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Found 15 results

  1. AVIC U220

    I have AVIC U220 and the SD card only has one file called device.dat in the AVIC-APP folder. I am trying to update the Navigation I will be honest with you, I have no clue how to go about doing this. Any help will be appreciated it. I was able to get my hands on Pioneer 2012 map upgrade but dont really know how to go about properly transferring that onto the SD card.
  2. If anyone has I need the us internal sd card img. Mine is corrupted. Please Thank you
  3. Hello! New user here, hope someone can help me figure out what I am doing wrong. 2 issues I am having with my new 4200NEX with the SD card. 1- I can not figure out how to get my MP3 files to show the album artwork when playing. BUT, strangely enough, the artwork shows up fine when the same MP3s on the same SD card are played through MIXTRAX. I thought a upgrade to the firmware might fix the problem, but no luck there. 2- Out of a handful of SD cards, I can only get one to work in my system. Does anyone know if there is something I need to be doing to get them to work? Or what brand/format of SD card will work?
  4. Hi, I will get my 8200 this weekend and thought, it would be a good idea to have a backup of the internal SD card. Is this possible with the DEV MOD ? I thought, I saw some script here for the x200 series, but I am no more able to find it. Thanks in advance for your answer !!
  5. Hi, I have the 7200NEX and when you select MAPS it says iGO loading and then it closes. Everything else with the unit is working well. How can I fix this issue? Where is the SD card located? Are there any step by step instructions? Thank you for the help! - Matthew
  6. The short -> Great Unit Marred by a Substandard File Browser When loading a Fresh Media card, SD or USD (Only change the USB when the car is powered down), you MUST wait for the entire collection to read before powering down the head-unit. A fresh card refers to not only the first insertion, but also if you remove the card to add new music. IF you power down the head unit before this, you will need to factory reset the unit …. for it to again read past 90% on larger music collections and a tendency to freeze playback on some powerups requiring a restart of the vehicle. The file browser will quickly load to show all the artists you have, greyed out. You will NOT be able to select these artists for play until the ID3v2.3 tags have been read in and the selection becomes white. You must use ID3v2.3 tags and REMOVE all other tags. While we are at it, you should ONLY have music files (mp3, flac, etc) in your folders. JPG, DB, INI, etc files will cause SIGNIFICANTLY longer initial load times. 99 GB worth of MP3s (about 400 artists worth) takes nearly an hour to load once clean. Each repower takes about 5 minutes to re-read the SD card, assuming the card has NOT been removed. It takes about 15 seconds to resume playing. Fully load your SD source before shutting down the car to load your USB1 source. Sadly, when you click on the file explorer it takes you to the top of the folder. This means if you are on Artist Queen and you want to play Queensryche you will need to scroll down from your ‘A’ artists. The file list is not in perfect Alphabetical order. For example, Amanda Palmer is listed after Element 101 but before Ellie Goulding. The Long ->The Story of how use SD/USB stored Music & Album Art I use the Pioneer AVH4200-NEX unit to play primarily from 2 sources -> a USB thumbdrive in the top slot that contains up to 3 audiobooks at a time (frequently updated) and a SD card that contains my entire music collection (seldom updated). Both drives are formatted as NTFS - SanDisk Ultra 200GB Class 10 Micro SDXC & SanDisk Ultra Fit 64GB USB 3.0. The SD card stores the music in the following structure: Category/Artist/Album/*.mp3. I only have 4 categories: Children, Music, Musical, & Soundtrack Upon receiving the unit I noticed that a great deal of the Music library was poorly tagged due to using different tagging methods over 15+ years of turning my crawl spaced stored CDs into 320kbps MP3s. After messing around with a few different solutions BlissHQ was used to have proper ID3v2.3 tags with embedded art. All other tags, including APE have been removed. Prior to the upgrading the firmware from v1.01 to v1.03 I could resume playing SD Music or USB Audiobook within 10-15 seconds of starting the car. If I were to add a fresh song to the SD card, it would take about 20 minutes to re-populate/read for full playback access, however I could play most pre-existing songs off of the SD card or listen to a USB stored Audiobook while this occurred. The only issue was a few greyed out file folders and some of the Artists would be listed out of alphabetical order -> it is this issue that prompted me to try the latest and greatest firmware. With no changes to any of the files on the USB or SD card, after the firmware update the SD car would not read past 90% and every time I restart the radio it begins reading from 40-60%. MANY of the artists would no longer populate and would often be unable to play either USB or SD without a vehicle restart. The ONLY action I took for this to happen was to remove the SD and USB drives so that I could install the v1.03 firmware. After talking to Pioneer it appears the unit has no way to roll back to the prior firmware and they suggested that I do a factory restore -> it keeps v1.03 but allows the settings to go all back to default. Note that Five Star Stereo has found has suggested that 1.01 CAN be flashed over 1.03 IF one can only find the files. With no changes to the unit, and only the SD card inserted, the problem persisted. So, it was time to try something else. Note: Do the following at your own risk Using a Windows Machine 1 - Copy the music to a local HDD. I put it into a folder named TempMusic 2 - Format the SD card, unselect Quick Format, and give the card a new name 3 – Strip the TempMusic of everything other than MP3 files, post Tag Cleanup, all album art should be imbedded anyways 4 – Right click TempMusic and ensure that ReadAccess is disabled for the folder and all subfolders 5 – Create and run (NOT as an Administrator) CleanForPioneer.bat file in TempMusic with the content below. Note that this deletes all files with the extensions listed in all subfolders from TempMusic. /A:H then removes any previously deleted/hidden files. cd %1 attrib -h -s *.* /s del /s *.ini del /s *.db del /s *.m3u del /s *.jpg del /s *.png del * /A:H 6 – Now ensure only MP3 files remain. Open CMD and CD to TempMusic dir /s/b >f.csv [enter] This returns a list of all directories and files. Open this in Notepad and replace all “,†with “ “. Open this in excel Column B: =RIGHT(TRIM(A1),4) Column C: =IF(LEFT(B1,1)=".",0,1) Filter by C = 0 Sort by B. This will return a list of all 3 character long file extensions. Remove anything that is not an MP3. 7 – Now run CleanForPioneer.bat again
  7. Hello. I"ve got avic f-130 in my motorhome. There were instaled AutoMapa (it's polish navigation software). I was trying to update it and I've formated that sd card to put there newer version of software. Now I have error "Incorrect SD card". I was trying to put there Mobilenavigator and it doesn't work. Any ideas? Sorry for my English.
  8. All, I believe I found a solution that will allow us to seamlessly use cards larger than 32 gb limit, including the monstrous ones larger than 128 GB. I'm going to purchase a large card and follow the steps here: http://gearnuke.com/use-64gb-bigger-microsd-cards-android-device-maxes-32gb/ Let me know what you guys think. I'm anxious to try this out.
  9. So I formatted my USB drive that had my videos I copied from Youtube, converted online, ran through Handbrake with the settings below (im pretty sure the setting were the same) and loaded on my 64gb USB drive. Viola, the video worked great and so did the audio! It took me forever to find the settings for Handbreak that ACTUALLY worked. Handbreak settings that had worked on my AVIC z130bt. The person I found these setting from was using them on 930bt. Output settings, Container = mp4 file (no checks) Picture tab = Width 624 x (keep aspect ratio) Anamorphic = none Modulus = 16 Cropping automatic Video Filters Tab = all off Video Tab = Video Codec MPEG-4 Framerate = same as source Avg Bitrate (kbps) = 800 I basically had to start over from scratch once I was ready to use that USB again for me car. I replicated the steps above, transferred it over to my USB, plugged it in and a message came up saying it wasn't recognized. With a bit of research I realized that it had to be formatted from exfat or NTSF to FAT32. Since I'm using windows and a 64gb stick cant be formatted to FAT32 I used an app online...formatted no problem. Load the file back over to my USB, plug into the car and now the video and audio are working but are lagging really bad. like a CD skipping back in the day. Does anyone out there know why this would be happening? I've tried a ton of different settings within Handbrake, converted the files and downloaded in 360p Standard Qualitly in order to keep the file size down etc...No luck Any help would be cool
  10. Just finished my install this weekend of an AVIC-8000NEX into my 2011 Traverse XL with Rear Seat Entertainment and Bose Sound. I got everything working and LOVE this deck, but I'm having one very annoying issue. I have loaded videos on an SD card and I play them to the rear seat entertainment system. This works fantastic and is so much easier than dealing with DVD's, but as soon as I plug in my iPhone (USB-1, carplay), the movie stops playing the the SD option in the source menu turns grey. Interestingly enough, if I'm playing music from the SD card and do the exact same thing, the music keeps playing and the SD card remains as an option in the source menu. I find this very frustrating as my wife is driving two 5-year old's around and wants to play videos while doing so. Guess what? She'd also like to have her phone connected and be able to use the Carplay features that I bought this deck for in the first place. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts on this? Thanks!
  11. Hello all, I have two vehicles now, both with Pioneer AVIC units, one of which is AVIC X930BT (The one in my new car is a similar unit, but I'd have to dig for the exact model number) Both units are expirencing the same issue. After a seemingly random amount of time playing audio from an SD card, the unit will spontaniously reboot. The system will return, but as soon as it attempts to read the SD card again, it will reboot until the sdcard is removed, or the unit is switched to another source. Additional info: - This has happened on both units numerous times, so it is not an issue isolated to the specific unit. - I have tried 4 different SD cards, the issue has occured with all of them. - Formatting the SD card and reloading all the music temporarily solves the problem, (at least until it triggers the next time...) - The unit has the latest official firmware, checked against the official pioneer site. - I have not attempted any hacks or mods, (no test mode) on either unit. Given that this has happened on both units, I'm hopeful someone else on here has seen this before. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Matt
  12. Has Pioneer got it backward?

    This forum is filled with questions regarding compatibility with this iPhone or that Android, and which Bluetooth versions. Meanwhile I can plug a 64gb SD card in the head unit that has all the music, video and album art I ever wanted. Why don't they just enhance the player functionality when using SD so it's not so brain dead? They certainly have the processing power but the player is less functional than a 10 year old version of WinAmp. Honestly if I could just load all my music and playlists on SD and access it via a decent and functional UI I'm not so sure I give a $&);/ about phone integration. Of course voice has to work but that's already done. Fix the player!
  13. Hi everyone! - Yes, i dont have an Iphone ! Im trying to have album cover image to display when played from SD card, folder have .jpg image - but it doest'n appear - any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Broken SD slot

    Hi, i have had an 7010 for a few years now and this forum has been quite helpful over the years, however i cant find a solution to my problem. My screen hasn't been doing much recently, just black. so i looked up possible issues... what i found was that a reinstall or update to the system could correct this. well, it looks like the only way to install this update is via SD slot. My slot does not seem to want to hold cards anymore, has anyone experienced this before? help is much appreciated. thanks
  15. I just purchased my U310BT a week ago from ebay. I just got around to installing the radio to find out that the touch screen is not working!!!! I tried resetting it but had no luck. I can see images and can scroll through the modes with the knob, but I cannot press any touch screen buttons. When I go to navigation mode, I cannot get past the "OK" button on the initial screen. What is weird about my issue is that when the screen dims out, I can press the screen to get it to light up, but cannot press the buttons on the screen. Also, I tried updating it but the radio is not detecting my 8gb sd card.