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F900 Firmware ver 2.009 now on EU site.

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I just found this and i have a little doubt befor going for 3.xxx update. All i've done so far is aply the 2.009 update to my 900bt and for now everything works fine.


Still pretty new at this so forgive me if a quiestion has already been unswered or if it is simply stupid.


1) My first priority is updating the WinCE. Which is better, ussing the Tomolas files included in his Flash or the ones in the official 910bt update or are both the same?


2) Can I update to firmaware V3.01 from the official 910bt after updating WinCE or that will not work and i Have to copy the Tomola's Flash and therefor update ony to V3.00?


2) Will my actual backup made with the 2.009 firmaware work after updating WinCE?


3) The maps i got for europe are for the Igo8.3 and i've read that they are not compatible with Igo8. Which versión of the Igo dos come with Tomola's Flash?


Sorry again if this questions seem obvious. but i'm a fast learner and i hope that very soon will be able to help newcomers with this stuff. There so much information here that is really difficult to find (even with the help of the search) the answer to the more simple quiestions.


Thanks in advance.

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ahh ok


cos i had(still have) a problem cos my system crashes when i starts up it hangs, and ik gotta reset it.

The update didnt fix that =(


You in the uk? Where did you get it updated?



i live in Belgium, i had problems with my device (its hangs like 50% of the time when it starts up).

Because of this problem the dealer where i bought it updated it with the 3.03 (latest soft/firmware incl. maps) firmware. (the f910bt software)

Usually you gotta pay like €220 for it, but because mine wasnt working properly i got it for free :D


Hi, can you please give me the links where u uploaded the 3.03. !? !

I want try to use it to upgarde my avic900bt from 2.009 to yours 3.03, is it going to work?

My unit is EU and is running on win v5. (i'm not sure if i need to upgrade first the win to ver 6 before, is the 3.03 firmware requires win 6?)


Thanks in advance!

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