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2017 v7 US/Can Update available for Z110/120/130/140,X920/930/940

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5 hours ago, RonS said:

To be safe, don't put them on the same card at the same time. You don't need two SDs. You can install ShortFuse then format and re-use the same card for the map update.

Great, thanks.  I'll do that

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OK guys, update worked well.  Before I did the update (the reason I wanted to update in the first place) I could not connect my iPhone by Bluetooth since updating iOS to 15.  After updating my Pioneer (including BT) it still won't connect.  Anybody has the same problem since iOS update?  Same thing with my wife's iPhone.

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4 hours ago, DBock said:

Same thing with my wife's iPhone.

Bluetooth issues have been known to happen after the BT update. Often they are fixed by disconnecting the car's battery for 30 seconds. In my case (Samsung Note - Android) I had to go to an older version of the BT firmware from the 2013 update.

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