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Killed my F840BT only testmode is working :(

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Hi All,


IM so Stupid to screwed up my avic f840-bt with the hackmode and testmode i was so stupid to remove all folders about the user folder in testmode

the unit now has first the blue screen after that you see a black screen nothing is working anymore also Hackmode is not working anymore and gives a black screen,


im only able to come in TESTMODE does anyone knows how i can fixed it ? or does anyone maybe have a backup of the user folder containing PRG0 PRG1 SETUP, and the rest ?


I really appreciated help i playing already for 5 hours with the unit and not able to fix it   :(


Sorry for but it twice but im not sure where i need to post my question

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Have a look through that Guizmo guys threads, hes posted up loads including backups of "My Flash drive"....you might be lucky and find one researched to be relevant to your unit ( I haven't a clue ).


Not sure it matches your unit, but better than nothing - why the hell would you not backup the entirety of your own nav before doing anythng, beats me ! But stupid is as stupid does :)


Also, I know people have had some success with Diaftias mods with bricked units ? So couldn't hurt if its already bricked, to clear the flash folders with what you download here. Won't have any maps, but you can add your own later.

I found the 2015 q2 with updated licenses in the apl2 work just fine but I have a 710bt.



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