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LeetLauncher v3.0!!!

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UPDATES: 04/05/2009

LeetLauncher v3.0 - LeetCoder





I DO NOT condone any illegal activity, nor am I responsible for your actions.

I will NOT be providing any support on downloading maps or cracking any software.





Whats new?


I completely revised the launcher. It should be able to run bluetooth, however the original AVIC audio/video will not work with the leetlauncher at the moment. I will try to get it to run alongside with the leetlauncher as soon as I figure out why its causing problem with the launcher.




What it do?


This launcher will boot up before the main AVIC kiosk is launch. This is the new Front end in progress, however it is no where near done. It is in its very early stage so don't expect too much out of it.




1.) Extract the LeetLauncher3_0.zip onto a SD Card (I Recommend Formating card first before extracting files into it).

2.) The new zip contains IGO8,TOMTOM,and GARMIN XT modified version to work with pioneer. However, I WILL NOT INCLUDE MAPS.

3.) For the new IGO8 8.3.2 software, you will need the new 8.3.2 maps,poi, and dem in order for it to work. ( maps is not provided)

4.) TomTom 7.91: You need to get the new v7 or v8 Maps and put it onto the root of the SD Card (again I will not provide the map)*

5.) Garmin XT also require map and activation. Again I will not provide this.



I have not yet begun to write the documentation for this launcher yet, I will post it on the site when it is available.



IN ORDER FOR YOU TO GET FULL SOUND for the navi software and coreplayer you will need to do these simple steps.


1.) Boot up the unit without the SD card, and then wait till it fully loaded into the Pioneer Audio

2.) Now plug in your SD card (make sure you have at least one mp3 files on it).

3.) the AVIC unit should automatically switch over to the SD or USB drive audio source.

4.) Now reboot the unit (turning your car off and then on) with the SD card in the unit and it should go to the Launcher.


I know this is an inconvenient, but you will only have to do it the first time or whenever your unit switch to different source. Until I figured out how to control the pioneer library, It has to be switch to SD or USB source manually in order for you to get the full audio sound output through windows CE mode.




Up: open Phone menu, this will only work if it is set to launch at startup.

Down: open coreplayer

Menu: bring you back to LeetLauncher

Map: switch back to navigation software


\LeetLauncher\config\settings.xml : the setting file that control how the launcher startup

\LeetLauncher\APPS\programs.xml : configuration file for the applications launcher

\LeetLauncher\Media\Music\db\library.xml : configuration file for the CoverFlow Music library

\LeetLauncher\Media\Video\db\library.xml : configuration file for the CoverFlow Video library

\LeetLauncher\skin\skin.xml : configuration file for the skin gui






Please report to me any bugs that you find. There are probably alot of them.




LeetLauncher v3.0







Keep me Motivated :lol:



Thank you to all the people that donated, your support is a great motivation for me.

This fund will go toward getting a new avic development deck so I can code and test software it in my room rather than running back and forth to my car :(


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Very cool!


I just tried it on my euro 900bt, the iGo 8 software starts and finds the gps and tmc hardware without problems. No sound though.. :cry:


I did have some problems when starting the original Avic software from your launcher, there were a lot of text labels missing. For instance when using the FM radio all the labels of my presets were missing. Also in some of the configuration screens text was missing on the buttons, the labels at the top were still there but the text on the bottom was missing. It seemed that static text was displaying just fine but all the text that has to be added dynamicly by the software was missing.

Apparently something is different when starting the Avic software from sd-card..

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Im actually disassembling and modifying some functionality in the unit. Still trying to get acquaintance with the libraries that is used in the making of this unit. Im looking forward to code a fully working kiosk equivalent to pioneer working one that will boot up faster and more features. Mostly I will try to keep the original factory AVIC intact and running a modified one through SD Card. So far from testing the SDCard, it ran as fast as the internal memory or not noticeably different.


After looking through the libraries, this unit seems to be fully modifiable. From this workaround bootup hack, it seems like we have full control of the unit. Pioneer will probably fix this hack soon, so I wouldn't advise in rushing to flash any new firmware by Pioneer just yet.

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TomTom 7 is now working with launcher. I will upload new updates soon once I fix up some stuff. But here are some pics :P


Now we can use many different GPS Navigation software with our unit :).


I will try to get sound up and working with the Launcher when I figure out how to activate the sound.


haha I guess this screen shot give away my coordinate :P





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What a work! Thanks very much. This is why i bought the F900bt. I hoped that this would be possible. I am not a coder so i appreciate this work.


I have one question: i think there is no integration with the other software, yet? So you can only use the navigation software and not integrate audio/video function. Or is this also possible (in the future)?


Because i think that is the main advantage of this unit, the integration of the three things (navigation, bluetooth calling and audio/video).

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I got AV and the Launcher to work with the Pioneer Kiosk.

Launcher menu can be hide/unhide by pressing the Menu button.

AV can now play music with 3rd party software.


This is progress but I will not release the update until I fix some bugs.


In the mean time enjoy the screenshot.




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If you could remove the startup message and warning screens I think that every member would appreciate it very much. If not than keep up the good work your doing.

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one suggestion, why dont include a configuration file so each one can enable or disable the itens in the launcher according to each one preferences?!?!?


This must be a sticky!!!!!

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