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software error screen

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Just made an account on this forum just to post on this thread :P

I have an AppRadio4 (SPH-DA120) in Canada which has worked fine for 3 years, with the odd weird issue which was resolved by rebooting my iPhone or restarting the car.

But now I have the "Software Error" screen no matter what I try. So, I'm going to try to replace the internal SD card and use the US backup image posted earlier in this thread.

I'll report back with my findings/results. If successful, I'll try to document the steps easy enough for anyone to follow. I'm on IT technician/server admin so the technical side of this should come easily enough.



Opened the radio, removed the 4GB Transcend SD card, confirmed it does not appear in Windows at all. Stupid CMD42 lock -_-

Went and bought an 8GB microSD with SD adapter and am restoring the Canada/US image file to it now with Win32DiskImager. 

Popped it back in the head unit, reinstalled in the car, and it booted successfully! 

Was also able to update the firmware after, took some playing around with the USB drive though (correct formatting, placement of file, etc.)


Posted my walkthrough with some photos on reddit if anyone can benefit from it:


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Hello all. I Just got a brand new avh-4200nex and its DOA with the software error...very annoying. I'd like to replace the internal sd card myself if anyone could help with the image file. Thanks.

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On 12/22/2016 at 6:33 PM, crunner said:


I have this problem (software error) on my 4000nex. I know how to get the internal SD card out - I've already done it. If you have a backup image that's suitable I'd love any assistance you can send my way.


The internal card is a cheap-ass Transend 4GB, btw. What kind of idiot engineers at Pioneer chose SD memory as a long term storage solution? Most raspberry pi users know if you hammer the SD card (by swapping on it, for example) it'll fail pretty quick, sometimes within days.



Thanks if you can help, asd255. Or anyone else out there.



Same here I just had his issue happen to me. I took out the sad card but can’t find the back up image

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