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AVIC "F" Series Bypass (Picture Guide)

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hi every body,

I own anAvic F9310bt. I share my experience about bypassing.

Following this tuto erything works fine.

I've moved mute to pin 4 (pin is write on the connector) then I grounded it with the parking break sensor (the green one) and everything is ok.


Thanks a lot


Just continue like that.



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hi, i own a F940BT and i tried to move the mute on the upper row same position as described for the X930BT and it is not working.

As the pics are no longer on the 1st page i tried to find some infos on the move to another pin here and it states to the 4th position on the other row. unfortunately on my white harness on the other row i have 5 cables plugged and the next free one is on 6 position.


As you can see i'm a bit desperate to find a solution to be able to access the parameter icon that remains greied.

Any help is mooooore than welcomed !!



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