reseted the unit but after that still doesn't allow to update. The maps are 02.00xxxx and firmware 03.00xxx versions. We have tried also with diferent sd carts from 1GB to 4GB and it also didn't work. Any help??? Thanks
  18. European maps on an 8000NEX

    I need to figure out how to get European maps on the 8000NEX. I successfully installed the unit thinking it would be a matter of just paying for/downloading the maps and loading them. Boy was I surprised to find out that you can't just do that. I live in Europe for the time being and would hate to have wasted all the money on this unit if I can't use the nav.. Please help!!!!
  19. Avic 6000nex

    Guys, I really need some help. When I hit the map button it goes to the Usage Reports screen and ask me if I would allow the collection of information. I cannot select yes or no. They are both greyed out. Anyone got a fix for this issue? Thanks. Will
  20. Hello Community, I am searching a long time for the New 2014 Europe Navteq Maps update for Pioneer Avic F950bt, F50Bt, F950DAB and F850Bt. Has anybody got it? I would be very thankful! Greetings Fixe
  21. I've got an 8000 and installed the firmware update with no problems. Everything seemed to work just fine until I used turn by turn guidance in Maps. The voice prompt is LOUD and I mean LOUD like the speakers might blow. At first I thought this was just me having the setting in the Maps app on the phone set to high. However, the setting was set to low. I decided to change the settings and retry and none of them seem to have any effect. No matter what I do, I can't get the guidance voice to a "normal" volume. Has anyone else had this issue?
  22. For those with the 8000 who have updated to CarPlay, are you able to pinch-to-zoom with Apple Maps? If so, how smooth is it? More generally, how responsive and smooth is it when scrolling through the various CarPlay screens?
  23. x910bt Updates

    I have a x910bt that I purchased and hacked a couple of years ago, and it has been working great. I am looking to update my maps on my unit or even a newer hack/mod. I modded the unit in the middle of 2010. Any help or guidance is appreciated.
  24. z130 to australian maps

    Hi! I am sorry to be a DRAINER! but I really need help! I recently bought a z130, then paid to get it installed etc, and found that this a USA model! I have been on the hack/mods section, of this sight for ages, and have tried to follow some instruction (downloading 1 update then replacing folders with another update) and it's just not working. Unfortunately I am not all that tech savvy. Is anyone able to pretty please lay out for me exactly how to add Australian maps n my z130bt? once again sorry for being so tech-dumb! Jessica
  25. Hello to all, I know that my Avic F900BT is not the latest model on the market but I hope that some of you can still help me to solve this damn problem. Suddenly it stopped working with the display stucked on the startup screen, in my case the Mercedes-Benz logo. The CD player still worked but without the ability to move between tracks. Then... first I tried to follow the instructions found in the forum, trying to make a backup of all data but the only files I've found are the following: GPSPARA0.BIN GPSPARA1.BIN GPSPARA2.BIN GPSPARA3.BIN In addition to the above files I found 2 folders "Dump Files" and " ExtraDumpFiles " both empty. However, I copied everything. You never know ... At this point, unable to recognize both firmware and maps versions, I downloaded from the website of Pioneer firmware ver.2009000 and the result was that the unit has started, but now works only the back-camera. The CD does not work and the disc still loaded can not even eject. The only thing that I realized is that I lost all the maps... Before trying to update the firmware to version 3021000 I wanted to try to seek help from you that you have already solved similar problems in the past. Unfortunately in the forum I only found dead links ... so I hope that someone will bring it back from the grave. What can I add? I'm in Italy, the unit is mounted on a MB CLK W208 model and I'd like to know if I can even connect it to the steering wheel ... but it would be almost a nice thing to get it back working again. Thank you in advance for your help.