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F900 Firmware ver 2.009 now on EU site.

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the par files are in the upload list now too.


Wonder what will go wrong this time :oops:



What are par files ? is it a parity check of some kind ?



incase the files got damaged while up/downloading you can repair them with par files ( you would need Quickpar).


but you can first try to unpack it without, if that fails you can download http://www.quickpar.org.uk/Download.htm and repair it.

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but then we still need an activation code right ???



Have you tried Avic-Weos Apl2 for ver3 ? it works fine without activation code so there is a good possibility that this will also, the code seems to be a check performed when you do the regular update using the Pioneer SD cards, the code Avic-Weo posted was a copied from his flash after activation.


Even if it does not work 100% this download will be useful to keep on your PC as sooner or later some kind person will crack any security Pioneer has used to block it.

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ok i was gone for a while, i was on a party for the past few hours.


but it seems all the files are uploaded.


the last couple of files are PAR files, incase the main files got damaged during the upload.

If the 16 rar files unpack correct there is no need to download the PAR files.


if the files somehow did get damaged you do download the PAR files and you also need the program quickpar to repair them.


Tomorrow ill make a new post with a topic announcing the download.


If someone wanna upload it to turboss.com cos more downloads like this are there, that's fine with me

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