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Asian Fonts

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Got it! But you might have trouble when cranking the car to start because of the voltage drop ... I don't know for sure though.


After all, what are you trying to achieve? Do you have the F500 or F700 or F900 unit?


I have a X710 unit and I don't have the reset-and-go-back-to-square-one problem.

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f700 have ssme ressting problem.if the power is interupted in certain period of booting it resets to factory defaults.


I thought this is same problem on all avic 700 900 90.maybe 500.


I got a X710 that is a replicate of the F700 with FW 3.0. I got this lost font problem maybe 2 times every 3 months, no big deal, problem during unsuccessful booting (interrupted like you said). But is it worth that battery backup electronics?


I doubt so! I just reload the font with Testmode.

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finally sucessfully installed dealey timer.


now anytime avic start boot up it'll have 1 minute to finish booting.


but looks like when I crank the engine voltage drop is too big avic can't continue booting.but bigger battery might help.


anyway now I can turn the key to close the window and turn off right away and avic will still finish the booting so I don't have to install the font again.


the kit I order from ebay was not suitable for my needs so I had to build from scratch.I use general NE555 timer circuit with relay.


I think this is not the perfect solution but sure it'll reduce the chance.

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OK I finally installed perment solution.


I was gona install second backup battery but found software solution.


EEgeek realeased Wince moder and pretty easy to use.


I modifed registry and add font file.and voila it stay working after resets.


just flow above link and read second page it's really easy.

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Hello Redrotor or Anyone


I have been trying to get a permanent solution to have Asian Fonts.  I tried to use EEGeek's avic-modder to add some entries to WINCEIMG.BIN but fail.  If possible, can you please give me a simple guild?  e.g. what exact entries I need to add for Asian fonts. 


Thank you very much in advance!



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