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software error screen

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Hi, I've had the bootloop happen to me last week Avh 4200 , I bought the image on eBay flashed it to a new quality card, and today I got the software error...now I need to do it again but I'm not sure about using the same files that I bought, would anyone here be generous enough to send me a copy of their IMG for a us/can version of the AVH 4200 Nex, thanks 

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On 10/17/2020 at 8:58 PM, fubarphill said:

Can anyone help with an EU SPH-DA120 SD card image please? Got a unit stuck in a boot loop.Thanks.

I would also need the EU SPH-DA 120 SD card image please :mellow: @bonee maybe? Could you help me out?

My radio just broke with that software error message. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hallo Jungs, Kann mir jemand helfen, ich habe alles erweitert. Aber ich kann das Bild für das 8600BT Modell nicht finden .. Können Sie es hier herunterladen? Und mit was öffne ich diese Dateien? Ich hoffe, jemand kann mir helfen .. Das Gerät ist brandneu, es war mit mir für 2 Jahre und der erste Start und dieser Fehler bin ich wirklich gepisst und enttäuscht.

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Hello all.

I just created a torrent file including the image. Used it for my SPH-DA120. After writing it, you can update the firmware. AFAIK this is the 1.13 version. To copy the image from MacOS or Ubuntu, use:

dd bs=1048576 if=<path_to>/AVIC.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0 # adapt to your needs

On windows, it seems you can use win32diskimager.


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