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2017 v7 US/Can Update available for Z110/120/130/140,X920/930/940

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OK guys, update worked well.  Before I did the update (the reason I wanted to update in the first place) I could not connect my iPhone by Bluetooth since updating iOS to 15.  After updating my Pioneer (including BT) it still won't connect.  Anybody has the same problem since iOS update?  Same thing with my wife's iPhone.

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4 hours ago, DBock said:

Same thing with my wife's iPhone.

Bluetooth issues have been known to happen after the BT update. Often they are fixed by disconnecting the car's battery for 30 seconds. In my case (Samsung Note - Android) I had to go to an older version of the BT firmware from the 2013 update.

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On 8/28/2019 at 11:26 AM, crai6m4ck1 said:



A quick recap for those coming here in the future to upgrade their head unit to version 7 firmware, 2017 maps, and the latest Bluetooth version.  A special thanks to RonS for his help! 


Quoted from an earlier post of his, “This is a hack to prepare your unit to install a map/firmware update. Confirmed to allow firmware updates for all Z110, Z120, Z130, Z140, X920, X930, X940 - and probably their corresponding rest-of-the-world units. I can't say whether it will work with the very old units, and it won't work with the model numbers ending in 50 or greater,  or Nex units. 


This should work with the following F series models:

F10BT, F20BT, F30BT, F40BT, F840BT, F8430BT, F920BT, F930BT, F940BT, F9210BT, F9220BT, F9310BT”


This is the process that worked successfully with my x930bt and I would assume should work with all the models listed above (though I make no guarantees).



Download the ShortFuseScript.zip from here:

http://avic411.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=16863 22.66 kB · 1,684 downloads

Extract the files (Hacked.dll, ScriptExec.ini, and TESTMORE.KEY) and place them in the root of an SD card.  

Insert the SD, it will prompt you to press any key (button) to continue - or - turn off the ignition to abort.  Press a button and it should finish fairly quickly.



Install the version 7 firmware and 2017 maps found here



You’ll be prompted for a password to open the encrypted file 

Password: avic411s

Extract the files out of the Pioneer folder and put them on the root of an SD card

Insert the SD card into the head unit and when prompted for the password enter: PASSWORDPASSWORD.  

It should take up to 30 minutes to install


Lastly, go into Bluetooth settings and select upgrade firmware.  


You’re done!


This is a really simple way to upgrade your unit that anyone should be able to handle.  Just make sure that you keep the power on at all times. I even left my vehicle idling just to be safe.  


For those not technically inclined, the Root of SD card means that the files are at the very top level and not within other folders.  So when you open the SD card you immediately see the files and you don’t have to explore folders to find them.


Good luck!

I know it's 2023 now, but having at least 2017 maps is still useful in the old beater Saturn I have my X930BT in, even though I use Google maps most of the time lol. Honestly the main reason for the update for me was the bluetooth update. As I was hoping it would, the bluetooth firmware update enabled media details (tracks, artist, etc) to display on the screen, as well as finally being able to use the back and skip button to control media playback. On the 3.22 firmware that was on my 930, the track info was just left blank and the skip buttons did nothing, which was quite infuriating... But with the 3.32 firmware, it works beautifully!


Following crai6m4ck1 steps worked perfectly without a single hitch. 


I love that this forum is still active and keeping these older units alive! 






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I need some help. After i installed the shortfuse and it says i am ready to update the map. I remove the sd card and restart the unit. I inset the sd card with the map update, but nothing happens. Is it possible to use the supertest mode and force install the update?

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2 hours ago, Pen3 said:

I inset the sd card with the map update, but nothing happens. Is it possible to use the supertest mode and force install the update?

What model are you trying to update? It is likely you don't have the correct cardinfo file.

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