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I have a problem with my AVIC-Z830DAB. Seems that something wrong with the internal SD-card. IGO - nav wont start, say can't find: global_cfg. I'l be happy if some can help me with internal SD-card img file for this unit or even bettet, instruction how to global_cfg back into the SD-card.

Great thanks for all help.

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Sorry, there is some firmware available for the AVIC-Z830DAB. I think firmware inc. IGO cannot fix this little problem. IGO SW. After checking carefully through the file manager, the folder: global.cfg \ global_cfg.zip is missing inside IGO \ content \. I need some help creating a small script to copy the folder: global.cfg \ global_cfg.zip (I have this folder and the file inside the old backup) back to IGO \ content \. Since I have updated all the maps, I do not want to put the old backup into the device, only global_cfg.zip.

So, a small script will be nice.

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On 11/7/2021 at 5:35 PM, biohazard said:

i need something to fix my 4500 too. stupid thing won’t forget my old phones and every time i add a new one now it wont auto connect. only works with the 2 that wont delete 

Same thing here. Pioneer will do nothing. Best Buy couldn’t figure it out. I tried clearing cache and everything.  Can’t use wireless Bluetooth which is why I bought this model!  

email me at:  mr.evan.poe@gmail.com to assist me!  

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