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Found 28 results

  1. All testmode files

    Hi, can someone upload all kinds of Testmode files that are out there or share a link with all testmode files?
  2. All testmode files

    Hi, can someone upload all kinds of Testmode files that are out there or share a link with all testmode files?
  3. file8.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  4. file7.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  5. file6.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  6. file5.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  7. file4.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  8. file3.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  9. file2.jpeg

    From the album F970BT

  10. file1.jpeg

    From the album F970BT


    Does anybody have a testmode key for avic rz33? If not how do you create testmode keys for this radio.
  12. Hi folks! It looks like its been a while since anyone posted about this model's password reset, so I'm hoping a new thread will start some advice flowing again.. Previous posts have been positive about the old testmode_a.rar technique to unlock a device with a forgotten password, but now the test mode file required is the GOLDENAPPLE.zip one; I have a working version of this, but it just opens up a bewildering set of menus & I cant find the password or security folders anywhere! Any advice please? Thank you!
  13. F930bt test mode

    Hi all new to the site, i recently bought a van with a f930bt headunit in, the unit asks me for a password which the garage i got it from doesnt have and have tried contacting the previous owner for and any help would be much appreiated, cheers
  14. Hello Is there any compatible testmode key for japanese model avic-zh77??
  15. TestMode

    TestMode is much safer and easier to use than Hackmode - which installs and modifies your system. Sometimes the install goes awry, leaving your unit unable to boot. To get into TestMode on most X and Z series units, download this file supertestmode.zip to a PC, unzip it, put TestMode.key on a FAT32 formatted SD, and insert it in your unit. IFAIK this file doesn't work on x950 & z150, but if it does, or someone knows one that works - please post to this thread.
  16. Hello Guys, I got an F970BT that came with a Fiat Stilo I got recently. Unfortunely, unplugging the car battery asked me for password, no one knows it. So I have past 2 hours and finally got the testmode for Android AVICs. testmode_a.rar 141bytes 0 downloads Extract Testmode_a.key to an empty, formatted usb (fat32). While the unit is ON, pop in the stick in USB1. The unit will auto reboot, into test mode. Perform Initialize To Factory Defaults. The screen will go blue, then reboot. No more Password. Tested OK on F970BT.
  17. I am reading about this testmode_a.key file to reset the password but can't find it anywhere. Can someone please send me a link to this file? I have an AVIC 6000NEX.
  18. I think I installed another unit's update or a bad file onto my z120bt..... I've been trying to fix it for months. I can play a disk that's already in there when i have either my sd or usb in with condhack on it. Otherwise, it just says no applicable program. I've tried to place updates on my SD but it just says update starting but quickly states that "update failed" and restarts. It continues to play through that lil sequence over n over in a loop and it's quite stressful. On boot up it says 2013 instead of 2009 as before. I do not have User files or NDATA files on unit anymore for one reason or another but have them on my computer I'm sure of it. . . . .I'm pretty desperate and don't know what to do. SysUcom displays 8.01 or 8.05 and when I attempt to force write with older versions everything says "ready" besides EU90BOT. Instead of "ready" it displays [Write Errr B]...... I'm a noob who has messed up his unit by accidently downloading hackmode when I wasn't aware of it's full abilities and potentially damaging use...... If anyone could please point me in the right direction I will be forever greatful... I mean, I have spent countless hours sorting and sifting, reading and noting every post and thread on here for a solution and I just can't seem to get it down. Maybe I'm too stupid but electronics are not my expertise and I think I shouldn't have tampered with the damn thing. After about 2 months with my unit like this I'm reaching out for a helping hand on this site after trying to figure it out myself. I have hope for sure due to the fact that the unit still plays discs(the one that is in there), and I can navigate through testmode still and developer mode.
  19. Avic-f90bt

    I've been going crazy trying to fix my avic-f90bt from rebooting. its fuckin frustrating!!!! Help please
  20. Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX Testmode

    Can someone help me on how to Pioneer's AVIC-8100NEX device to run in test mode? And how do I install a map of Europe AVIC-8100NEX device?
  21. I went out to get into my car this morning and noticed that my AVIC-X910BT will not boot up. It will turn on but gets stuck at the splash screen (original Pioneer logo screen). I put a CD in and it played music but the screen was still stuck. I also pushed the reset button in the upper left-hand corner which turned the screen on and off but this did nothing. The unit was in my 2003 Acura CL Type-S when I bought it in 2012 and was installed professionally (I was given the receipt for the install but unfortunately I no longer have it). It had the firmware version 3.020100 on it which, according to Pioneer's website, is the most recent official update. I even downloaded the firmware to an SD card and tried to update it but it would not do anything. I read that this is because it will not recognize firmware on and SD card if it has already been installed but I have no idea if this is correct. It did not have any mods on it or anything. I spoke with Pioneer support but of course they are telling me I have to send it in so they can service it and make money off me. He also mentioned it could be a blown fuse on either the vehicle or the unit itself but I have not checked this yet. I had already started typing this post before I spoke with him. I don't remember his exact wording on this question but he also asked if there was anything could have caused some sort of an electrical power surge (alternator problems, faulty cigarette lighter, etc.) but I can't think of anything that would've done this between last night when it was working fine and this morning. I will be checking these as soon as I am done here. I am willing to do anything to get this fixed as soon as possible but I don't want to spend any money on it. I have read about testmode but am not sure how this works and which is the newest/best version that will work with my unit. I am in desperate need of a solution as I am driving to a wedding 4 hours away on Sunday and that will be miserable if I have I can't play music from my phone (via the 3.5mm aux port) like I normally do. I am brand new to this site so I am not sure if this topic has been covered but I did do some searching and could not find many people that experienced the same issue as me, let alone a solution to my problem. I also read about hacks/mods but I want to make sure I have the correct version before I try it so that I don't make things worse Please be as detailed as possible with instructions as I am new to all of this. I would love to have a link to where I should download firmware/software from and which versions I should choose etc. Something I thought of but could not find an answer to was whether or not it is it possible to download an older version of the firmware so it will be recognized by the unit and then I could update it later. Would this help? As a side note, I am using a MacBook Pro so I am not able to open/edit Windows files so I would like to be able to do this from my computer. I do have access to a PC if need be so that is the least of my concerns. I am willing to do anything at this point. Somebody PLEASE help me!
  22. Hi, sorry for posting in the wrong Subforum, but I didn't find a M-Series Subforum. I bought a Pioneer Carrozzeria AVIC-MRZ99 on eBay. It's a japanese Unit from an imported Car. The Problem is, you can't change the language to english... you can't change it generally :/ Does anyone know if I can install another firmware to this device? Maybe this device was sold in EU or USA with another Name. Hard to find some infos about it, all in japanese language :/ I tried several Testmode.key Files from this forum, but none of them worked for me. Just get the Error Message: CAUTION! TEST MODE FAILED STARTING! [Turn off ACC] Any Solutions to get it work? Thanks & sorry for my bad english
  23. Hi, I bought a used car with a F9310BT which seems to be the Volkswagen version of the F930BT. I want to do a complete backup and was looking for a way to get into testmode/ service mode (is this the same?) I downloaded "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and was able to get into service mode and I can select files and folders, but I don't have a "COPY" button, see image: Any idea why? Thanks for any hints, Oliver
  24. Just in case anyone else forgot their password for their X850BT, here's how I got a hold of mine. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some disclaimers: If you stole your unit, please give it back, save money, and buy your own! Otherwise, this is my: RUN TESTMODE AT YOUR OWN RISK statement! I searched this forum and Google'd like crazy, and there, to my knowledge, is no other documented method for retrieving the AVIC-X850BT's password specifically, sorry if this is a repost. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The way I figured it out is as follows: [FYI: I POSTED THE LINKS TO EACH THREAD I RESEARCHED BUT PROVIDED THE LINKS IN THIS HOW-TO SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO BROWSE AWAY FROM THIS PAGE! ] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 1: Get the right Testmode file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I went here: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/36681-avic-x50-hack-general-topic/?p=266663 and downloaded the link (testmode-x50v2.zip) pionara posted here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 2: Get a functional testmode base. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I visited this thread: http://avic411.com/index.php?/topic/31534-condis-hackmode-v14-diskrw-gpsgate-textfiller-regeditor-with-reg-files-associated-updated-13062011/ 2. and downloaded the following link: Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip 5.32MB 6140 downloads ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 3: Extract the files onto the proper medium IN THE RIGHT ORDER. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I took the "Condi's HACKMODE v1.4 BASE - INSTALL VIA TESTMODE.zip" and extracted ALL of it's contents to a BLANK miniSD card. 2. I extracted the contents of testmode-x50v2.zip onto the miniSD card and OVERWROTE the existing testmode.key file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 4: Startup in TESTMODE and access the right file. PATH:NAND\SYSTEM\SECURITY\SECURITY.DAT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. I then removed the miniSD card from the computer and placed it into the AVIC-X850BT. 2. I turned the vehicle in to ACC Mode/Started vehicle. 3. The unit then successfully booted into testmode. 4. I used the volume keys to navigate the menu and selected the File Maintenance option. 5. I used the volume keys to navigate to the FIRST NAND folder (it's after the HDD folders). 6. I then navigated to the SYSTEM folder. 7. In the folder is a SECURITY folder, select it. 8. There should be several files in the SECURITY folder, among which is the SECURITY.DAT file, select it. 9. Navigate to and press the appropriate key to "[TXT DUMP]" the file. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 5: Accessing your forgotten password. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Following the "[TXT DUMP]" of the SECURITY.DAT file, the top left corner of the screen will supply you with 3 things: YOUR forgotten password, your password HINT, and a buncha shenanigans. 2. I recommend taking and picture of that screen with your smartphone or other mobile device and then turning off your vehicle. 3. REMOVE THE miniSD card! 4. Turn your vehicle to ACC or turn it on. 5. After your AVIC-X850BT boots, try to use the picture to interpret and input your password. Hope this helps someone! I drive around for two weeks, getting mad every time I so much as LOOKED at my radio lol. GOOD LUCK!
  25. X710BT mods

    Hi everyone, The more I've read here the more confused I've gotten. I have an X710BT and the only thing I want to do is use the software bypass to get rid of the parking brake restriction. In other words, I want to be able and want passengers to be able to type an address or change the light color while driving. I guess the restriction's there for "safety," but you can scroll through music and audio settings to your heart's content yet can't even turn the screen completely off if you're driving. At any rate, I have the 3.020100 firmware. I have an 8gb SD card the system recognizes. I want the parking brake bypass. I do not need anything else. However, as I said, the more I read the more confused I get. Posts link to each other and I'm going around in circles trying to find what I want. Apparently the X710BT uses the F series software, so I go there. I found the 2.0 testmode stuff, but that didn't work - nothing whatsoever happened when I put the SD card with testmode into my system. I then find out I need testmode 3.0. I can't find it; links are broken. What I do find are basically just instructions to upgrade from 2 to 3, and more recent posts there are talking about 4 now. I don't need that. Then I come across another post saying the X710 actually uses the X900 software. Some posts say you put the SD card with testmode in and it automatically copies data.zip to it, while others have a whole list of steps you need. Other posts have more than 50 pages starting from 4 years ago. Is there anyone who has the testmode file for firmware 3.020100 on an X710BT? Does anyone have clear instructions on how to do what I'm asking? I have some computer programming experience so I'm not a *complete* noob; I just need a valid link to a valid file and instructions that pertain to my unit. If anyone is able to help and it succeeds, I will be sure to write my own post with detailed instructions so confused posts like mine won't keep popping up. Thanks!