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F900 Firmware ver 2.009 now on EU site.

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if you know anyone that could help me uploading it to turboss.com have him contact me or have him reply in this post.


Althought im sure the slow upload is because of my poor 512bps upload :mrgreen:

According to my caculation it should be uploaded at aprox 14:00 GMT+1.


PS. sorry for the typos but my spacebar is jammed :lol:

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i am not familiar with megaupload.com


doesnt anyone know if there is a limit to download from it, except for the 24 sec you gotta wait and 1GB per download?...


cos uploading is not problem here, but i gotta be sure its downloadable without have to pay for it :shock:

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Just got back from taking the dog for a walk, thought I would check on progress, bad luck with the upload it happens to me also if I try large uploads I usualy end up splitting into 100Mb chunks, its a pain but les so if one fails.


We appreciate your efforts.

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