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One thing I am certain of is that it will be a while after the z120 hits retail, which it's only slowly started to do now. I agree with a "late summer" release myself although I have as bout as much idea as anyone else here - don't work for Pioneer.


Anyway this is the PandoraLink thread, not the 100th thread on when the z110 will be updated. I liked PandoraLink a lot, although I do wish the Play/Pause buttons were bigger - they are pretty tiny on the AVIC. Also, though it probably goes without saying, you do need to have the actual Pandora iPhone app and an account to use this, it's an addition to those, not a replacement for them.


Looks really nice and works as expected, I can hardly believe it. If a future update made the play/pause buttons bigger, and maybe gave you the ability to create new stations on the AVIC itself, it would be close to perfect.

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I got the 120 installed today at a local shop it was $1199 installed.


PandoraLink is awesome. It works as advertised. It used the account I setup in the regular Pandora app. The app is free in itunes and I've got an older 3.0 (7A341) software and (04.26.08) firmware. No issues whatsoever. Go ahead and give Pandora some money if you guys use this...I think its worth the $30 a year to replace Sat radio.


One thing I noticed. I was replacing an old Z1 and the installer left the XM tuner with iPod (cd-ib100ii) adapter pass-through in the car. The new unit would only work on the older iPod adapter even though the USB was plugged in and my iPhone 3G was plugged in. I removed the older iPod adapter and connected the XM tuner straight to the HU and everything is happy now.


Next up, I'm going to see what I can put on my new 8GB SDHC card and play in the car :)


Life is good. This HU really is the shiznat.

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How well does the iPhone stream Pandora thru the 3G network while you're mobile and your phone is switching cells?


Everything depends on your local reception, that goes without saying. But Pandora, whether with the native iPhone app or this one, does an excellent job of pre-caching songs and other trickery. I listen to it every day on my 30 mile work commute (and now I get to do that with my HU!) and it's a rare day when a song skips. Sometimes a song will take a few seconds longer to load, that's about it. And this is with HQ audio enabled.


They did a really, really good job with Pandora on the iPhone and PandoraLink continues that trend. Forget XM or Sirius, this is the bees knees right here.

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Im having a very hard time wanting to switch from verizon to At&t just to get an iphone, to run the pandora link.....anyone heard of possible talks of launching a pandora link for either Droid or less likely, Blackberry ?

No. As of now, the only way for pandora link to work is with the ipod dock connection.

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to pioneer: Inquiry:I just purchased your AVIC-X920BT head unit and was wondering if it would be possible to hook up the unit to a Motorola Droid for the pandora link portion? I would really like to be able to use Pandora, but don't want to switch carriers. Thanks in advance.



Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc.


As of right now the Pandora link app is only available for the iPhone.

Pioneer is planning on branching out to other phones but at this time it seems since the droid is so new it will be the last one to have it. They are working on the app for blackberry now.



Thank You,



Customer Service Representative

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