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wrong angle after install...... =(

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i was so happy. i finished all the wiring and hooked up everything. i neatly tucked all the wires behind the dash and screwed the thing tight. then sister walked in on me and i decided to show her my d3. then i realized the angle is wrong and i have to take it all apart to remount. :evil::evil:


I forgot the dash sits at an angle when in place.



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more than a few screws. i have to use a dremel and cut out new places to get the screws on. the brace/bracket is pretty chewed up now, so i hope there is enough metal to change the angle.


and i know how to use my camera lol. i've had it for over 2 years. the point of this pic was not to show the finished result, but how hard it is to see the screen from my "normal sitting position"

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I'm curious to know what is wrong with the stock holes on the civic brackets? My damn D3 is still @ customs (I'm starting to think someone put it in their car for a week before they'll send it back to me!) but I was hoping to be able to just mount it in the existing holes and be done with it. Is it not good like that?


Maybe take a picture that shows more of the screen and it's surroundings... your install looks great from what I can see (but I don't see much!).


Anyone else with pics of a d3 install in a civic 01-05?

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So I remounted the D3 and my worst fear came true. When I fixed the angle of the screen, the rear of the D3 pointed up (in relation to the dash). It couldn't clear the metal tube behind. Stupid 7th gen civics are not designed for these dvd players. I should have went with a popup screen.



BEFORE. Screen pointed towards the sky. When it's on, the colours are off because viewing angle is beyond its lcd limitations.



See how it was mounted? If I used the stock holes, there would be huge gaps between the D3 and the dash trim. I don't think it would even fit.



AFTER. Nice. Better angle. Never tried turning it on to check because I didn't plug any of the cables in. Why? Because...



See metal tube. The 3 white dots between the dark hole and the yellow X was made by my D3 hitting it (D3's has no mark).


So now what do I do?

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I'm around there. But I sit leaned really far back. It's really comfy that way. =D That's why I can drive 3 hrs down to Seattle and still feel great. Even if you sit straight up, you're still past the viewing angle of the lcd screen. Although the angle isn't much, the D3 sits pretty high up on the dash compared to other cars.

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I take back what I said. When I checked the angle in the beginning, I was sitting in the passenger seat. I think the seat was tilted back more than the driver side. I gave the D3 a test drive today on the Sea to Sky Highway near midnight and realized that it's fine.

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