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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, I have a huge issue, I have a Avic x930bt, it happened out of the clear blue I started my car up and it wouldn't boot up. All I would get is the Pioneer splash screen and it stays there, I tried to download the update for the firmware and put it in but it did not work. Now I am trying to just go back to the original 3.00 firmware but I don't know how to get it and reinstall it so it can work again. Does anyone have any ideas on how this works and can help? Very much appreciate it skip.
  2. X930BT w/ iPhone 6

    Hello everyone, I'm currently running Pioneer AVIC-X930BT w/ brake bypass Version 3.002. I'm having an issue connecting my iPhone 6 via iPod cable w/ 30 pin to Lightning adapter. I can charge my phone and display Pandora/iPod, but no sound. Bluetooth works fine still, but have to control everything through the phone. I'm curious if I can run Pioneer's CD-IV202NAVI instead of CD-IU51V(came w/ headunit) with my current firmware. I noticed the IV202NAVI is for the X940BT, will I have to upgrade to use it?
  3. New guy here needs help please

    First I want to say hello and thanks for letting me in ! I'm new to the AVIC X930BT as I just installed it and I noticed its really out of date ( vr 3.01 or something like that) anyway I was reading a few post and seen you can update to 2013 or 2014 maps and a version 5.0 if this is correct and someone would be willing to walk me along step by step as if I was 4 that would be great as im not sure what carinfo.zip and all that stuff is. but I can somewhat use a cpu and have all the tools needed just don't know how or what to download, zip, unzip, rezip, file, stich, glue, paste or just say piss on it lol... also if someone can help and it is successful I would be more then happy to donate a few $$ to your paypal account as gratitude.. thanks again..
  4. Hi guys, I just got an x930, not sure what happened to it but it says it has no applicable program. I have searched through this forum and I found a few answers that were kind of helpful yet confusing, I am able to boot into testmode with the download links that I found in the 2.1 version, I only downloaded the v1.4 and the update. Now I need to know what I have to do to make it work, preferably without too much confusion. Thank you for your assistance
  5. Hey guys, I started messing around with my unit and forgot to back up the original files. If anyone has a backup of it can you please share and help me and others out? Saw a link for the files in a different post but there are no seeds for the torrent.
  6. I have a X930bt running the 3.0001 update. I would like to be able to use an iPhone 5 with this unit. I tried using the apple 30 pin to lightning adapter but the x930bt doesn't recognize the iphone and the iphone doesn't charge. There seems to be instructions on this forum on how to upgrade the x930bt to z140bt - and I was wondering if anyone can confirm that once that is done, does that version of the firmware work with iPhone 5 (or other lightning iPods). Also, the instructions seem to be scattered all throughout the forum, is there a simple step-by-step guide that illustrates how to do the upgrade safely? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, I have a Pioneer X930BT head unit and have the XM GEX-P920XM Satellite Digital Tuner installed. The XM unit was working fine after initial installation, but about 2 weeks after the install the XM Icon stopped showing up on the screen (not coming up on the left hand menu where ipod, fm, am, sd card, etc. are showing up). I've tried the all following to try and fix the problem: - Battery pull (pulled the battery for 1 hour) - Took out the deck and unplugged the XM plug - Unplugged the power to the XM Sat unit - Did a factory reset on the head unit - Resest my XM radio ID - Updated to the newest firmware So far none of this has worked and I'm wondering if anybody else has run into this problem? I have a one year subscription to XM so that is not the issue. I'm wondering if it is the head unit itself but given that it was working fine after the initial installation I have no idea what's going on. If anybody has any tips, help or a solution to this problem i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.
  8. Undo Condi's Hack Mode

    I just got the "there is no applicable program" screen after running Condi's hackmode 2.x. After doing a search, I didn't find a concise means of reverting back so I disected the installer and came up with the following: Using Super TestMode As with any mods to your AVIC, the following is at your own risk. I was successful doing the following on my X930BT (updated to X940BT) Step 1 From a PC create 2 directories on a SD card: PRG0 and PRG1 Copy the Super Testmode.KEY to the root of the SD card Step 2 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode VERIFY THAT THE FOLLOWING FILE EXISTS: USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE If it doesn't, do not continue! COPY USER\PRG0\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG0 directory on the SD card If the following files exist: COPY USER\PRGx.FLG to the SD card COPY USER\PRG1\APL\AV1.EXE and then paste into the PRG1 directory on the SD card Turn off your AVIC and take the SD card back to your PC Step 3 From your PC Rename PRG0\AV1.EXE to AV.EXE If the following files exist: Rename PRGx.FLG to PRG.FLG Rename the PRG1\AV1.EXE files to AV.EXE Step 4 With the SD card in your AVIC boot into Testmode DELETE the following files on your AVIC USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\AV.MSCR USER\PRG0\APL\COMMCTR1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\CORED1.DLL USER\PRG0\APL\KILLPROC.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\MORTSCRIPT.EXE USER\PRG0\APL\TOOLHEL1.DLL COPY the following files from the SD card to your AVIC SD\PRG0.AV.EXE to USER\PRG0\APL\AV.EXE If the following files exist: SD\PRG.FLG to USER\PRG.FLG SD\PRG1.AV.EXE to USER\PRG1\APL\AV.EXE If you have followed the above exactly, your AVIC should be back to the way it was before the HACKMODE
  9. Sorry if there was already a post but my unit is installed in a 2007 Silverado classic and it is bypassed as i can change settings and nav points and watch video while driving. I have some settings like AUTO EQ,SLA, and some others in other menu categories that i can not access due to grayed out. I did just update my firmware to 3.001 and still nothing anyone that could help i would greatly appreciate it
  10. Hi all, I've been looking at picking up an older x unit (910bt or 930bt), but someone got it in my head that these units do not shuffle the entire card. Is this true? I wouldn't have more than a couple hundred tracks, and the folder structure would not be complex. From the root, I'd separate files into Artist subfolders and that would be it. Thanks for any thoughts on this...
  11. I have had my head unit for about 3 months now, but I have had my iPod for about 2 years. I had a few problems letting it sync with my factory radio in my 08 silverado with the PAL connection, but I would just reset it and go on, no big deal. Since I have had my new deck, the iPod randomly restarts itself when the truck restarts and sometimes freezes, I just do not understand what it is. I have restored my iPod to factory settings, and everything that I can think of. When I did buy my deck, the guy at the audio shop threw in the iPod cable, but it wasn't the official Pioneer cable, do you think this is what could be causing me my problems? I really do not want to go shell out $40 bucks for a cable if it isn't the problem. Or if I just needed to go shell out the money and buy a new iPod? What do you guys think could be the problem?
  12. Switch from F90bt to x930bt

    I currently have an f90bt. I have had the same problems that has plagued most other f90bt owners. Mostly the screen is not very responsive. I was thinking of getting an x930bt. Are there any major / common problems that i should be aware of? Doing a quick search through the forum it seems to be a solid nav. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I'm using a iPhone 4s with the new firmware 5.1.1 with my x930bt. Never had this problem until after updating the phone. The physical buttons on the x930bt that should skip forward or backwards are not working when using the ipod feature. Doesn't matter if I'm using bluetooth or the physical cable. The buttons do work when using Pandora or iHeart radio...or any other music app, just not the iPod. When I press the the forward skip button when using the ipod feature, the cover art for that song flashes as if it is the next songs cover art loading, but it isn't. And it never skips to the next song. Pleas let me know if this is happening to anyone else. Very frustrating problem to have.
  14. Ok got my rear view camera to work... kinda..... If anyone had suggestions or knows the fix I would be really thankful!
  15. I have just replaced my F90BT with a new X930BT. All is working properl,y but when I play a CD no information is shown on screen such as album title, artist, or name of the song. I have tried at least a half-dozen different CDs, all original manufacturer's discs, no copies and the lack of information is the same. This was not a problem with the original F90BT. Information from my iPod and an SD card displays correctly. Have I managed to miss a setting somewhere or done something else dumb? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  16. My X930BT won't install new splash screens from the SD card. It will read them and display them correctly on the screen, but then says "Splash Screen Update Failed" as soon as I click OK. Called Pioneer and their solution was reset (which was done, no dice), and then send in for service. Also tried formatting the SD Card, used a DIFFERENT SD card....but nothing will work. Any ideas before I send this stupid thing in to Pioneer?
  17. hi im new here and have just boght a used avic x930bt off of ebay. i paid and every thing and was so excited. right when it got to my door i hooked it up in my truck and when i turned it on it was and spanish and had a password on it . so is there any way to fix it without paying a fortune? i have all the papers and stuff, no cds tho. thanks for anybodys help. by the way i cant go anywhere but the screen asking me for the password...
  18. Hello everyone..... question, I have a F900BT installed in my car. Wanted to know if I bought any one of the newer x series model ei..X930BT will I be able to use the same connections I already have for the F900BT ?? Trying to avoid the install fee, so I can do it myself. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. I have Pioneer AVIC-x930BT that I purchased for my 2002 Toyota Tacoma Pre-Runner. I purchased a Metra harness #70-1761 to hook this up to my factory wiring. The pioneer instructions say to hookup the Orange/White wire from the radio to the "lighting switch terminal". I see a "Orange/White" on the Metra Harness that is labeled "Dimmer". Would these to go together? I also have a "Orange/Black" on the Metra harness, that is not listed on the Metra Packaging. However, it does list a "Orange" as "Illumination". But I don't have an Orange on the Pioneer unit (just White/Orange). My understanding is that the Pioneer x930BT supports a "night mode" where when I turn on my lights the brightness on the radio dims. Do I hookup the Metra Orange/Black wire to the radio White/Orange OR do I hookup the Orange/White with the Orange/White? Also what gauge are these wires as I need to extend one for my vehicle VSS wire and wanted to match it. Thank you very much for your time. Best Regards DataCrypt
  20. Probably a repeat of ...

    So I've been looking around and I still can't find a answer to my question on this. I recently upgraded to the x920bt and kept reading that it can be upgraded to the 930 software, but haven't been able to determine if it's an update I have to get from pioneer or if the unit comes preset with the new upgrade. Now before I get messages saying "read the manual" or "learn to look" I'm saying I have been looking on here and all over online and still don't have any kind of answer as to how, where, or even if the unit has the upgrade. Ideas or help on this?